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Etsy’s Guide to Custom Work

Oct 7, 2010

by daniellexo handmade and vintage goods

When Etsy seller One9designs started selling custom work, she thought she’d be flooded with ideas and requests from her customers. As it turns out, her convo inbox remained empty. So she created custom item listings in her shop and gave her buyers a few examples of what was possible, and the orders started rolling in. “That showed me the importance of having a wide variety in my listings — just saying, ‘Would you like something custom? I can do whatever you want!’ wasn’t specific enough for people. I needed to jumpstart the process with options,” she says. “Once I increased the options (by creating more listings), my sales increased as well.”

Sometimes our buyers need a little push. I’ve experienced this firsthand, so I wanted to put together a guide to selling custom work. I put a call out in the Etsy Forums to gain wisdom from those who have experience selling custom work and the response was fabulous! Read on for some tips from the best in the biz.



First of all, I suggest creating a detailed custom item listing with a set price. This way you’re sure to receive payment before creating this unique item. Many of you agreed with me, including One9designs, who said, “I felt strange asking for [payment] in the beginning, but now I don’t even give it a second thought — and nobody has ever questioned me!”

Item Listing Tips

Start with a very overt title; something like “Custom Linen Pennant Banner” will do. Stating that the item is custom or personalized up front will grab the right buyer’s attention. “Each of my listings states ‘custom’ or ‘made to order’ because I am never really sure which way a customer will search,” says dlkdesigns.

My very favorite custom listing title?

I will draw/paint a portrait of your pet for you. by SarahMcNeil — quirky and to the point!

Item descriptions can get tricky — there’s a lot of information you want to give the buyer, but you don’t want to overwhelm them. Make good use of short paragraphs, bullet points and links within Etsy. For example, instead of explaining your custom policies in each item listing, link to your Policies page instead.

Pastel Penguin Family by Stayawake

Make sure to clearly state the options the customer has to choose from. Avoid saying, “Pick any color you like and I’ll let you know if I have it.” Your buyers aren’t as familiar with your materials and may not be great at visualizing different patterns or colors. Lindy from Stayawake has experienced this and says, “I offer all my puppets in ANY colour, but I have found most customers are pretty overwhelmed by that and very rarely ask for customizations. So I make a few different selections and make sure I have photos of the colours I think might work best.”

Asking your buyers to make too many choices can leave them paralyzed with anxiety. (I’m fascinated by the Paradox of Choice. Read more about it here.) StudioElan agrees, “Don’t make choosing too complicated. I make a separate listing for each possible mug colour so that the buyer doesn’t have to leave me a colour choice as well as the personalization information.”

Personalized Elegant Mugs by StudioElan

Give a brief outline of the customization process, including all of the information a buyer needs to give you in order for you to start the process. Annie from SpiffingJewelry says, “I think it’s important to clearly spell out all of the options your customer has in as few words as possible because it’s very easy to overwhelm the customer with info. I like to sum up what info I need at Checkout in a little checklist so the buyer knows what to expect.”

ClutchThat says, “Most of my orders are custom and personalized. The best tip I can give is that the seller ask the buyer to include all of the details of their customization in the Message to Seller box in Checkout.”

Great advice from Erin, a.k.a. imadeyouabeard: “Having the turnaround time clearly delineated helps too. Even if it doesn’t take a week to make the item, it’s good to have the extra time to be able to fit in the custom work with your regular duties.”

End with a link to send you a message through Etsy Conversations if they have any questions, but don’t rely on too much prior communication. “I try to include as much information as possible in my listings so that the buyers will get most of their questions answered right away, such as price discounts for multiple purchases or lead time,” says NovaofLove.

Don’t forget about your item tags! “I’ve found that the ‘custom‘ tag works very well — people want something that’s JUST for them!”, says 1mADwoman. And SweetPervsion agrees, “I’ve also been putting the word ‘personalized‘ in the title and tags. I think it’s helped quite a bit.”

“I offer a category in my shop called ‘Customize It’ where buyers can purchase custom add-ons for their items. For example, if you want to purchase a banner, you can also purchase a listing to add your child’s name, change the colors, or use a different image. I include a link to this section of my shop in each listing.” Great tidbit from getthepartystarted!

Photography Tips

Customizable Peapod Necklace by Sudlow

Longtime Etsy seller Rachel of Sudlow has listing custom work down to a science. “I try and show as many variations as I can in my pictures. I allow for upgrades if desired and show the prices for those.”

Etsy seller Lirola allows you to choose your size and fabric in her listing for a Cowl Neckline Dress. She breaks down sizing information and displays fabric swatches all in one image within the listing. Brilliant!

