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Fabulous Fruit

Apr 8, 2014

by Mallory McInnis handmade and vintage goods

Is strawberry picking one of the highlights of your summer? Have you ever sat down to eat one clementine and ended accumulating a half-foot-tall pile of peels? When you walk into the produce section of the grocery store do you feel a jolt of happiness (and hunger)? Yes? Then you may love fruit as much as I do.


[1. Vintage playing cards from Cute Eye Catchers; 2. Vintage apple container from Wise Apple; 3. Felt strawberry by Felttess; 4. Cherry necklace by Jennifer Loiselle; 5. Strawberry post earrings by Boo + Boo Factory; 6. Felt grapefruit by The Felt Chef;  7. Sangria print by anek; 8. Marble watermelon wedge by Feralia Vintage; 9. Vintage pineapple glasses at Not My Problem Island; 10. Vintage teak bowl from Trulleberg.]

I don’t only love eating fruit — I also enjoy incorporating it into my wardrobe and home decor. Almost all of my impulse purchases are fruit-themed, and I’ve gathered enough fruit-related accessories and garments to outfit myself for a week’s worth of work at a farm stand. Wouldn’t it be nice to buy your pint of blueberries from someone wearing a blueberry-print dress? I think so.


[1. Fruit pattern print by Nikki Miles; 2. Fruit postcards by Oana Befort; 3. Vintage strawberry cups and saucers from Sweet Shop Vintage; 4. Pear tote by Karolin Schnoor; 5. Little cutie card by Parrott Design Studio; 6. Fruit stickers by Esther Sandler; 7. Grapefruit bowl by Vegetabowls; 8. Vintage dress from Revenge of the Dress; 9. Pineapple cross-stitch pattern by La Valise à Pois; 10. Summer rain cards by Rachel Ang; 11. Vintage apple coasters from House of Seance; 12. Vintage plum jam pot from Swear to Mod; 13. Vintage fruit crate from Third Shift.]

One of my favorite picture books as a child was Mr. Rabbit and the Lovely Present by Charlotte Zolotow and Maurice Sendak. In the book, Mr. Rabbit helps a little girl put together a gift for her mother. The gift involves bananas, pears, apples and grapes; I always thought that seemed like a pretty ideal present (in fact, I still do).


[1. Pear card by gumo; 2. Clementine brooches by Caroline Dowsett; 3. Pineapple pillow cover by Avril Loreti; 4. Papaya earrings by Sisunyak; 5. Grape birthday card by Pup & Pony Press; 6. Banana salt and pepper shakers by Michiko Shimada; 7. Apple of my eye print by Helen Dardik; 8. Mrs. Berry plushie by Pretzel Pretzel; 9. Kiwi platter by Bemika; 10. Blender from Vintage on Wings.]

Sometimes when I’m making a smoothie (putting an excessive amount of thought into the perfect fruit-to-fruit ratio), I feel rather like a witch hunched over her cauldron — only with more appetizing ingredients.


[1. Passionfruit soap by Scent Handmade Cosmetics; 2. Watermelon slice earrings by Jordan Sondler; 3. Vintage crop-top sweater from Sparv in the Iele Tree; 4. Oranges print by Sarah Abbott; 5. Banana earrings by POM by Pomegranate; 6. Pineapple by SCENERY; 7. Wooden apple brooch by Jetta’s Nest; 8. Kiwi pillow by Winter Petals; 9. Vintage fruit crate from Msmichiganroux.]

Buying local, in-season produce is a great choice to make, but — much to my delight — you can buy kiwi pillows and watermelon earrings year-round.

What’s your favorite fruit?


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