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Nov 19, 2008

by aisleseat314 handmade and vintage goods

This week’s Featured Buyer is Michele Foley, an associate editor at, the destination for food, drink, and fun on the Web. Michele handpicks almost all of the products that make it onto CHOW, whether it be via her monthly product column called Wanted or through the TWICE-YEARLY gift guides. She’s a huge fan of Etsy and has featured its wares on CHOW before—below are some of her favorite food related items, ripe for holiday feasting.

I’ve always been a big lover of good design. I’m enamored (and envious!) of folks who have a talent at being crafty and creating beautiful things. Doing product coverage for CHOW has been a great experience for me. As a result, I’ve spent way too much money on things for my home and have met a ton of really cool, smart designers. Whenever I am picking out things for the site or myself, I make it a point to showcase items that are unique and made with love. Etsy is an obvious place for me to turn!

Bon Appetit Creepy Crawly Dinner Plate
by foldedpigs

The bon appetit creepy crawly dinner plate from foldedpigs appeals to my fondness towards entomology. I also like how it plays on ones fear of finding bugs in food. To me there’s something intriguing about pairing the delicate with the scary.

Handmixer Sterling Silver Necklace
by ballandchain

When I saw this handmixer sterling silver necklace, I knew it was the perfect gift for all my friends who love to cookit’s got wonderful kitsch appeal. I’m just starting to invest in jewelry myself, and I like pieces that can be fun and personal like the ones ballandchain makes.

What’s the Word Platter
by MayLuk

I recently started taking letterpress printing classes, which has turned me into a bigger font nerd than I already was. It’s no surprise that this What’s the Word Platter from MayLuk became an item to covet.

Block Print Nest Apron
by artgoodies

I love all the items in artgoodies shop, but have especially fallen for the block print nest apron. I’ve always been a fan of vintage prints, so I like that she incorporates old biology patterns into her work. There’s also something great about a waist apron: wearing one make me feel like I’m wearing a cute, new skirt.

Set of 3 Tea Towels
by Patapri

Patapri‘s wares just ooze with cuteness, from the patterns to her great use of color. Her set of three tea towels made perfect (and super appreciated) holiday gifts for three of my friends last year.

The Buttermint Tiles
by maiziejane

I’m all for using tiles in the kitchen, whether they’re hanging on the walls or serving double-duty as trivets. The Buttermint Tiles by maiziejane are really fun and remind me of something I’d find in a 50’s kitchen, from the pastel palette to the vintage-y appliances.

(Learn how-to make your own trivet in this Etsy How-Tuesday video.)

Stream O Conciousness
by nonfictiondesign

Interesting dinnerware is a great conversation-starter, which is why I like nonfictiondesign‘s Stream O Conciousness platter. It’s as if she took all these bits of life’s ephemera and served them up on a plate.

Hot Air Balloon Tea Towel

I have a thing for tea towels. They can instantly change the mood of a kitchen by adding pops of color and design in unexpected places. In my home, I have a collection of towels that are actually used, and others that are just for display. The bold red annabelwaterman uses in her Hot Air Balloon Tea Towel is really lovely. Looking at it makes me feel like I’m on vacation somewhere dreamy and fun.

Porcelain Replica Milk Bottles
by alyssaettinger

The minute I saw Alyssa Ettinger’s Porcelain Replica Milk Bottles on Design*Sponge, I was smitten. Not only did I feature them on CHOW, I bought three for myself. I like that they are hand-cast using real antique milk bottles—I use mine to display fresh cut flowers in the living room.

Seven Deadly Sins Coffee/Tea set
by Trixiedelicious

Trixiedelicious is yet another Etsy seller I cannot get enough of. She reclaims old plates and cups to make her wares, putting bold words on delicate pieces of china. Her Seven Deadly Sins coffee/tea set would be great for a tea party with friends, and the fact that every set you get is really an original (hand painted by her) is pretty cool.

And now, Michele shares some of her favorite Thanksgiving recipes!

Working at Chow has given Michele a lot of food insights. If you’re looking for inspiration for your Thanksgiving table this year, check out Chow’s Thanksgiving for Six Holiday Menu.

I am torn between two recipes as my personal favorites. If you’re eating turkey this Thanksgiving, how about Bacon-Wrapped Turkey with Pear Cider? (Check out this fun video showing the turkey being prepared!)


Looking for a side dish or a vegetarian option? The Creamy Carrot Casserole is another favorite.


For more Chow’s Thanksgiving menus, check out their Holiday Hub!

Thanks to Michele for all of her amazing picks! Check out for the latest in food, drink, and fun.

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Seven Deadly Sins coffee\/tea set
Seven Deadly Sins coffee\/tea set
Buttermint Tiles - Set of Four
Buttermint Tiles - Set of Four
block print nest apron
block print nest apron
Stream O Conciousness
Stream O Conciousness
Hot Air Balloon Tea Towel
Hot Air Balloon Tea Towel
Sophisticated Gold And Silver Stainless Steel Appetizer Set (Fork, Spoon And Spreader)
Sophisticated Gold And Silver Stainless Steel Appetizer Set (Fork, Spoon And Spreader)
Your choice of Set of 3 kitchen towels
Your choice of Set of 3 kitchen towels
Sweet PUMPKIN PIE Hair Clip
Sweet PUMPKIN PIE Hair Clip
Set of Two Screen-printed Dishcloths
Set of Two Screen-printed Dishcloths
What's the Word Platter
What's the Word Platter
YOU'RE THE BEST tiny text bowl
YOU'RE THE BEST tiny text bowl
reserved for neawear
reserved for neawear
HANDMIXER sterling silver necklace
HANDMIXER sterling silver necklace
Reversible Cafe Apron Cherry Citrus
Reversible Cafe Apron Cherry Citrus
Apple Cinnamon Fruit Cobbler Candle
Apple Cinnamon Fruit Cobbler Candle


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