Cowl Neckline Dress With Long Sleeves by Lirola

If you are offering something like a custom portrait, be sure to show as many samples as possible in your listing. Etsy illustrator EmmieBean shows a wide range of subjects in her listing for a custom portrait. “You can minimize any uncertainty in a buyer’s mind by having great samples of your work in your shop. Then they know exactly what kind of quality and creativity they can expect!”

One Custom Portrait

One Custom Portrait by EmmieBean

“A lot of our customers are very visual, so we try to send picture examples of different options in addition to typed descriptions. For more complicated projects, we like to send pictures at different points of completion so that the buyer has time to interject before the item is complete,” say Jake and Megan from Nerdnest.

Marie from MarKhed is in agreement. “I always think of custom work as a project that the client and I will work together to make. So I’ll always make the item, then before it is completely finished I take a photo and send it to my client for approval.”

Victoria, the artist behind vsc83, adds, “After the customer has ordered a custom listing, I like to convo them with a photograph of their item before I ship it. This reassures them that they are getting what they asked for when they purchased the custom listing.”

Bad Dog in Red by BowWowzerZ

One last photo tip: Don’t forget to have a little fun. BowWowzerZ suggest being a little quirky. “If you can find a unique way to draw attention to your customization, I think it helps. My ‘Hello My Name Is’ tags are one of my bestsellers because I put ‘bad dog’ where the name will go. People get a chuckle and get drawn into my shop to look around.”


Custom Meditation Mala Restringing by Compassionmalas

“The main thing for me is thinking of the custom customer as someone I’m in a short, but nice, relationship with,” says Compassionmalas. As with any harmonious relationship, good communication is key.

Veena, the artist behind knittingguru, has been offering custom items on Etsy since 2006. Communication is paramount to her success, she explains: “I spend a lot of time emailing back and forth to make sure my customers are satisfied.” She adds, “Unless I’m dealing with a customer I know well, I always request payment before I make a custom order.”

Set expectations. “State your policies about returns, exchanges and cancellations clearly, as in most cases, custom items are hard to sell to other customers,” says Oktak. The holidays can get a little hectic, so CutNGlue suggests setting a cutoff date and sticking with it. “You want all of the customers to get their items on time, so leave plenty of time for shipping.”

“I also really want to stress how important it is to be honest with the customer about everything — your abilities, your availability, and most of all the time it will take until they have the final product in their hands,” says jewelry artist pepidesigns.

Woodworker krtwood shares a video of his process in his shop announcement. What a great way to let a buyer in on your creative process! This definitely adds to his advice: “Build a relationship of trust. Remember that they came to you, so they must like what they saw of what you have done, so trust yourself as you work out the details. Keep it simple. Being too open about options doesn’t work. ‘I can do anything’ doesn’t give them anything to start with. Be specific.”

Remember to be realistic. Chris from ShopRedLeaf (once featured in the Quit Your Day Job series) warns, “Custom orders are not a good time to be sourcing new vendors, new shipping methods, trying new methods, or to be reorganizing your work space.”

If you don’t have time for the entire custom process, think about offering a simple option — even something as simple as a monogram can make a buyer feel special. Etsian StudioCherie agrees and writes on her blog, “Occasionally I come across an item on Etsy with my name on it, literally. It makes me think, ‘Wow! They made that just for me.’ Even the first letter of a person’s name can have that effect.”

So, what are the most popular monograms? StudioCherie lets you in on a great secret: “I think the best resource is to be found here at There is a ‘search by country’ for current popular names (if you make baby items), or in the U.S. by decade of the most popular baby names.”

This blog post is just the tip of the advice iceberg. If you want to hear more, make sure you check out this forum thread. There’s a ton of really thoughtful advice, but remember, do what works for you!

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    I chose my name Custom Created because I LOVE doing custom work. I'm new to Etsy but not new to making custom work for people. 20 years ago my sister chose black and silver as her wedding colors. Not a big deal now but it was unheard of then and with no internet or craft stores in my area, I found out I could do a lot with white flowers, paint and glitter! I have figured out over time that there are a lot of people who can not visualize things (my sister!). So I try to help them. 1) I ask LOTS of questions to make sure I am clear on what they want. 2) I try to figure out what personality type I am dealing with. Some say "make it in pink and green" others say "these are the paint names/name brand linens/etc. I am using. This will tell you a great deal. 3) If someone is not sure what they want, I give them about three choices. Most people can pick out their favorite. 4) Ask them what they DON'T like, most everyone knows that one right off. (Try making Christmas items for someone who HATES glitter!! That was a challenge.) 5) I also made the decision and “invested” the money to make Custom Created items to give to people I knew with very specific tastes so I could take pictures of the items to show others the range of my creativity. (I made 4 sales in one week just because people could see it for themselves). Those are just some of my tips - hope they add to the other great suggestions.

