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Experiments in Wasting Time

Feb 15, 2011

by Alison Feldmann handmade and vintage goods


Stumbling upon Alyson Provax’s exacting inventories of her wasted time — well, it was a bit of a reality check. I’d somehow failed to recognize that there were other hand-wringers out there comparing soup ingredients for three minute stretches and staring into the shower tiles while conditioner sinks in. How much of your day is spent waiting for the inevitable, slipping into the depths of your mind? Today Alyson explains the reasoning behind her thought provoking series.


alyson2.jpgI started the Time Wasting Experiment project in January 2009 with the goal of documenting each and every way that I waste time. Part of the impetus for this project was an honest curiosity about where all of my free time was going. Working an eight hour day and sleeping eight hours at night still leaves another eight hours completely free. I thought that maybe I would discover some way to be more productive by tracking my wasted time. Not to say that I’m really any more productive than I was two years ago, but I do have a very different experience of looking back on each day.

il_570xN.188475293.jpg As the project goes on I have become more restrictive in my definition of what a waste of time is. I see it as any situation that I feel wasuseless or uncomfortable and offered little or no redemption. I realized early in this project that much of the time that I had casually thought of as wasted was actually pretty productive. For instance, daydreaming can be very useful, as can going to get a cup of coffee. There are just some experiences that have nothing to do with production and yet are obviously valuable.


That being said, I still have anxiety about not getting enough done, which I think is just symptomatic of being a living creature or existing at all. There are taboos against wasting life, and wasting time is just wasting your life minute by minute. So the project is also about death, insofar as anything in our lives can be viewed in the context of our individual mortality.


I’ve attempted to be very honest about what I am recording while simultaneously removing all specifics from each account. That method makes this project extremely personal in some ways, but it’s important to me that the content of each piece is not specific to me, but hopefully something that anyone can relate to.

How do you waste time? What’s your relationship with minutes, days and seconds?

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  • stepbackink

    stepbackink said 7 years ago

    very good article thought provoking to me watching TV is the biggest waste of minutes, hours, days..I donot have one and my life is a bliss :)

  • tuckooandmoocow

    tuckooandmoocow said 7 years ago

    This is such an interesting and awesome concept! As a compulsive journaler, I suppose that when looking back on time spent off-task, I don't think of it as wasting time. So often, it's those hours I reflect on the most. The phrase "wasting time" has always seemed so negative to me that I tend to stay away from it. Who wants to look back on any of their life and think that it was a waste? My view is that those are more like the in between minutes spent getting us from one day to another. Often, the in between time has more meaning to it than all of the hours of "meaningful" activity. I'd rather have half a minute of revelation in "wasted" minute than a million hours of know-nothing at work.

  • VivaGailBeads

    VivaGailBeads said 7 years ago

    very thought provoking...

  • choisette

    choisette said 7 years ago

    2 minutes writing a response to a blog post about wasting time.

  • anthonyroberto

    anthonyroberto said 7 years ago

    Awesome, awesome times.

  • SweetlyFallen

    SweetlyFallen said 7 years ago

    Awesome article!

  • TripleGemini

    TripleGemini said 7 years ago

    This time I will just say thank you for your thought provoking posts.

  • letterer

    letterer said 7 years ago

    I don't know why exatcly, but I think this is hilarious! And Choisette's response is so appropriate - ha!

  • couve

    couve said 7 years ago

    the tearm "wasting time" scares so much. This article is really nice and of course Alyson Provax shop is lovely!

  • supmvp

    supmvp said 7 years ago

    I will waste any amount of time to ensure I start a project either at the start of any hour or 1/2 hour increment.

  • harvestgoldgallery

    harvestgoldgallery said 7 years ago

    love this. they are so simple, straight forward and most of all honest... now back to my studio! ; )

  • joajewellery

    joajewellery said 7 years ago

    Fantastic article! Great type and gorgeous paper too. Well done for putting all that wasted time to good use :>

  • sagebrushadventures

    sagebrushadventures said 7 years ago

    Fun article. I know about wasting time. Now I can document where it goes. Thanks.

  • twoandyou

    twoandyou said 7 years ago

    You know, when I was young, a teenager, I loved to sleep till late in the morning at the weekends, when I hadn't to get up early to go to school. My mother used to say: “get up lazy lump”, you are wasting your live in bead!!! That was a thing I didn’t realise in those days and, yet now, I think she was right. Today, more than 30 years after, your article has remind me about my mother. Thanks for that.

