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Aug 19, 2013

by Cocones handmade and vintage goods

Hello, my name is Gosia. Raf and I are a couple living and working in Dublin, right next to the beautiful Irish coastline. Our shop is Cocones, where we design and make a range of accessories using premium leather and Merino wool felt.


Raf and I both have backgrounds in design – I’m an interior designer and Raf is an interactive designer. We draw from these experiences and are always learning new things along the way. We only design products that we would use ourselves. Seeing the whole creative process unfold from a concept to a tangible product is a very rewarding challenge.


Our process involves making many prototypes for each product and testing them thoroughly. This phase can easily take weeks or longer, as we put the prototypes through daily wear and tear. We take notes, see what works, and adjust as needed, considering factors such as shape, functionality, dimensions, materials, color, hardware and finish.


We want to humanize portable electronics and give them a pre-digital, personal feel. We are inspired by the ingenious, functional design found in old bags and cases, and also by the Olivetti Lettera typewriter from the early ’60s, which  influenced our “Typist” collection. Our sleeves are made for laptops, smartphones, tablets, and all the devices we view as the typewriters of our time.


The biggest compliment we get on our sleeves is “it doesn’t look like a laptop cover at all!” This has been our goal all along – to make sleeves that look modern but wouldn’t seem out of place in an old photo from the days before personal computers even existed.


For us, Etsy is a very effective platform. It kickstarted our business, and allows us to reach potential customers all over the world. It can be so quick – one day you’re finishing your first product and two weeks later it’s in the hands of its new owner in a country across the globe! These are times of exciting possibilities. Running our own shop gave us the creative freedom we’ve always wanted, and we’re very excited to see what’s ahead. New products are on the drawing board, and we’re looking forward to expanding our line.

All photographs by Cocones.

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