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Fatherhood: A Great Adventure

Jun 5, 2012

by miledeepfilms

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(Music by Japancakes, courtesy of  Warm Electronic Recordings)

Mike Sabatino and his sons, Alex, Jake, and Nick, are the forces behind Jerky Tracks, a gourmet jerky business born from their love of salted meats, the great outdoors and hunting. More than just a moneymaking venture, this small business is an expression of a family bond, born in the woods and fostered in the kitchen.

Anthony Ladesich is a two-time Emmy award winning filmmaker from Kansas City, MO. He has worked professionally in the Midwest for over 10 years as a director, cinematographer, editor, and writer. 


  • MegansMenagerie

    Megan from MegansMenagerie said 8 years ago

    Great story!!!

  • Nikifashion

    Natalia from Nikifashion said 8 years ago

    Awesome post!

  • DeesumDesigns

    Molly Mayer from DeesumDesigns said 8 years ago

    Such a great family. I love how close you are. And of course I'm lifelong fan of jerky!

  • VoleedeMoineaux

    Hillary De Moineaux from VoleedeMoineaux said 8 years ago

    Lovely family!!!! Love it!

  • 26Sorts

    Alexa Sheraton from 26Sorts said 8 years ago

    Hearing the stories behind Etsy Shops never seems to get old! The father and sons team behind this jerky business is super inspiring - and the video is really well done! Makes me want to start a business with my kids someday! Thanks for sharing!

  • sukran

    Sukran Kirtis from SukranKirtisJewelry said 8 years ago

    Great family, great story Best business to you!! Congrats:)

  • 26Sorts

    Alexa Sheraton from 26Sorts said 8 years ago

    Also... I LOVE the "Don't be jerky...share it!" bit on the packaging. So clever!

  • TheHickoryTree

    Linda from TheHickoryTree said 8 years ago

    Uh Oh I'm hiding your shop from my husband. Great looking product and story. Wonderful.

  • mangoavenue

    Kimberly Ott from mangoavenue said 8 years ago

    Such an inspiring story about family working together! What an awesome Dad!

  • Iammie

    iammie from iammie said 8 years ago

    Love this post!

  • freesoul

    Semira from freesoul said 8 years ago

    Beautiful Inspiration!! I agree being a parent is the biggest life lesson one can have. Your story is going to help many Etsy parents balance their family and work life, thank you!

  • StringBeardCraftery

    Stephanie from StringBeardCraftery said 8 years ago

    Salted meats and male bonding? I don't care if I'm a female, sign me up!

  • whiterobinvintage

    Kari from whiterobinvintage said 8 years ago

    a great inspirational story & video combining "family & etsy"....Loved it, Very well done!

  • Parachute425

    Terry from Parachute425 said 8 years ago

    Simply wonderful.

  • poojacampbell

    Pooja Campbell from 41GrantRoad said 8 years ago

    I never fail to get inspired by all the Etsy stories that I read. This one just adds to the list of awesome stories that I have read/watched. I absolutely agree that being a parent is a life lesson. Thank you again for reminding me. Kudos to you for being such an awesome dad and spending such valuable time with them!

  • TheBerryPress

    Wendy Hogue Berry from TheBerryPress said 8 years ago

    You sound like a great Dad. I think your son gave you the highest praise when he said you know how to make the best out of every moment. Thank you for your film, it was a pleasure to watch.

  • smcgeever

    Susie Kate from ArtGallerie said 8 years ago

    I love this!

  • LivingVintage

    LivingVintage from LivingVintage said 8 years ago


  • OuterKnits

    OuterKnits from OuterKnits said 8 years ago

    Wonderful story.

  • hmmills

    Helen Mills from 1820BagCo said 8 years ago

    Awesome post

  • CopperheadCreations

    Sarah from CopperheadCreations said 8 years ago

    This is such a great story! And meat and whiskey/bourbon are two of my husband's favorite things! :D

  • NaturalWoodland

    Dixie from NaturalWoodland said 8 years ago

    What a great story!

  • thevicagirl

    VaLon Frandsen from thevicagirl said 8 years ago

    Love the story, it is so great that a father and sons can work together.

  • mimishingleton

    Mimi from aTreasureInStore said 8 years ago

    Sweet story! I know what snack is going with us on our next hike...turkey tracks bourbon flavor! Yum!

  • andiespecialtysweets

    Jason and Andie from andiespecialtysweets said 8 years ago

    Awe, "My dad knows how to make the best out of every moment." Great family, beautiful film, and we love your packaging and merchandise photos! Way to go!