  • HillaryAlexander

    HillaryAlexander said 7 years ago

    This is all very existential. I like how you have turned your anxiety into art that other people can really connect with.

  • cod123

    cod123 said 7 years ago

    This is great!

  • opendoorstudio

    opendoorstudio said 7 years ago

    Mine would read... 3 hours searching etsy finds! I love the art aspect! this is wonderful!

  • ShoponSherman

    ShoponSherman said 7 years ago

    Good post and interesting art.....watching tv has been my biggest time waster....probably being more decisive would help me to not waste the time that i do also....

  • editionbw

    editionbw said 7 years ago

    I can definitely empathize with 'comparing nearly identical options' terrific expose!

  • priya123

    priya123 said 7 years ago

    Good post! Yes I do need to check on my 'wasting time' moments or hours sometimes.

  • JudiPaintedit

    JudiPaintedit said 7 years ago

    Makes you think

  • modernbird

    modernbird said 7 years ago

    good article & insight into one of my major anxiety producing activities....waisting time (procrastinating)....fear of what? living fully?

  • PoleStar

    PoleStar said 7 years ago

    I find that I am actually pretty comfortable wasting time.

  • toriska

    toriska said 7 years ago

    Some things can be both productive and time-wasters. My time on Etsy is both. Sometimes it is very productive, but other times I'm just whiling away the hours when I should be actually sewing or cleaning the house.

  • walkerhoundgirl

    walkerhoundgirl said 7 years ago

    My whole life is a waste of time, but I don't care.

  • crowcanyon

    crowcanyon said 7 years ago

    Wow, this is such a neat idea! You literally turned your "un-productivity" into something productive! Through some personal reflection about a year and a half ago, I realized that the time I spend watching TV, while soooo relaxing, is not time spent productively. So I got into jewelry making, because I can do one pair of earrings per half hour show and a bracelet while watching a one hour show.

  • birdie1

    birdie1 said 7 years ago

    An interesting perspective. I like that Alyson recognizes something possibly amiss and is willing to explore it. My biggest time wasters? TV and Twitter.

  • ReFabulous

    ReFabulous said 7 years ago

    Great article. I struggle with wasting time myself. Facebook... blogs... the minutes and hours tick away, and I've done nothing productive. And secretly, I wish Alyson had left in the particulars of the time-wasting. I'm just nosy like that.

  • FiligreeCreations

    FiligreeCreations said 7 years ago

    huhh.. interesting idea! :)

  • jessicadomestica

    jessicadomestica said 7 years ago

    This is great. Myself, I waste a lot of time planning. I spend way too much time prioritizing and strategizing, and not nearly enough time just diving in and doing.

  • AMSkrafts

    AMSkrafts said 7 years ago

    Very interesting experiment. As I was reading through the "time wasters" I started thinking of what sorts of things I do too. I love this post, thanks so much for sharing!

  • collectiblesatoz

    collectiblesatoz said 7 years ago

    This is so me. Thanks for ideas.

  • accentonvintage

    accentonvintage said 7 years ago

    I wish I knew the secret to not wasting time!

  • iroirocrafts

    iroirocrafts said 7 years ago

    I'm so happy to see I am not the only one "wasting" time, then panicking about not having got enough done. I used to class activities like surfing the Internet a waste of time, but I have really gained so much inspiration and knowledge from doing this, my mind has been changed.

  • theroyal

    theroyal said 7 years ago

    seems innovative. i cant wait to see more.

  • glasfaden

    glasfaden said 7 years ago

    Well, at the moment I'm wasting my time, if I look from the point that I actually have to sew the trousers I need for tomorrow. But then, I really enjoy this "wasted time" :) Awesome experiments!

  • VintageEyeFashion

    VintageEyeFashion said 7 years ago

    I was gonna' read this but decided my time would be better spent napping..... ;)

  • frommylifetoyours

    frommylifetoyours said 7 years ago

    This really made me think about what I do through out my day . Thank you

  • PlumeandPetals

    PlumeandPetals said 7 years ago

    Fantastic article and experiment!~ It makes you think =)

  • BrookeArin

    BrookeArin said 7 years ago

    I LOVE THIS! How wonderful.

  • SimpleJoysPaperie

    SimpleJoysPaperie said 7 years ago

    Very interesting article! I tend to multi-task (alot!) so I feel that I have very little time wasted. :)

  • Morado

    Morado said 7 years ago

    Interesting! If I start writing down where all I 'waste' time...the biggest culprit will be TV :o)

  • PhotographicEye

    PhotographicEye said 7 years ago

    re-writing hand notes because I made a mistake on the page.

