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Featured Shop: Cinnamon Cocoon

Jan 15, 2014

by Cinnamon Cocoon handmade and vintage goods

We are Kasia and Bartek. Together, we run Cinnamon Cocoon, where we make cases for electronic equipment and gadgets. We are inspired by our home city — Krakow, Poland — which is a unique fusion of the contemporary and traditional.


Cinnamon Cocoon was created from a desire to express our creativity, use our hands and make products we believe in. Individuality and honesty are fundamental to the philosophy of our work. We are self-taught designers, so seeing our ideas turn into actual products that are used around the world is very satisfying for us.


We put passion into every single product we make. Coming up with our designs is very much a collaborative process: Bartek tends to produce perfectly-detailed drawings compared to my more “arty” sketches. We only use environmentally-friendly, natural materials like leather and wool felt, and as perfectionists, the production stage is very important to us.


We spend a lot of time thinking about our customers’ tastes and lifestyles. We want our cases to reflect this, and we work hard to make sure our products are as stylish as they are functional and practical.


Etsy provides us with two very important things: framework to run our business and access to a community of people worldwide who appreciate good design, quality workmanship and creativity. Thanks to Etsy, we have been able to bring the dream of owning our own business to life.


We believe that something made with only skill, love and some simple tools can capture the story of its creator and reflect the dreams and hard work that went into making it. Our parents and grandparents’ tales of hard work and determination inspires us, in addition to our daughters, who remind us to cherish life’s simple pleasures.

Maker and process photographs by Pawe? Wieczorek, item photos by Cinnamon Cocoon.



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