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Aug 15, 2014

by Tomer Mikaeilyn handmade and vintage goods

We are Tomer and Tanya Mikaeilyn. We design and produce all of the jewelry for our line, Artemer, from our studio in Jerusalem.


Before Tanya and I launched Artemer, we were both working full time for other people; we hated the fact that we had to spend the most vital hours of our days apart. We both graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, and when we’re together we are constantly creating – drawing, writing, inventing. When I was fired from my job in 2011, I began working on Tanya’s engagement ring instead of searching for another job as a jeweler. That ring turned out to be the very first piece in our line of engagement rings.


Soon after, we started coming up with designs together — chatting, drawing, and arguing in our kitchen until late at night. We became self employed long before a hint of potential success was on the horizon, but it was a dream come true to get to spend the whole day together designing, making and photographing our pieces.


We aim to create jewelry that is original, refined and beautiful, while not stealing the show from the person wearing it. Quality is very important to us, in both our materials and process. We design pieces to last a lifetime – there are no shortcuts. You can’t make something crooked and then straighten it afterwards; every detail has to be perfect and accurate from the beginning.


There are a few small boutiques in Tel Aviv that stock our jewelry, but when a friend suggested that we open a shop on Etsy, it changed everything for us. Etsy opened a new communication channel and allowed us to meet our worldwide customers without any intermediaries. Many of our designs evolved and became sharper after realizing what people relate to, what works and what doesn’t. (And we love to see the Instagram photos of customers wearing our designs!)


When we think about the future of Artemer, Tanya jokes that we want to become “the Madonna of jewelry.” Although it’s a bit against our simple jewelry concept (and our sense of modesty), what stands behind this motto is the idea of constant movement, innovation and reinvention. And everything we do for Artemer also supports another goal: to revive the good old craft of goldsmithing.

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All photographs by A & Y Plutser-Sarno.




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