  • IntheMoodforVintage

    Michele from IntheMoodforVintage said 8 years ago

    Love the way you didn't say No to your son about selling beef jerky and created not only a business for your sons but a great life lesson too. Dream it and pursue it! Write a book dad ... you are raising some terrific young men.

  • my2handsstudio

    Donna from my2handsstudio said 8 years ago

    Novel adventure!

  • ikabags

    IKA PARIS from ikabags said 8 years ago

    How beautiful :)

  • uniquefabricgifts

    Unique Fabric Gifts from uniquefabricgifts said 8 years ago

    Beautiful family and great story!

  • OncleHope

    Oncle Hope from OncleHope said 8 years ago

    I dont know, maybe I have the hormones up the roof but this moved me so! What if I could find a buisness that i could share with my son? Cookies would be a great start! And its the biggest life lesson - being a parent and get to share time and learn from children how to live now...just now.

  • beforethelandfill

    Karen from InspiredByBeth said 8 years ago

    Awesome story..congrats on the success! And I see you are from Ballwin, am I!

  • BridalSashesOnly

    Kathy Johnson from BridalSashesOnly said 8 years ago

    Love this story! My boys like to hunt and fish and it really does keep the bonds of father-son and brother-brother close!

  • peekaboocreationsca

    Connie Fonseca from PeekabooCreationsca said 8 years ago

    Great story!!

  • WalterSilva

    Walter Silva from WalterSilva said 8 years ago

    nice story!

  • Pastecchi

    Pastecchi from TheAmazonBazaar said 8 years ago

    I love love love this video. How wonderful to see a dad working with his boys. Your family looks to have a beautiful relationship and your bonds are inspirational. I hope to see more videos like this out there, to inspire all fathers to be role models for thier children. When I am working on my jewelry my son wants to help bead or if Im designing characters he creates his own. Its a blessing to share art and the whole creation process with your child. I hope more fathers are taking notes from you!

  • RedorGrayArt

    Elaine Kean from RedorGrayArt said 8 years ago

    this is so special ~~ great idea and here to many more years of happy moments with your kids!!

  • sewlola

    lola from dearvintagecupboard said 8 years ago

    Cool family! The video is awesome!

  • Jodipalinkas

    Jodi Palinkas from PalinkasQuilts said 8 years ago

    This video makes me even more aware of how much joy our two sons bring to us. With a shared purpose and loving guidance, boys become powerful, empathic adults. And not jerky!

  • lkmccray

    Linzee from lkmccray said 8 years ago

    I'm fortunate to interview many talented people and it never ceases to amaze me that so many of them learned things that helped them shape their lives by working side-by-side with a parent. I agree with Michele above, saying yes when his son asked him if they could sell jerky, pushing past the fatigue and time crunch that are inevitable parts of parenting, is so worthwhile and will provide many life lessons. Lovely video, and well done, Mike!

  • TheBeautyofBoredom

    Gracie from TheBeautyofBoredom said 8 years ago

    Wow! This business is a great bonding experience for all parties involved. It's great that the family can spend time together doing s project like this. Although I don't like jerky, it is still nice to hear about a family business like this. Congrats and good luck in the future!

  • windycitynovelties

    Windy City Novelties said 8 years ago

    That is true family bonding. Too many parents don't do things with their kids because they are always working at their job, on the house or are too tired. Kids are always with their friends or in front of the tv, computer or phones. More families need to be like this one and spend time together before everyone's grown up and gone. Great job!

  • gymcrackery

    Karen from TheRotaryShoppe said 8 years ago

    They seem like a very real family. Something about dads and camping, huh? Reminds me of mine. He died last year. Treasure the moments, friends!

  • MikeSabatino

    Mike Sabatino from JerkyTracks said 8 years ago

    We wanted to share our appreciation for all of the wonderful comments, shared stories, inspiration and support from the Etsy community! We are very grateful. Unsure of what to expect, we've been blown away with Etsy from the moment we opened our shop. We're very proud to be part of something so awesome! Mike, Monica, Alex, Jake, and Nick

  • marjoriejoan

    marjorie joan from marjoriejoan said 8 years ago

    Proud to call you my colleague, Mike!

  • joycemason1

    Joyce Mason from joycemason1 said 8 years ago

    Interesting video, do you also do the hunting to get the meat for the jerky? Just wondering about that part of it. Happy Father's Day!

  • MikeSabatino

    Mike Sabatino from JerkyTracks said 8 years ago

    Joyce, all of the meat we offer is USDA inspected and approved. Though we do hunt, we cannot use that meat for our products...which is a good thing trying to keep three growing boys fed. Take care! Mike

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