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May 1, 2015

by Einat Garber handmade and vintage goods

Hello! I’m Einat, of Eina Design, and I create unique, laser-cut home decor. My products are made in my family’s metal factory, which was founded by my grandfather 60 years ago. I live in Tel Aviv, Israel, with my husband and our two little boys.


Eina Design started about three years ago when I moved to a new apartment. I was looking for a place to display my designer toy collection; when I couldn’t find a shelf I liked, I decided to create one myself. The result was gorgeous, so I didn’t stop there – next, I made hook hangers for the boys’ room and a lace-inspired shelf for the kitchen. I didn’t realize the potential in my products until my family and friends came to visit and expressed an interest in buying my work. That was the decisive moment for me.


I find inspiration in many places and spaces: in music, art, and architecture. Inspiration is truly everywhere. My family factory is a huge source of inspiration as well – I enjoy exploring the different machinery and materials, and thinking about how to transform rough elements into delicate pieces. I’m also inspired by my boys. Their endless imaginary world is a fountain of ideas and creativity.


I design for myself and test out all of my products as much as possible. I use a rapid prototyping process, and I try to get as much feedback from close family and friends as I can. The cycle of prototyping, testing, and asking for feedback can be tedious, but it’s worth the effort. My product development never stops – the cycle continues even after items are sold. Customer feedback, suggestions and requests all go into the design process for future versions of my products.


For me, Etsy is a dream come true. It connects me to customers all around the world and creates a constant dialogue that allows me to continue developing my work. Being a part of this huge community of creators is inspiring and empowering. I’m currently researching new materials to work with, and I plan to launch a new set of products very soon.

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All photographs by Eina Design.



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