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Apr 13, 2015

by Mariangela Mignone handmade and vintage goods

Hello, my name is Mariangela Mignone. I’m an artisan, and I handcraft bags and accessories for my label, Creazioni Di Angelina. I love my work. I live in Milan, Italy.


Creazioni Di Angelina started some years ago. I was working at a photo agency at the time, and I couldn’t find a bag that was big enough or strong enough for me. More than that, I wanted a bag with personality – one that was different from the bags everybody was wearing. And so, I decided to teach myself how to sew and make one for myself. In that moment, Creazioni Di Angelina was born in my head and in my heart. Some years have passed since then, and after a lot of hard work in 2014, I’ve made this business my day job. I’m so proud of that.


I get inspiration from my daily life, and I love to walk around Milan looking at all the beautiful places in my city. At a certain point, an idea comes to mind and I’ll sit, take notes and draw sketches. The idea may change after a few weeks; when it’s set in my mind, I make a prototype and test it out or add improvements like buttons or zippered pockets. Only after I’ve tested a bag does it become part of my collection. I think it’s important to understand how each piece will be worn and how much it can carry. I want to give my customers a good product.


The materials I work with are very important to me. I love to use the strongest and best materials for my bags; waxed canvas and Italian leather are my favorites. It’s very important to me that my bags are long-lasting and will be a good companion for years, regardless of trends.


Selling on Etsy gives me the opportunity to make things I like and show them to people all around the world. I’m so happy to know that my bags are worn in far-away places. My goal for the future is to keep doing what I’m doing now. Being a creative artisan is beautiful work, and I hope to continue to grow day after day.

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Maker and process photographs by Christian Kley.



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