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Featured Shop: Amy Heitman

Nov 4, 2015

by Amy Heitman handmade and vintage goods

My name is Amy, and I’m the owner and illustrator behind the stationery line Amy Heitman. I live just outside Chicago with my husband and our three kids.


I studied art education in college and taught elementary school art for several years. After my daughter was born, I left teaching to be home with her. I had done a lot of mural work on the side while I was teaching, so when I left, I decided to create a portfolio of my mural work in the hope of earning some extra income. In addition to the murals, I included a few custom illustration projects I had done for family and friends. With that, I began to get a lot of requests for custom design projects and wedding invitations. I was unfamiliar with Etsy at the time, but when one of my husband’s coworkers suggested I put my work there, I did.


I launched my Etsy shop in 2011, while I was pregnant with baby number two. Five months of my pregnancy were spent on bed rest, and my new Etsy shop was such an incredible blessing because it allowed me to work on something I loved during that time – and connect with others, despite being confined to my couch. These days, I’ve transitioned from doing primarily custom work to producing my own stationery line. Along the way, Etsy Wholesale has been an amazing platform for me, as well a great way to build relationships with retailers.


I spend a lot of time brainstorming and sketching out ideas before I settle on a final design for a card. My sources of inspiration are always changing and evolving, but I am continually inspired by the intricate details of creation and the beauty and simplicity of everyday objects. I love looking at vintage children’s books (and reading them to my kids), as well as studying the patterns of traditional textiles and wallpaper. I’m always intrigued by the tension between traditional and modern, masculine and feminine, unfinished and refined.


My goal for the future is to spread love and light in the world. I hope my cards do this, even in a small way, by helping people share joy and love with each other. I would love to continue to grow and expand my stationery line, and possibly write and illustrate a children’s book someday; my ultimate goal is to remain open to God’s purpose and plan for me, whatever that may be.

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All photographs by Danielle Moss.

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