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Aug 17, 2015

by Hyunjoo Cho handmade and vintage goods

My name is Hyunjoo Cho, and I’m the crafter behind BagyBags. I live in Sydney, Australia.


I love creating new things. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been into handcrafting — first making my own doll clothes, and later building small furniture. My grandmother once told me that a person who makes things with their own two hands is someone you can trust. Her words taught me the value of a handmade object.


My inspiration comes from the force of life itself. I draw creativity from everything around me — especially people. When I’m designing a new piece, I try to think about practicality: what kind of bag would benefit a person in their everyday life, while also being stylish and comfortable?


Rather than sketch my designs on paper, I prefer to preserve the image in my mind as I work. Next, the rough design takes shape. I spend hours mixing and matching fabric, buttons, zippers, handles, straps, and buckles trying to find an ideal combination. My goal is to make my customers happy in both design and functionality.


I was apprehensive about selling my bags initially, but with encouragement from my friends and family, I took the plunge to open my shop and haven’t looked back. Selling on Etsy allows me to interact with people around the world who have taken an interest in my bags. My daughter loves searching for the countries where my bags have traveled on her globe. To be honest, in the future I just want to keep enjoying my work and making my customers happy.

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All photos by BagyBags and Megan Kang.



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