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Featured Shop: By Loumi

Jun 14, 2013

by Kahina Loumi handmade and vintage goods

My name is Kahina Loumi, and I’m a ceramist and painter living on the seaside in Saint-Malo, France. I’ve been designing simple, feminine porcelain jewelry for my shop, By Loumi, for the last year. My brand was born here, influenced by natural elements I pick on the beach during every new walk.


I have always liked to create small objects, and I often thought it would be great to create a porcelain jewelry line. When I discovered Etsy, I was very excited about the opportunity to create my own!


When I launched By Loumi, I was interested in creating a nature-inspired collection with clean lines and stylized shapes. It was also important that the jewelery be both light and comfortable to wear. That’s why I work with paper clay porcelain – it’s a porcelain with a small amount of fiber paper added, making the final material lighter.


I find inspiration in nature, architecture, abstract painting, seasons, photography, textiles, objects or eras. I like to observe and devote time to sketching in my notebooks. From time to time, I flip through them and choose a drawing to test out. Next, I create a formal universe that works like an alphabet or a family of signs. Giving birth to a new shape is my favorite step — it is creative and exciting. Right now, I really enjoy blending lines with the pure whiteness of porcelain. Looking for balance and lightness in my pieces makes me happy.


To me, Etsy means freedom; it gives my shop a window to the world. I would never have imagined that it was possible to make my work known so quickly to so many people. I am grateful to Etsy and its community for all the support I’ve received. This marketplace has the incredible power to gather and connect people from very different backgrounds and cultures.


Creating is what makes me the happiest, and it’s very exciting to know that I can make my living doing what I love. I love the freedom and endless novelty my business gives to me. It’s as if there’s an endless source of creations that are not yet born. It makes me very happy to know that I will work to discover them over time.


My business is a continual source of personal development. It makes me constantly challenge myself and renew myself creatively. The way my jewelry brand is growing makes me confident for the future, and encourages me to look further down the road towards other artistic projects.

All photos by By Loumi.

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