  • FeltShmelt

    FeltShmelt said 7 years ago

    What a great way to take an inward look. Sometimes I grind to a halt when I start realizing that I AM "wasting time"... lately, it seems that worrying about wasting time is actually causing me to waste more time. Thank you for the insight!

  • AmberGypsySky

    AmberGypsySky said 7 years ago

    Haha this is awesome...4 minutes reliving embarassing moments...I do that a lot

  • BingoBox

    BingoBox said 7 years ago

    Awesome - Bravo ! The ebb & flow of hand-wringing and twiddling your thumbs. Great project Alyson !

  • Verdurebydesign

    Verdurebydesign said 7 years ago

    Extremely thought provoking article. We live in such a fast world with unrealistic expectations. While we are breathing life is never wasted. Just being is o.k!

  • fantasticbeasts

    fantasticbeasts said 7 years ago

    Incredible work! it's funny, one of my biggest pet peeves is hearing other people complain about "wasting time" or about being unproductive. I feel that it's impossible to waste time; time will keep happening, regardless of what's happening to you. And you're constantly evolving, even while watching daytime TV. In the end, it's all about how YOU feel about the quality of the time in question. I mean, war and robberies are productive ways to spend time, but devastating to the world. I just worry about getting hung up on being "productive" just for the sake of "not wasting time"... y'know? Taking the time to quiet your mind is actually pretty healthy. Anyway. Thanks for the thought-provoking!

  • SandFibers

    SandFibers said 7 years ago

    Wonderful insight. I love that you figured out that some things that seem like a waste of time really are not (and vice versa, no doubt).

  • JKistlerStudios

    JKistlerStudios said 7 years ago

    wow, I need to do this! LOL! I know I waste time. And also worry about not getting "enough" done. Thanks for your honesty and sharing!

  • ZhongFuJewelryDesign

    ZhongFuJewelryDesign said 7 years ago

    Reminds me of that Your Money or Your Life book where people write down absolutely everything they spend, to really be conscious of where their money goes. Little bits of money or time can add up to a lot. All those 2 wasted minutes or 2 dollars spent.

  • halfmoonroad

    halfmoonroad said 7 years ago

    Great read..greater project.

  • dearpumpernickel

    dearpumpernickel said 7 years ago

    I think your work is beautiful and thought-provoking, yet I have some trouble with the term "wasting time" in this context. We tend to consider our lives only then well lived if we walk it in a straight line from A to Z, from our birth to our death really, but who can tell if these little moments of time unused are not just as existential to us as human beings as our striving?

  • NorScott

    NorScott said 7 years ago

    Not long after joining the workforce - like most others, I suspect. I started saying, "I wish it were Friday." I said that to my Dad one day many years ago and his reply was, "You are only wishing your life away." What sage advice that was. Thanks Dad.

  • FreshlySkweezed

    FreshlySkweezed said 7 years ago

    Sometimes you just need to recharge your batteries. It's when others are around, watching me be a couch potato, that I feel guilty. I'd be totally ok with it if no one was looking.

  • mazedasastoat

    mazedasastoat said 7 years ago

    I'm with choisette on this one! :-)

  • polkadotmagpie

    polkadotmagpie said 7 years ago

    Brilliant work.

  • Parachute425

    Parachute425 said 7 years ago

    I spend way too much time staring into the fridge hoping something will materialize that wasn't there fifteen minutes ago - like a wonderful chocolate cake or some cheesy casserole or bacon

  • vKnit

    vKnit said 7 years ago

    loved reading this! thanks for sharing your project with us :) xox

  • beachglassshop

    beachglassshop said 7 years ago

    good article - has me thinking....

  • amyfine

    amyfine said 7 years ago

    this was great

  • PoshPursesBoutique

    PoshPursesBoutique said 7 years ago

    time is truly precious and a privelage sometimes I take for granted. perhaps not focusing on what I want to do and start doing it would be huge for me! Thanks for the eye opener. Something to do when I'm planning my week no is write down how exactly I'd like to spend my time and plan an making it a reality!

  • TheLittleRagamuffin

    TheLittleRagamuffin said 7 years ago

    What a fantastic project! 3 minutes both laughing and shaking my head in pure profundity.

