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Featured Shop: Egretta Garzetta

Feb 10, 2014

by Līga Radziņa handmade and vintage goods

My name is L?ga Radzi?a. I live in R?ga, Latvia, and I make underwear for my shop, Egretta Garzetta.


I love creating a simple design and then making it real by constructing a piece. The texture of fabric is my greatest inspiration; when I have a new piece of fabric, I make samples to test my designs. If it feels right, I go back and get more of the fabric to make more pieces for my shop.


I am continuously striving for a perfect result, and my focus is always on quality — I want every customer to be happy. I also wear the underwear I make, which is a great way for me to make sure whether the product fits my standards of how I think great underwear should feel.


Etsy is just incredible – it makes me feel really close to the rest of the world, which is so inspiring. I can be in touch with anyone from anywhere imaginable – it is an awesome way to sell to almost every country on the planet. And the sweet letters I receive, as well as my return customers, make me truly happy.


Running my business has taught me learn quickly and to be more productive. Before this, I had never had anything where I felt so deeply involved. Now I feel like I am where I’m supposed to be, and I just want to keep growing.

Studio and process photos by Zane Sproe.



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