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Sep 21, 2015

by Chicks n Hens

Hello! My name is Alizabeth, and I’m the illustrator, designer, and owner of Chicks n Hens. I create custom illustrations and wedding invitations from my home studio in Indianapolis, Indiana.

My grandmother is a self-taught artist, and a huge inspiration to me; my shop is even named for the chicks and hens (a kind of succulent plant) that she grew in her garden. Her passion for painting inspired me to pursue my dreams of working in a creative industry.

I studied interior design at Purdue University, and after graduation I worked at an interior design firm. I was working at the firm when I decided to teach myself illustration; I bought books, experimented with different software and mediums, and worked for months perfecting my methods. Having complete ownership of my designs gave me a great sense of pride — it was so different from working with other designers to complete projects. About six months after I started working on my illustrations, I took the plunge and quit my job so I could focus on my small business 100% of the time.

Before I start a custom illustration, I ask my client a lot of questions. Once I have a grasp of their vision, I move to my sketchbook and do a rough drawing. From there, I create a design digitally, working from my sketches and the client’s descriptions and photographs. After the design has been approved, I print, cut, assemble and ship the finished product. My work is still evolving and improving, but doing all the work in my studio allows me to have complete control over the color and quality of each print I make.

Chicks n Hens would not exist without Etsy: Etsy connects me with people and opportunities all over the world. I’ve worked on a lot of interesting, diverse projects – from designing for a barn wedding here in Indiana to creating work for a wedding in Udaipur, India. My hopes for the future are to focus more of my time on the creative side of my business, expand my product lines, and eventually to illustrate children’s books.

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All photographs by Love Lindsey Photography and Chicks n Hens.

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