  • MerCurios

    MerCurios said 7 years ago

    One day not too long ago my husband dubbed me a Superhero. My Name: Captain Procrastination My Superpower: Wasting Time My Catch Phrase: Oh, was that due to today?'s amazing that I've built such a successful business. Now imagine what I would accomplish if my superpower were "maximizing time" (lol) xo, MJ

  • trendlightly

    trendlightly said 7 years ago

    wow what a project! I always catch myself doing things like reading all the responses to a blog post and thinking REALLY, how is this helping me or anyone else:) I love it!!!

  • girliepains

    girliepains said 7 years ago


  • studioadesigns

    studioadesigns said 7 years ago

    This is a great article - reading it while I am at work where I am supposed to be working instead of wasting time playing on the internet! Funny stuff!

  • littlebugjewelry

    littlebugjewelry said 7 years ago

    This is awesome!

  • RadiantShadow

    RadiantShadow said 7 years ago

    Isn't the term "wasting time" a bit judgmental. One person's waste time is another person's unexpected epiphany that came to her while doodling or staring into space. If we don't leave room in our lives for non-scheduled non-working moments we are missing out on important opportunities. Writer Jane Howard was all in favor of what she called "margins" - room to stop, breathe, to just be.

  • CoutureLife

    CoutureLife said 7 years ago

    Wow - this was just what I needed to read today, thank you!

  • ChrissiesRibbons

    ChrissiesRibbons said 7 years ago

    This is incredible. What a fantastic idea!

  • Plinkjewelry

    Plinkjewelry said 7 years ago

    great read

  • WoodlandCottage

    WoodlandCottage said 7 years ago

    The entire concept of "waste" is a singularly human one. I watch nature--the birds, the plants and trees, the turtles and the butterflies. They are all doing what they should. Just this reminder calms and settles me. Thanks for sharing such fascinating thoughts--and baring these details--with us!

  • vintagenelly

    vintagenelly said 7 years ago

    I love reading articles like this!! (and the comments as well). Really thought-provoking. I feel like I'm always trying to figure out how much I can get done and not "waste any time." Then I get mad at myself when I don't take a break and "waste a little time!" I think it's just a continuous circle...

  • poorjimsvintage

    poorjimsvintage said 7 years ago

    Its like a narration of my life.

  • changeitup

    changeitup said 7 years ago

    Gosh I was just thinking about my own life while reading it *sigh!*

  • thisiskit

    thisiskit said 7 years ago

    really nice paper choice! love this.

  • lulusnest

    lulusnest said 7 years ago

    great article and such a kick in my behind - STOP watching TV so much... or so I tell myself. Thanks for the reminder.

  • OddLittleHippo

    OddLittleHippo said 7 years ago

    Hit it on the head with each and everyone! At least now I'll be aware, for awhile at least;-)

  • Pipkyn

    Pipkyn said 7 years ago

    It's interesting you saying the things you record are a true waste of time, as I think some of the things you've written are incredibley valuable emotionally if nothing else. Obviously I don't know the personal circumstances but snt time learnt understanding and leading to a realisation would seem like a good thing? The project is really thought provoking tho, I can relate tomany of the things demonstrated here... I def need to be more organised with my time!

  • tiemee

    tiemee said 7 years ago

    4 minutes telling my cat he is beautiful in my best animal voice.

  • AfterLifeAntiques

    AfterLifeAntiques said 7 years ago

    Fantastic concept. Very interesting. I really liked your observation about daydreaming not being wasted time!

  • FrancesPhotography

    FrancesPhotography said 7 years ago

    I have been thinking about time wasting recently and if I am not creating I think I am wasting time but there is so much that encompasses having a business. I do feel that I have little free time though which is as an important balance.

  • jewellerytreasures

    jewellerytreasures said 7 years ago

    very thought provoking i am a terrible daydreamer so maybe i should track how much time i waste with my head in the clouds!!

  • ChymeraArtisan

    ChymeraArtisan said 7 years ago

    In music school, creative visualization was a skill we were taught as a learning tool. I had a good deal of success with it, so I try to incorporate it into my "daydreaming", running through a skill or an upcoming situation with a positive mindset, and then work into full-on CV when I'm not working. I try not to waste too much time, but enjoy it productively even if it looks like I'm bumming around.

  • LittleWrenPottery

    LittleWrenPottery said 7 years ago

    Interesting project, each statement reads like a twitter update because they're so short and cryptic. Wonder if they fit into 160 characters! And yeah I procrastinate a lot sometimes.

