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Featured Shop: Fox and the Fawn

Dec 3, 2014

by Kayla Wave Jurgens handmade and vintage goods

My name is Kayla. I’m a designer, momma of two, and the magic behind Fox and the Fawn, where I create unique and dainty jewelry. I’m originally from the gorgeous moss and pine-covered region of western Washington, but I currently live in Las Vegas, Nevada. I work out of my small home studio with my furry assistant Luna by my side.


My inspiration comes from my upbringing in the forest, where my heart resides. Memories of chasing streams with frogs and newts, surrounded by mountains with soaring birds overhead, fill my thoughts. I grew up immersed in the Tlingit culture; my mother has run her own Tlingit indigenous art business my whole life. She’s also a storyteller, weaver, dancer and jeweler. I learned the art of business from her.


Fox and the Fawn came to life shortly after my husband returned from his first deployment. I spent the whole time he was away telling myself I was going to jump in and create something for myself; my mother-in-law (who runs L and S Arts) told me to go for it. Once my husband came back, I invested in a small torch and began teaching myself the ropes with help from old books.


My process is simplistic. I keep sketchbooks scattered throughout my house, and I always have one on me. I love the idea of finding a design that’s completely organic; twigs and birds are some of my favorite things to replicate. I often make a design five to ten times before it becomes part of my line. Once the design is set, I sketch down a recipe to keep, just in case I forget.


Etsy is an amazing marketplace. It brings together people from diverse walks of life, and I’ve met so many amazing customers and makers here who just get it. I travel to shows a few times a year, and the best part is when I meet folks I have connected with through Etsy.


At the moment, I work every day and balance Fox and the Fawn with having kids. In the next year I hope to do more shows and wholesale orders for boutiques, and I’d also like to train my husband in the ways of the business. Once we return to Washington, we plan to open a brick-and-mortar shop and studio where we can focus on handcrafted goods.

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Maker and studio photos by Lucky’s Camera; product photography by Fox and the Fawn.



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