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Etsy’s Guide to Photography

Oct 21, 2010

by daniellexo handmade and vintage goods

Beautiful, warm, crisp photos are key to selling your work on Etsy. Your photos need to convey not only the shape, size, color and texture of the work you are offering, but also the style and feeling behind your brand. There’s a lot to consider, and I always say product photography should be a continual process — no photo is ever perfect. I’ve put together a guide of the best articles on and off Etsy for you to study to help your product photography skills grow!

Setting up the Shot

The Best of the Etsy Blog…


Etsy Success: Product Photography for Beginners
Learn to take beautiful photos with this video hosted by successful seller MiniatureRhino.




Etsy Success: The Right Camera
Jen Kiaba, a.k.a Jenkiabaphotography,  a self-proclaimed camera addict and seasoned photographer, helps you choose the right camera to shoot your product photos.


Give Props: How to Style Your Photos
Styling is a tool with unlimited possibilities. SusyJack helps you create beautiful, creative photos which not only showcase your unique items on Etsy, but provide attention-grabbing images to show off on blogs, in periodicals, or anywhere you find a promotional photo op!
Bright Light, Big Color: Using EV and White Balance to Make Your Photos True to Life
Taking a great photo is all about managing light. Nothing is more frustrating than photos that turn out too dark, too washed out, or off-color. It’s a particular challenge for sellers who have to use artificial light rather than natural light due to time constraints or inclement climates.


The Best of the Etsy Forums…

5 Technical Tips to Better Your Product Photos by Elgarbo

Photo Tips No One talks About! by MyNaturesArt

The Best of the Blogosphere…

DIY Light Box

Make shows you how to quickly create a light box for under $20.


 The Case for Adding Human Models

Meredith convinces you to use human models and gives you ideas on how to find them.


Product Photography Tips

The Best of the Etsy Blog…

Before and after photos, along with tips from Etsy experts.



Shop Makeover: Feature Friendly Photos

Give your shop a makeover with these tips on getting your items featured.



UK Edition: Photography Tips With heidiadnum

Heidi shares wisdom on backgrounds, props, composition, and scale.



The Best of the Etsy Forums…

The “BIG NO” For Your Product Photos by TimothyAdamDesigns

Simple Tips and Tricks to Make Your Photos Stand Out! by phydeaux

The Best of the Blogosphere…

Biz Ladies: Tips for Great Product Photography


The Anatomy of a Great Product Shot



Category Specific Advice

The Best of the Etsy Blog…

Etsy Success: Photographing 2D Artwork

Jamie and Amy from Pikaland share their top solutions to photographing and presenting your 2D work online. Turn your images into objets d’art!




Shop Makeover: Photogenic Collaborations

Find out how clothing designer, Rubypearl‘s shop took off like a rocket after she began to make friends with photographers and stylists, helping her product photos improve.



How to Photograph Jewelry: Get the Basics with Vadjutka

Vadjutka, a professional photojournalist, now sells her jewelry on Etsy, and she has some crucial tips for jewelry sellers who want to take great photos of their items.


Etsy Pets in Vogue: Getting the Right Shot

Expert pet modeling tips for Etsy Pets.




Photo Editing

The Best of the Etsy Blog…

How-To: Brighten Your Photos with Paperama

Paperama shares her techniques for brightening photos using a free (and easy) online tool.



Hot Tip: Resizing your photos the easy way!

Ever wonder how some sellers always seem to have their images ideally sized and cropped to make the perfect looking thumbnail? Here’s the secret!


The Best of the Etsy Forums…

Crop ’til you Drop by greenpix

No need for expensive software when you have free online alternatives like these!



Etsy Shop Help: Using Picnik for Photos

Learn how to perfect your photos with this free and easy editing tool.




Etsy Success Holiday Boot Camp | Finding Your Niche | Sign up for Etsy Success Emails


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    Hi Danielle!!!! Well I am so lucky to be married to a professional photographer, he has all the equipment to take wonderful photos, he has been teaching me about light and he is totally supporting me in the process for my etsy shop and boot

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