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Mar 4, 2013

by BLUSHWOMEN handmade and vintage goods

My name is Sheryll Raz Gold, and I design and make women’s clothing for my shop, Blush Fashion. I live near the Mediterranean, in Tel Aviv, Israel, with my rock star husband and our three little children.

I do what I do because I love colors, trends, textures, and the female body. I think that I bring a new, different type of dress to the market: they aren’t too fancy or kitschy, but are trendy and glamorous for the contemporary girl. The dresses I design are ideal for parties, cocktails, weddings, prom, and dinners. I also make casual clothes – the kind I like to wear for everyday life. These clothes are comfortable and feminine at the same time.

My studio is a is a very creative atmosphere, and it’s only a five-minute bike ride from my home. My inspiration comes from old magazines, design books, art and history – I try to update trends and create my own as well. I get excited in fabric stores, like a little girl in a candy shop. I need to touch, feel, and sense all the fabrics in the store as part of my process.

Some of my designs start as sketches, and some start with draping on a mannequin. Next, I make patterns and cut them out in paper. This is my favorite part of my process because it’s the moment when I make decisions and find creative solutions for my ideas. When the final model is complete, I prepare the pattern in different sizes and choose the fabric color. Then I cut the patterns out on fabric. I am assisted by Yelena, who works with me. Yelena also helps me sew the clothes. The final step is ironing and folding so everything is ready to be sent to countries all over the world, to the beautiful Etsy girls who order from me.

Before I opened my Etsy shop, my clothes were sold in selected boutiques in Israel. In the wake of global economic crisis, some of these boutiques closed. Just over a year ago, a friend told me about Etsy and I decided to give it a try. I discovered that I could sell my creations all over the world, to women who love the clothes I design and make. By selling on Etsy, I could lower my prices since I wasn’t paying a high fee to boutiques. It is so convenient and economical for everyone – both seller and buyer!

I love the Etsy customer. She has high consumer awareness, knows exactly what she is looking for, and appreciates that the clothes she buys are unique and are handmade with love. Although I am overseas, I try to give personal attention to each of my customers. If a client is confused or needs advice, I always try to understand her needs and help however I can. If she has received her order and does not like how the garment sits on her, I offer a replacement, refund, or alteration solution (like shortening or narrowing the garment). In some cases, I also do custom orders for special size or fabric requests. Working with my customers ensures the best results. The most important thing to me is that they are satisfied.

Creativity is my life – I’m addicted to it, and I always feel like creating. Even when I’m on vacation, I look for sources of inspiration and new materials to work with. Business on Etsy makes me much more relaxed. I can continue doing what I love, my English has improved, and I correspond with people all over the world – from many countries and cultures – it is so exciting!

All photographs by Blush Fashion.

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