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Featured Buyer: Treehouse Brooklyn

Apr 2, 2008

by treehousebrooklyn

This week’s Featured Buyer is Treehouse* Brooklyn. Treehouse is a small shop featuring independent, eco-minded and local designers and crafters. They carry unique clothing, accessories and home furnishings, vintage and new, for the creative and community minded spirit. The majority of their designer works are handmade, one-of-a-kind creations for ladies, gents, and tots, too! They also offer a craft library featuring books on fashion, architecture, art and craft. Classes in a variety of craft disciplines are now in session as well. Please check out their blog at for details.

It has been their dream to bring designers like these together, friends both old and new, and to provide a space for the exchange of ideas and sharing of inspiration.

Without further ado, here are Sirius* and Becky Lee of Treehouse*, with their Etsy picks!

Bobbi clothes, a part of the Smetmool Etsy shop, is one of Treehouse*’s many innovative and inspirational designers. This beautiful morning glory wrap skirt is inspired by picked morning glory petals before a rain. Truly original.

Cal of HodgePodgeFarm is an essential part of Treehouse*, not only creating incredible clothes but also as an instructor of various craft classes. These hot pink doily print leggings prove craft can be sexy, just in case you were in doubt…

This is our dear friend and one of Treehouse’s original designers, Jen of RaeburnInk. We miss her since she moved to Cali, and we love EVERYTHING she makes: hand-silkscreening and quilting each one-of-a-kind, bright, colorful, abstract, original piece. We’re especially enamored with her “I heart Japan” totebags, because, well, we heart Japan!

One of our newest designers at Treehouse*, betterthanjam, also takes silkscreening to a higher level with her original designs. Check out this awesome tote!
Our friend Callie of Callieco not only runs the Church of Craft, but also makes these amazing bags from scraps of linen n leather. Practical, but still with the beautiful touch of the hand. And just because we’re ladies doesn’t mean we can’t covet the “Long Leather Man Bag.”
KimeBuzzelli is owner of our favorite L.A. spot, Show Pony, and amazing artist to boot. Kime is an idol-from-afar, and we try and purchase an artwork or two of hers whenever we have the opportunity. She paints the most beautiful, strong ladies living such dreamy lives…

Our friend Hanna runs Little Cakes gallery, the sweetest lil gallery ever. If only it wasn’t over the bridge in Manhattan we’d get there more often. Check out this mini woodblock print by Julian Gatto, available in LittleCakes’ shop.

Being a treehouse, we like all things arbor-inspired, especially if those branches embrace a treehouse! Such as this cute, feminine treehouse print by atwhim. I dunno why we’re sharing….we think our Treehouse* needs this one for itself!

LoveForever’s Kayte is a dear friend of Treehouse* as well. Aren’t her pear pin cushions divine? We’re gonna talk her into making more for Treehouse’*s new and improved craft corner (did we mention we also have craft classes and supplies at Treehouse*?)

African fabric stuffed owl from iheartnorwegianwood based out of Montreal — we love owls here in the trees, and especially with this modern ethnic twist! 

Kim of Keepitmovingdesign never fails to delight us with her talents. How beautiful is this little handknit tree with perched bird? At Treehouse*, you can find its dear friends and accomplices, including a store-high knit-n-crocheted tree Kim created during our store opening party!
Since Becky Lee Treehouse* got preggers and popped out the adorable Jackson Lee, Treehouse* has begun to carry clothes for tots as well. We often wish they came in grown human sizes…

Treehouse* is enamored with all things owlie (go figure!). Check out this cute orange owl onesie by Talcott in Olympia, Washington! And on organic cotton, no less! A healthier world is good for trees, and babes, too!

Owls, squirrels and elephants, oh my! Talk about nutty! Peanut-y, that is. GirlPopcorn is a local designer we love having in the trees, and how adorable is this elephant onesie? Her freeform embroidery is really remarkable as well.

Maidenlove, who we just found, makes the cutest stuffed elephants to cuddle, AND donates part of the proceeds to!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this trip through the branches of Treehouse* and some of the things we love and are inspired by. Please come visit us in Williamsburg, Brooklyn if you ever get a chance, and you can always find us online.


Kisses from the trees!
Sirius* & Becky Lee

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