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Eye of the Artist: San Francisco

Apr 26, 2010

by Heather Burkman handmade and vintage goods


Have you ever studied a piece of art and pondered “how” or “why”? Here’s an opportunity to learn straight from the horse’s — ahem, artist’s — mouth, about their inspiration, unique technique and creative background.

On a recent trip to San Francisco, I was impressed by the multitude of picturesque streets and diversity in architecture. So, I went on a mission to find Etsy artists who shared this appreciation and paid homage to the City by the Bay through their work. Follow their creative stories that are as varied as the city itself.

Artist: JamesKeniston, photo by Jennifer Geisert


I am an artist and illustrator originally from the UK, living and working in California. I have a bachelors degree in fine art, with a strong background in painting, and specialize in architectural illustration. I originally started working as an oil painter, but when I came to the States I began making watercolor illustrations of the historic homes and buildings, which I continue to do today.
I visited San Francisco briefly last year and fell in love with the city and its architecture. Alamo Square is such an iconic part of the city and I knew the “Painted Ladies” houses that surround this area would translate well into these detailed, and at times quirky, illustrations. I stumbled upon the Greek embassy entirely by chance, considering it’s located on a predominantly residential street. I loved the blue of the building and the way that it tied in with the national flag of Greece. I realized how diverse San Francisco is as a city and how much history it has as a settling place for people from across the world — this seemed very poignant to me as an immigrant myself.


Artist: rileynoehren


I’m a lifelong artist and writer, but my work as a lawyer still pays the bills. Although quitting my day job for good is not in the foreseeable future, I’ve recently taken a short break from my legal career in order to focus on my artistic endeavors. During that time, I also relocated from Los Angeles to the Bay Area after falling in love with the place on my many trips here.
On one of those trips, I snapped a photograph of the Golden Gate Bridge while on a harbor cruise. It was a great photograph, but it looked like any of the millions of pictures we’ve all seen of the bridge before. I decided to attempt a different take on the structure by turning the photograph into a simple screen print. When I pulled the first print I got the result I wanted: the color and frame make it recognizable, but the lack of other details, including any background, leave it a little abstract. Most of my printmaking work has a similar “simplified realism” style, which is a product of the process I use (always beginning with a photograph) and my personal taste.



Artist: chantaldefelice


I grew up in Oregon but have now lived in Southern California for the second half of my life. I am attracted to cityscapes — the structures inspire me with stories of the past and I see my paintings and drawings as backdrops for this ongoing drama of daily life. The city of San Francisco is so rich with that, I can’t help feeling mesmerized by all that lovely architecture and imagining the lives lived in those neighborhoods over the years. I feel myself especially drawn to Chinatown and North Beach, for the endless sensory stimulation and also for the focus on food culture, which is always a wonderfully descriptive element in the story of a place and its people.

I graduated from Laguna College of Art and Design feeling oversaturated with instruction and media techniques, and so began a return to simple yet detailed, direct, almost intuitive drawing — using mainly black ink on white paper. Each drawing becomes a session in concentration and control, as I lay it down with no prior sketching and no erasing. I was using scrap blocks of wood salvaged from a woodshop trash bin to mount prints on, and kept getting these beautiful pieces that I simply couldn’t cover up. So I started painting on them, using the wood grain as underpainting. I love how people respond to this method and view the wood texture as integral to the painting.


Artist: bluecole


Blue Cole Press is a small letterpress company in San Francisco, born out of my love for paper and letterpress. I’ve been printing for two years and I love how it allows me to express myself creatively, both working with clients on items like wedding invitations, as well as doing my own designs for my Etsy shop.

I started doing letterpress prints from photographs a year or so ago and really liked the effect — and that it allows me to blend my love of photography with letterpress. Living in San Francisco, there is a neverending supply of great places to photograph! This design was originally used in my 2010 calendar, which featured architecture in SF. This was my favorite, so I decided to use it again in these cards.



Thanks to JamesKeniston, rileynoehren, chantaldefelice, and bluecole for sharing their stories.
Are you inspired by urban landscapes? Share in the comments below!

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Pink House On Scott St., San Francisco - Postcard
Pink House On Scott St., San Francisco - Postcard
Consulate General of Greece, San Francisco - Postcard
Consulate General of Greece, San Francisco - Postcard
Town House, Castro District, San Francisco - Postcard
Town House, Castro District, San Francisco - Postcard
Pearl City 1.25x2, Paper and Wood Earrings
Pearl City 1.25x2, Paper and Wood Earrings
Walking in Bloomfield, 1.5x3.5 Paper and Wood Necklace
Walking in Bloomfield, 1.5x3.5 Paper and Wood Necklace


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