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Featured Shop: Convivial Production

Sep 15, 2014

by Chentell Stiritz handmade and vintage goods

My name is Chentell Stiritz, and I’m the designer behind the home decor and tabletop line Convivial Production. I design and make my items in a little building I call St. Udio’s – aka my garage in Kansas City, Missouri.


The word convivial means festivity — joining people to eat and drink and being joyful with one another. I came across the concept of conviviality while I was in school, and found that it truly resonated with the principles and ideas I want my pieces to embody: hospitality, truth, beauty, connectedness and structure. My work is designed to help set the scene.


I’ve been developing my collection for just over a year now, and it’s been a thrilling experience to introduce my work to the Etsy community. Being on Etsy has allowed me to share what I do with people I never would have met otherwise, and it’s wonderful to know that my work is finding its way into different crevices of the world.


In the next few years, I’ll be working toward setting up a larger production facility. After that, my dream is to collaborate with local event planners on event design, open a handful of coffee shops filled with handmade pieces, run a few home decor retail stores, and possibly open a community lounge for late-night hangouts. I’m dreaming big, that’s all. Until then, I hope you enjoy my work and stay connected.

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