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Fancy Pony Land Presents “My Personal Flag”

Apr 25, 2011

by kbdocumentary handmade and vintage goods


I recently interviewed Lorna Leedy, artist and owner of Fancy Pony Land, a studio and showroom in Marfa, TX. On the eve of her new community exhibit, “My Personal Flag,” Lorna discusses the inspiration behind working with several artists, each creating a visual representation of themselves.

lorna.jpgLorna, the exhibit is gorgeous and works so nicely in your shop and studio. How did you come up with the idea? 
Several years ago I read a piece in The New Yorker by the comic writer Jack Handey called “My Flag.” He describes the plethora of symbols and images on his personal flag, explaining that “the bra and panties stand for women’s rights. Davy Crockett shaking hands with Daniel Boone symbolizes how we need to put aside our differences. The skull and crossbones, in the lower right corner, stands for pirates, and all that they have given us.” Ever since reading that piece, I’ve wanted to make my own flag and create an exhibition. I’d also been meaning to make flags for the front of my store, Fancy Pony Land, to draw attention to my otherwise drab exterior.


The opening of “My Personal Flag” at Fancy Pony Land in Marfa, TX.

Was there any one thing that inspired you?
I heard that Ballroom Marfa, the excellent non-profit contemporary art space across the street from Fancy Pony Land, was doing a show about New Orleans (“The World According To New Orleans,” curated by Dan Cameron), a city I called home off and on for about ten years beginning in the mid-nineties. I consider it a second home because it’s the place where I grew up and learned how to be a working artist. Since living in New Orleans, Mt. Rainier National Park and Marfa, TX equally feel like homes. This got me thinking about place and identity and that’s when the show “My Personal Flag” was born.


Flag by Amanda Barr.

How did you approach artists to participate?
I invited a handful of friends to make their own personal flags and got an overwhelmingly positive response. Soon I had friends of friends contacting me and asking if they could make flags too — the list just kept growing. The show has flags by fifty people, including my dad and several other family members, many Marfa locals, several New Orleans artists, old friends from high school and college, some people I’ve never met and my kindergarten teacher. The show has been one of my favorite things I’ve ever done. Many people pitched in to hang the show and help out and it really looks fantastic in the space. The variety of flags is as wide as the variety of people involved.


Flag by Faith Gay.

To find out more about “My Personal Flag,” including the names of the artists involved, check out Lorna’s blog. For more Marfa goodness, watch the video we produced about the town.

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    chinadoodle said 10 years ago

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    ThePolkadotMagpie said 10 years ago

    Fantastic project. Reminds me of the neighborhood flags in Sienna during the Palio.

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    floofball said 10 years ago

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    junkyardglitter said 10 years ago

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    Great article, love the personal flag, neat idea.

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    mazedasastoat said 10 years ago

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    HelloAmelia said 10 years ago

    I recently visited Fancy Pony Land on a West TX road trip. It was just as lovely as you'd imagine from the photos! Loved the flags!

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    opendoorstudio said 10 years ago did i miss this! thank you for adding my little flags to this awesome post! I love this idea and I love the pennants and banners. I always remember the banners and flags the women of the church made while growing up ! thank you for sharing! might have to sit my family down and make one of our own!

  • girltuesdayjewelry

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    So cool! I have to think now about what my personal flag would look like.

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  • ArtTeeArt

    ArtTeeArt said 10 years ago

    Nice article Karen! To my surprise I see myself in the photo from the Fancy Pony Land opening "My personal flag" That's me to the right with the black dress with big red flower and boots. Husband Rich , his mom Shirley Marvin. We really enjoyed the opening and the shop itself . Beautiful dresses everywhere including a few bodies who wore it well! Lorna's designs are awesome!Can not wait to come back to Marfa. LoveLoveLoveIT!

  • girliepains

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  • domesticaesthetics

    domesticaesthetics said 10 years ago

    My first flag was for my DnD group, while we were campaigning in a world invented by our DM. It was a red pirate flag with a black heart and a saber through it with "Fury's Heart" emblazoned. The next were a set of liturgical banners featuring a sword engulfed in flame on a green field (symbolizing the Word of God), and a chalice of wine with a loaf of bread (symbolizing communion.) I ended up making sets for the entire calendar, including Christmas, Lent and Easter. It was so much fun, and I'd been thinking of picking it up again, when my husband commissioned me to make a flag for the security team at his company. Hooray!

  • foundaryvintage

    foundaryvintage said 9 years ago

    Whoa! Lorna Leedy is actually a relative of mine that my dad talks about but whom I've never met. Small world! I guess craftiness and independence runs in my family pretty deep..

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