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Jan 5, 2015

by Arya Sense handmade and vintage goods

We are Nelly Levi and Detelin Iliev, and we represent Arya Sense – an independent, contemporary fashion powerhouse for non-conformists seeking comfortable, individual style. We live and work in Sofia, Bulgaria.


Detelin and I first met in yoga class. At the time, I was managing a creative design agency, and Detelin was running a sportswear design company. Soon, we became one another’s clients and discovered we were very compatible as both professionals and people. Our compatibility and shared passion for yoga led to our first collaboration, which we called Arya Yoga.


When we created Arya Yoga, our manifesto was simple: yoga can be a way of life, and not only an exercise routine. Naturally, our dreams expanded and we felt the urge to express our out-of-the-box style ideas, so we created Arya Sense, which is our new line of unique, comfortable clothing with a distinctively artistic touch. This line is an expression of our innate artistic nature.


We believe that simple is beautiful, and we strive to incorporate that simplicity in our designs. We find inspiration in the beauty of happy smiles after a delightful yoga practice, as well as in the subtle excitement of watching a full moon by the sea while indulging in our favorite tunes.


Etsy is the perfect match for our independent, artistic mindset. Through Etsy, we are able to connect with individuals who appreciate the smart, comfortable style we create. The future is bright in our imagination: full of people turning to a more conscious life, closer to nature. This bright future calls for more expressive individuality and natural comfort – the main ideas that our collections embody and convey.

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All photographs by Arya Sense.



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