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    Great article Danielle. Thanks so much for sharing a couple of my tips and my Heart Scarf! Tinadee makes a very good point about telling customers when their item will arrive. I email at the time of the sale, when the work is in progress to estimate time of completion and - always - when I mail the piece which is always 2-3 day Priority Mail in the USA and First Class Mail overseas. Customers definitely shouldn't be wondering when their purchase will arrive!

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    HMTbyINNA said 8 years ago

    Thanks for all the useful info. It definately opens more doors to creating personalized items and gives room to expanding variety of choices in color and material.

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    DBEAUTIFULMIND said 8 years ago

    opps! i thought this was where i create my custom work comment! :) sorry it's been a looong day... HAha

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    Any and all tips are very helpful, especially when first starting out on Etsy. Thank you for your ideas, suggestions, tips and pictures. When we have our work shop back up and running, we too will be taking custom orders, not only on our beautiful handcrafted exotic wood canes, but on candle stick holders, figurines, furniture and just about any type of other wood items you can think of; all handcrafted from fabulous, exotic woods from around the world! These tips are very helpful in giving us information on how to set this up when we are ready; especially having the customer pay up front, as this will help in purchasing the materials needed. These woods are very expensive and the work is extensive, making this option a fabulous idea! THANK YOU ALL again for the wonderful tips and wishing you all much success with your wonderful items!! May God Bless you and your families : )

  • kawaiibuddies

    kawaiibuddies said 8 years ago

    Why are you promoting things that are directly against the TOU? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To quote: “I offer a category in my shop called ‘Customize It’ where buyers can purchase custom add-ons for their items. For example, if you want to purchase a banner, you can also purchase a listing to add your child’s name, change the colors, or use a different image. I include a link to this section of my shop in each listing.” Great tidbit from getthepartystarted! And the TOUs state: A listing must not be conditional upon the purchase of another listing in your shop (for example: saying "this item may only be purchased along with another item in my shop" is not allowed). This includes listings for item upgrades, shipping upgrades and gift wrapping upgrades.

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    Yes, I agree completely with kawaiibuddies!

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    Thank you for this article. I found it by googling "alchemy on etsy." I realized that most of my holiday orders were customized. A turning point for me.

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    A large part of my business is doing Custom items for my customers. I love the challenges that each job brings! I explain that my goal is the same as their goal. I will work with them to make them the lovliest products possible! I never print out the final products until I get print approval in writing - I send photos via email to make sure they see the process and final product. I just love my Etsy customers and am so thrilled I found Etsy when I did. It is just a joy to be a part of this lovely and talented group of sellers. xo Renee

  • tarrahartlauer

    Tarra Hartlauer from TheCommonSign said 7 years ago

    I am excited to try some of these new tips.... It sounds to me I need to make a bunch more listings so that people won't have to imagine what their order could look like. I want them to feel more sure of the finished product. I will begin this right away. Thanks!

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    So many great tips! I am pretty new to Etsy and so far just offer vintage...but this will be a great resource if I branch out to handmade! Custom always makes things more special!

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    Thanks for breaking it down for me. Works well with my "Awareness" jewelry!

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    You have to be very patient, and have lots of time to accept commissions. Customers can drive you crazy with unreasonable demands, constantly changing their minds, never making a decision about what they want, and take up a lot of your time just trying to make a decision. My etsy stores are just a part time venture for me, and I don't accept commission work. Just be aware that it can be a very challenging thing to accept custom orders, depending upon your product.

  • samscrochet

    Samira from SamsCrochet said 6 years ago

    I tried out the format that getthepartystarted! recommended awhile back, and got response from Etsy that the listings all had to be stand alone items. Has that policy changed? I see the add-on option in lots of stores.

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    I have a customer who ordered a pair of simple custom made moccasins, for which my add clearly stated that I would need measurements. I contacted them immediately after the purchase and forwarded the form for getting what I needed to proceed. I got no response. I have tried repeatedly to contact the purchaser but have never gotten a response - tried convo and email. This purchaser had purchased a previous item which was in process of completion when she ordered this one. The first order shipped ok, but then she never responded to my requests for measurements for the second item. What do I do???

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    Is there any way to change an order into a custom order? For example, if someone purchases something from your store and in the comments section asks for it to be changed to a different color, etc. thus causing the item they are purchasing to look different than the item in the picture. Is there any way to change the order so it can be a custom order so a new picture can be attached to show exactly what they are purchasing instead of what they purchased (incorrectly) with directions to the seller to change the item? Or, is there any way to just change the picture? Thank you!

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