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Jul 15, 2015

by Alise Abele Dekslinga handmade and vintage goods

My name is Alise Abele-Dekslinga. Liene Berzina and I are the team behind accessories line DDSLL Girls, which stands for Dress. Dance. Sing. Love. Live. We find inspiration for our work in the colors of flowers and nature, combined with a little sparkle. Our studio is based in Riga, Latvia.


Alise (left) and Liene in their studio.


Before DDSLL Girls, I worked as a real estate broker. My dream was always to make handbags, but I didn’t have any sewing experience or education in that area, other than attending a school of the arts during my childhood. My business started when I decided to embrace my creative side and join the Etsy community. I quit my day job, bought a very old (and barely working) sewing machine, and started teaching myself how to use it.


Step by step, I learned how to sew, along with other techniques like fabric dyeing, tassel making, working with leather, and taking photographs. After six months, I finally made my first handbag. The feedback I got on that bag (someone actually liked it!) was the the big inspirational kick I needed to keep going.


In the middle of this journey, I found Liene: a great companion, friend and colleague. We work together dyeing and bleaching fabrics, choosing patterns and leather, and designing statement pieces in our studio. Every design we make is unique and one of a kind – when you dye cotton by hand, it’s a bit like painting on a blank canvas: the results are always special. We’re not afraid to risk it and combine the craziest colors and patterns into one very fine accessory.


When I started my brand, I never could have imagined a future like this – from our studio and team to our fans around the world. The greatest feeling of all is knowing that somewhere far away, a lucky girl is walking around with our design and spreading the word about our brand. It’s hard to know where future will take us, but our goal is to keep growing DDSLL Girls while maintaining the high standards and uniqueness that we have now.

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All photographs by Gvido Dekslings.



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