  • ambassadorcrochet

    ambassadorcrochet said 7 years ago

    Love Choisette's response. Very fitting response to the topic.

  • LaughLand

    LaughLand said 7 years ago

    I don't think these things are wasting time. I think they are life. Could we actually live and live happily if there were no reflecting on regrets, comparing nearly identical options etc? Even watching bad shows on tv has value of you need to rest your brain. What Alyson has is an insight into the processes of thought and life. Have I wasted my time thinking about my response to this article? No, I have been thinking. This is life.

  • LaughLand

    LaughLand said 7 years ago

    Pipkyn, I agree. Time is not wasted in emotion. Perhaps endless productivity is a waste of time. Depends on what your goal is, doesn't it?

  • bmused

    bmused said 7 years ago

    Very interesting & I can definitely relate. I often wonder where in the heck my day has gone & it seems that I should have been more productive in those hours that have lapsed. I never thought to document that time. Thank you for the inspiration. Perhaps, I too will find that it has not all a big waste of time & that there is actually some sort of productivity going on in the process!

  • ericawalker

    ericawalker said 7 years ago

    I love the whole idea behind Alyson's series and thoroughly enjoy how she's made something so personal so relatable and amusing to the rest of us.

  • Paindora

    Paindora said 7 years ago

    This is gorgeous. Thank you for bringing it forward.

  • julessabjewelry

    julessabjewelry said 7 years ago

    Alyson - This is a wonderful concept. I sometimes feel like I'm wasting time and your work is almost the same dialogue I have in my head from time to time. Thank you for sharing the work and keep up the fantastic inspiration.

  • justbecauseshecan

    justbecauseshecan said 7 years ago

    This is so unique and yet so 'relatable' is that a word? I love it.

  • AlphabetCityStudio

    AlphabetCityStudio said 7 years ago

    Great project!

  • redthreaded

    redthreaded said 7 years ago

    Interesting! I was once required to track everything I did, every hour of the day, for 2 months (class assignment). It was really illuminating. I found that I "accomplished" a lot more when I was doing the time logs.

  • lauraprentice

    lauraprentice said 7 years ago

    9 minutes laying in bed staring at the ceiling deciding what to wear. 1 hr, 32 minutes watching trashy reality TV. 14 minutes looking at etsy instead of working.

  • lauraprentice

    lauraprentice said 7 years ago

    Parachute425 says: I spend way too much time staring into the fridge hoping something will materialize that wasn't there fifteen minutes ago ----- aHAHAHA! So true!

  • HartVariations

    HartVariations said 7 years ago

    thank-you for pointing out ...there are some experiences that have nothing to do with production, but are obviously valuable. there's comfort in being reminded of that...

  • LoveSickClothing

    LoveSickClothing said 7 years ago

    I am uncomfortable with the term 'time waster' because all too often it has to do with time when money is not being made or paper work is not being done. Something important to keep in mind is that we are human, not efficiency robots. We need and deserve to daydream, reflect, ponder, make mistakes, take long walks, learn things that have nothing to do with job development, etc. As a writer I sometimes catch myself feeling guilty about daydreaming and imagining instead of doing research for school - but it's necessary for my creative writing!! Efficiency is important, but so is living in the moment without regard for the clock and the day planner!!!

  • muffinpatch

    muffinpatch said 7 years ago

    nice stuff, but I do have one technical suggestion for the larger prints. (And this goes for everyone working with paper/canvas/ect..) If you are using nice paper (or semi nice such as arches), never ever eeeever put pin holes in your paper. That's why we have clips. It decreases the value and presentation of a work of art with unsightly pin holes in works that are as pristine as these.

  • shannondzikas

    shannondzikas said 7 years ago

    I know I'm not the first to tell you what a clever concept this is but I don't mind being the 102nd to say great job! ...As I sit here avoiding paying bills, actually...

  • UnadillaWoodworks

    UnadillaWoodworks said 7 years ago

    Reminds me of Hugh Prather

  • beadenchanting

    beadenchanting said 7 years ago

    hmmm,.. i don't think i could appreciate my productive times if i didn't experience any wasted time. sometimes i find inspiration during my wasted time. i find i kinda' disconnect and my brain just "free floats". nothing is wasted if you learn something from it. this simple thought brought to you by a simple person.

  • granatina

    granatina said 7 years ago

    Great article! Just few days ago I've begun an experiment: every evening I'm writing in my diary what I would like to do in the next day. And every evening I'm rating the decisions from yesterday: positive, if I could do something in that decision and negative, if I couldn't do anything... I'm very corious to see, how will be my diary after a month...

