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Featured Shop: Des Enfantillages

Feb 27, 2015

by Genevieve Lugaz handmade and vintage goods

We are Christian and Genevieve, the designers behind Des Enfantillages. In addition to creating objects for children, we are also parents. We live and work in Montreal, and we love our city.


Ever since I was very little, my mother instilled in me a curiosity to learn and the desire to touch everything. She taught me the pleasures of creating something with my own two hands, and the lesson that it’s okay to be wrong and laugh at failed attempts. Today, I still love the challenge that designing and making implies.


Christian and I are graphic designers by profession, and together we co-founded a graphic design studio. Des Enfantillages started out as a weekend project, but after we shared the objects in our collection, we got an extremely positive response. This transformed our little side project to one that involves the whole family. We are strong believers in slow design: we try to focus on quality rather than quantity, and all of our toys are handmade one-by-one.


In French, enfantillages is a word that’s most often associated with kids – it implies a certain lack of maturity. We often play off that idea and create products that are fun, first and foremost. Our children are certainly a great source of inspiration, as is our nostalgia and shared love for design in all its forms. We profoundly believe in simple beauty, and that’s been our driving force aesthetically.


Christian and I were already Etsy customers when we started this project, so seemed like a natural choice to share our products here and meet like-minded shoppers. Etsy is truly a magnificent tool that empowers us to pursue our passion. This year, our goal is to continue creating new products – we have many ideas in mind, and we hope to have the time to bring them all to life.

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