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Jul 5, 2013

by Verónica de Arriba handmade and vintage goods

I’m Verónica de Arriba, and I make accessories and objects under the name Depeapa. I live and work in Granada, Spain, with my boyfriend Argider, who’s also my photographer.


I’ve liked to draw since I was child, and I still have a lot of those drawings. I studied fine arts in Bilbao (north of Spain), and after I graduated I worked as a graphic designer for several years. I started drawing again in 2007 and it felt good.


That summer, I started uploading my drawings to my blog along with photos of dolls I sewed myself. People liked my work and started to place orders. It didn’t take long before I started receiving orders from shops. It took me by surprise because I didn’t promote my work with commercial intentions, and until then I wasn’t aware of the visibility we can reach on the internet.


I design, draw, look for materials, reply to emails, prepare the orders – basically everything except shop photography. I keep myself quite busy. From time to time there is too much to do, and it’s difficult to find a moment to create new things. But I love my job – it is very rewarding and I try to be really careful throughout the process.


Although Depeapa takes a lot of time of my life, it also gives me freedom in the sense that I have no boss and I can dedicate myself to what I like most: drawing. Depeapa is now beyond any prospect I had in mind when I started. I think that’s because I have been working little by little, allowing myself to enjoy the process and learn while Depeapa has been growing.


Etsy gives me the opportunity to do what I like and reach people all over the world from my home studio. I love the thought of my products traveling to different homes around the word and starting their new life there.

All photographs by Argider Aparicio.

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