  • dragonhouseofyuen

    dragonhouseofyuen said 7 years ago

    22 minutes spent browsing other tabs before I got to this one

  • dragonhouseofyuen

    dragonhouseofyuen said 7 years ago

    2 minutes reading this and smiling knowingly

  • jungledread

    jungledread said 7 years ago

    Very thought provoking article! Wasting time - organizing, and re-organizing crafting media without actually crafting.....

  • prenda

    prenda said 7 years ago

    I waste time. What I do? I think on things that may have happen, or think about trying to change things that already happen... bla.. I can be with thoughts like this for hours. I also make stories in my head. OK now that it is written, I will try to never forget, so I can wake up and keep crafting! :)

  • sadiedesignsca

    sadiedesignsca said 7 years ago

    I just love these pieces. Especially 1 hr and 32 min spent comparing nearly identical options. These prints tell the story of my design/creative process perfectly, so I think it's all part of the struggle of making things.

  • AmeliasPlace

    AmeliasPlace said 7 years ago

    Thought provoking. I spend entirely too much time worrying about things I simply can't change and not enough time seeking my dreams.

  • ravbute

    ravbute said 7 years ago

    OMG.I thought you were talking about me.Ha! Lifes is too short and so am I.Besides how in the world does any one have any time.I'm still in Etsy school.

  • vintageartsupplies

    vintageartsupplies said 7 years ago

    Give me a little wasted time and I will feel fine!

  • PrettyNeurotics

    PrettyNeurotics said 7 years ago

    Love this idea, I am a cronic worry-er. Alyson has done a fabulous job of capturing that anxiety.

  • kaniatobe

    kaniatobe said 7 years ago

    wow what an interesting concept its so interesting that I was just telling my mother that I can not figure out where time goes.

  • AirCraftStudio

    AirCraftStudio said 7 years ago

    Through this, I understand that we cannot blame the time for not having it. We can only blame ourselves for not taking it.

  • AlisaBrides

    AlisaBrides said 7 years ago


  • margosoriginals

    margosoriginals said 7 years ago

    There's a certain amount of time that needs to be wasted. We all need time to unwind and relax, especially in a creative business. If we are so focused on being productive all the time, eventually we will get burnt out and the creativity will drain out of us. Very thought provoking!

  • scrapyardgirl

    scrapyardgirl said 7 years ago

    What a really great,Smart and funny article. So glad a young girl realizes these things early in life...although it's easy to slip back into "time wasting" mode! Great job! Xoj

  • annykate

    annykate said 7 years ago

    I don't own a TV and loving it. No time is ever wasted...only time feeling guilty.

  • katerhodes

    katerhodes said 7 years ago

    That makes me feel soooo much better as it is something that is really easy to beat yourself up about which is probably the biggest waste of time.......! However there is the thing of putting off what you don't want to do which if you get on with it isn't as bad as you thought & makes you feel great.

  • yogiodie

    yogiodie said 7 years ago

    thought provoking. no time is ever wasted when you are spending it with people you love.

  • InnerWild

    InnerWild said 7 years ago

    i just discovered Experiments in Wasting Time in a treasury. I am so in love with this art. Divine typography and glorious poems of moments. There is also something wonderfully Edward Gorey-ish about them that really tickles me.

  • CamiArtistica

    CamiArtistica said 7 years ago

    Time is a gift that can't be wasted, just waded through like a sea swim.

  • FeltHappiness

    Juliane Gorman from FeltHappiness said 5 years ago

    I really enjoyed this interview and art: very ah ha making on mindfulness. A relief to know that others feel these anxieties of existence. And how ever to impart these insights to my young....

  • ZiBagz

    Lisa Zinza from ZiBagz said 4 years ago

    brilliant! and so Portlandia!

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  • (5) Things We Love …#51 said 2 years ago

    […] Three: Keeping track of time: Alyson Provax started the Time Wasting Experiment project in January 2009. Her goal: “documenting each and every way that I waste time. Part of the impetus for this project was an honest curiosity about where all of my free time was going. Working an eight hour day and sleeping eight hours at night still leaves another eight hours completely free. I thought that maybe I would discover some way to be more productive by tracking my wasted time. Not to say that I’m really any more productive than I was two years ago, but I do have a very different experience of looking back on each day.” Read more about Alyson here. […]

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