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May 5, 2007

by Experimetal handmade and vintage goods


Tell us a bit about yourself (name, location,affiliations, personal stuff).

My name is Victoria Takahashi, I live in the outskirts of Seattle, WA. USA. I am currently living a perfect life, and it scares the badoinkadoink out of me, I am learning how to accept it graciously and enjoy the present, as it seems to be one of my life lessons, to just sit back relax and enjoy the ride! (and step on the gas pedal occasionally) I am finally in the head space I have been trying to unconsciously reach for my entire life, I am able to make “what I want, whenever I want”! It’s so liberating and yet uncomfortable at the same time, I am just getting used to this realization of my new freedom.

I was getting really frustrated with consignment and wholesale and working lame jobs (which I had a hard time keeping meaningless positions with no life altering importance). I was gearing up to have a website made and had gotten all my ducks in a row. And then the planets must have aligned or something, but by chance I spoke to a respected friend who was already here, I decided to take the plunge to join. And Oh my, let me tell ya, it has been so incredibly fun here! I have learned so much about using the computer (which I am addicted to). And I am meeting some great people from all over the world! Etsy is its own supportive community with thousands of creative people networking with each other, sharing the same passion…TO CREATE!

Also I’ve always wanted to be in a place to able to give back in some way, so with my shop I am able to sell a few items that I donate ALL the proceeds to non-profit animal rescue sites, its easy as pie with Paypal! So I feel like another goal has been reached, all in one nice tidy package. I never realized that it would feel so good to give, I love it! Etsy has changed my life, I can do what I love and still be connected to the outside world.

My partner is an amazing person, honestly supportive and accepting of my creative passion, weird antics, inconsistent working hours, and has the patience of 1000 saints. I love his being; I aspire to be more like him.

Good : Family, sushi, oysters, caviar, shoes, thrift shopping, my camera.

Bad : Poo, and generally all bodily excrements, mean cruel ignorant people, animal abuse.


What is the first thing you can remember making by hand? How and why did you make it?

Well let’s see, ha ha, A MESS!!!

I used to LOVE playing with cars in the dirt, making roads and ponds and little miniature worlds, I’d get a little upset when my mom would drive the Ford wood paneled green station wagon and mow over my world destroying it like Godzilla. So why did I keep building them in the driveway? Mmmm, the mind of a child…

My mom is a sculptor, painter, so I got to play all the time with her. So I cannot remember the first thing, sorry. But I really loved to draw when I was younger, still do.


What inspires you? Where do your ideas come from?

Inspiration comes for me from everywhere. But picking something, I’d have to say Nature. I see things with a pattern, texture, lines and shape, something that is just so yummy, and inevitably then it ends up in my sketchbook. I work an idea for awhile, sketching it up and around and I will figure out how to make it so it is wearable. I am really conscious about the comfort and functionability of a piece, does it snag, flip around, is it secure, does get caught in the hair? I really strive for a visual balance. When I start to work on an idea, new ideas inevitably happen while I am building which is the best part and it makes it really exciting for me, that’s the fun part. Oh yah, the high I get while I am working is when I just can’t stop and its 3am. My analogy of this feeling is, when you are reading a really really good book and you just can’t put it down. I actually love it when that work mode happens, well its love-hate, it messes up my imaginary schedule I try to keep.

My favorite jewelry artists are Gerda Flockinger, Coralyn Pence, Pat Flynn to name a few.


What are your favorite materials?

Sterling Silver, Copper, 18ky Gold, Steel.

And anything else that I can get my hungry digits on. Whatever will work for a project idea I am having.


What is your favorite color?

Can’t pick one. How about four! Black, eggplant, magenta and violet.


What are your most and least two favorite films?

Faves: Tank Girl, Super Troopers, The Green Mile, Off the Map, Whale Rider!

Not so Faves: Hostel, Saw series.

It’s really odd because I used to love scary flicks, but I just don’t need that imagery taking up space in my head anymore.


What are you reading right now?

How to make Shoes, Boundaries, and The 12 secrets of highly creative women (btw, it’s really good).


Any tips on selling handmade stuff?

Follow your own personal style, and trust that inner success will follow. Just do it, why not, life is short, experiment ALOT and have fun!


Apart from creating things, what do you do?

Hmmm hard question.

Serve my fur children, demanding lil’ buggers. Two White Alaskan Klee Kai, (miniature huskies 14 lbs. each) called Winter and Ebiko, they are certifiably nuts.

I also have a kitty named Emily that I serve, really I mean it, pet me here, no, I want the special pink brush, turn on the faucet, give me the green lady, I want treat now, play with me-now-meow! And if I ignore her she will just sit on my bench in front of me and try to bite my nose, while drooling of course OR she will lie down all nice, comfy and flat while resting her throat on my trackball hand…then she thinks she has the right to bite and scootchy kick me if I move my wrist. Such a brat!

I just finished a class on sewing from a pattern, eek, it was trying, but I finished a pair of black linen pants that are 3 sizes too big, guess I read that pattern wrong, ha ha.

Oh oh oh! I am going to Portland soon to take a shoemaking week intensive, and hopefully in August will be taking another cobbler class in Pt. Townsend, very, very excited about this! I am a sad shoe whore who cannot find shoes in my nightmarishly small 4.5 size… So I have finally given in to learning how to do it myself. Maybe I can meet up with some Etsian’s while I am there!?

Addictions: taking classes, learning by reading, the computer aka Life Sucking B*tch. I collect and hoard art, craft, design, fashion books, and rocks.


How can Etsy be improved? Any feature requests?


BTW the site is running awesome for me this week, thank you!


1-Ooooh a shipping calculator built right on in!

2-A separate(from shipping fee) packing/handling fee option.

3-A way to move listings around in your shop.

example: like how we can manipulate the featured items, up/down.

4-And a VACATION mode, like if someone orders when you are gone they get an official auto email from Etsy, that we can add our info to.

5- I dream of being an active part of having an Etsy Lab built in Seattle!?

Sorry you asked hunh!

Shout Out Please, if I may…

Downtothewiredesigns- old art school friend who introduced me to Etsy.

Bluedogrose- my online technical support and best friend.


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  • modernbird

    modernbird said 9 years ago

    I just found this article! It is so fun reading about you Vic. I love the Whale RIder too!! Your work and personal style is unique and authentic.

  • Experimetal

    victoria takahashi from Experimetal said 8 years ago

    hi modern bird, thanks! I actually have no idea where I am right now or how I got to this page!? I just read the article, its kinda funny! glad you had fun :)

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