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Fashion Inspired By Nature

Apr 7, 2013

by Gabriella Cetrulo handmade and vintage goods

Now that spring has finally arrived, it’s the perfect time to get back to nature. Whether you prefer to camp out in the wilderness or relax on a sandy beach, you can take your favorite spot with you wherever you go. Embody your ideal scenic destinations with styles inspired by the great outdoors.

Woodland Wonder

[1. Lost Landscape dress by ApartofmeAPOM; 2. Tree rings by CliveRoddy; 3. Sandals by WalkByAnatDahari; 4. Landscape print bandeau top by ShowboatClothing; 5. The Kimberly Bag by iheartnorwegianwood.]

You won’t risk camouflaging yourself in these scenic prints.

Mountain Ranger

[1. Resin ring by ShoutsAndSparkle; 2. The Tempest dress by GMNYC; 3. Abstract flutter tank by kertis; 4. Crossed sandal by WalkByAnatDahari; 5. Feldspar necklace by DeuceFashion; 6. Leather Half Moon tote by completbags. ]

A mix of textured greys and solid geometric shapes evoke the bold and sturdy feel of rocky terrain.

Queen of the Desert

[1. Desert Mountains fold over clutch by LeeCoren; 2. Feather and stone earrings by SANKTOLEONOJEWELRY; 3. Desert maxi dress by aglassjar; 4. Turquoise arrow necklace by SPARKLEFARM.]

Heat up your look with vibrant sienna tones and natural turquoise accents.

Flower Child

[1. Sweet Rosie flower headband by kisforkani; 2. Maria Shirtwaist dress by mrspomeranz; 3. Embroidered flowers and algae necklace by LanaPelana; 4. Leafy print dress by leahgoren; 5. Tea Party oxfords by TheDrifterLeather.]

Cover yourself in colorful florals from head to toe and embody the garden of your dreams.

Sea Creature

[1. Bow tie dress by lennyfashiondesign; 2. Blues bamboo scarf by GiftShopBrooklyn; 3. Organic beaded necklace by victoriousyouth; 4. Sea shell necklace by SeashoreLove; Clutch wallet by congressbags.]

Mimic the cool waves of the ocean with loose flowing fabrics in subtle gradations of blue and white.

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