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Etsy & the World Economic Forum

Dec 4, 2008

by Vanessa Bertozzi

The World Economic Forum nominated Etsy as one of their 2009 Technology Pioneers.  Etsy’s founder Rob Kalin will be traveling to Davos, Switzerland to represent our community and to voice Etsy’s mission at the January meeting.

About the World Economic Forum:

“The World Economic Forum is an independent, international organization incorporated as a Swiss not-for-profit foundation. We are striving towards a world-class corporate governance system where values are as important a basis as rules. Our motto is ‘entrepreneurship in the global public interest’. We believe that economic progress without social development is not sustainable, while social development without economic progress is not feasible.

Our vision for the World Economic Forum is threefold. It aims to be: the foremost organization which builds and energizes leading global communities; the creative force shaping global, regional and industry strategies; the catalyst of choice for its communities when undertaking global initiatives to improve the state the world.”

We are very excited to have the chance to talk to world leaders about independent entrepreneurship and how the internet can have a supporting role. In the run-up to the meeting, the WEF invited each nominee to answer the same questions about their businesses and the roles they play in socially conscious economic development. We wanted to share Rob’s video message with the community here, as we feel strongly that Etsy’s vision remain true to the handmade movement during these economic times, and especially during the holiday shopping season. You can see more 2009 Technology Pioneers’ videos here.

Thank you to our community for making this all happen!

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  • KathrynRiechert

    KathrynRiechert said 12 years ago

    Have fun in Switzerland!

  • humblebea

    humblebea said 12 years ago

    Very cool! Congrats and have a fun trip!

  • chakrapennywhistle

    chakrapennywhistle said 12 years ago

    Awesome :)

  • iforgot2remember

    iforgot2remember said 12 years ago

    Thankyou Rob Kalin!

  • papapots

    papapots said 12 years ago

    Very cool! I have to say that scrolling through that video list is pretty funny. "Guy in a suit.. Guy with a sports coat.. Guy at a, Guy with an... octopus?" LOL

  • decklededgebindery

    decklededgebindery said 12 years ago

    What a wonderful recognition of everyone's hard work. Congratulations Etsy!

  • NicoAndMooMoo

    NicoAndMooMoo said 12 years ago

    Important tip: when will have the cheese fondue drink wine, do not drink water for any reason... or you the cheese will make a monolith in your stomach! ;-P

  • glamasaurus

    glamasaurus said 12 years ago

    ^I drink water with fondue all the time. My stomach is fine.

  • TwinDreamCreations

    TwinDreamCreations said 12 years ago

    That's exciting!!!!

  • Rokali

    Rokali said 12 years ago

    I'm looking forward to everyone thinking I'm a protester that somehow got inside.

  • iragrant

    iragrant said 12 years ago

    That's a serious business, well done! And don't forget to stop over in Neuchatel, only five hours by train from Davos!:))))

  • dogties

    dogties said 12 years ago

    Woot! Go Etsy, Go!

  • yaelfran

    yaelfran said 12 years ago

    wowwwww!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!! You deserve it so much!!!!!!

  • Vanessa Admin

    Vanessa said 12 years ago

    Rob, you're gonna have to bring that octopus with you.

  • weirdwolf Admin

    weirdwolf said 12 years ago

    And tons of Etsy stickers!!

  • lapomme

    lapomme said 12 years ago

    This is enormous! Congratulations!

  • sunriselodgefiberstu

    sunriselodgefiberstu said 12 years ago

    Thank you for making our dreams possible;) Keep up the outrageously awesome work;)!!!!!

  • laurabrownart

    laurabrownart said 12 years ago

    woot woo! so exciting!

  • RaeGun

    RaeGun said 12 years ago

    wow that is so exciting!

  • undertheroot

    undertheroot said 12 years ago

    Wow! I had no idea... Even more beautiful story than I imagined!

  • Jealousydesign

    Jealousydesign said 12 years ago

    That is awesome!Congrats!

  • AchAchLiebling

    AchAchLiebling said 12 years ago

    That's very cool!

  • siiri

    siiri said 12 years ago

    That's Fantastic! Many congrats!

  • enhabiten

    enhabiten said 12 years ago

    awesome awesome video. very succinct and compelling. gives an artist like me lots of hope. corny...but etsy has changed my life and also my way of thinking..meaning i feel like i can do so much more now and succeed in ways i didn't think i could before with this global marketplace and democratic internet technology. congratulations Rob and all at etsy.

  • nkalexander

    nkalexander said 12 years ago

    Yea!!! Yea, for local economies- Yea, for small business with a global network- Yea, for creative minds...creating a revolution. VIVA LA CRAFTOLUTION!

  • ClaudiaLord

    ClaudiaLord said 12 years ago

    Very impressive!

  • tangerinetreehouse

    tangerinetreehouse said 12 years ago

    YAY! Congrats to Etsy. What a huge honor. And opportunity to show the world a different model.

  • PressedPenny

    PressedPenny said 12 years ago

    That is truly fantastic. Switzerland is beautiful! And you totally deserve to take a trip there! Thanks and keep up the good work!

  • noodleandlou

    noodleandlou said 12 years ago

    WOW!! yahooo for Etsy!!!

  • RonH

    RonH said 12 years ago

    Super Rob, The worlds economy need the shock of knowing that there is something more than the mass produced stuff we see at the Mall (and later at the landfill). go get 'em. Bring us back some chocolate.

  • westcorinthstudio

    westcorinthstudio said 12 years ago

    Switzerland in January...brrr...don't forget your hat and mittens! Congratulations on the nomination; you really deserve it!

  • hellome

    hellome said 12 years ago

    Wow, that is pretty impressive, to say the least. Nice to hear some good news!

  • ribbonwands

    ribbonwands said 12 years ago

    Fantastic! I love the vision of a global "handmade" market where we can all see these amazing things we never thought would exist. Inspirational stuff indeed!

  • MissBlackPepper

    MissBlackPepper said 12 years ago

    That's neat interesting to read what other companies got picked. Biotechnology firms, semiconductor companies, lighting manufacturers - Etsy - food industry, recycling - they've certainly covered some bases there!

  • flyingzoo

    flyingzoo said 12 years ago

    Fantastic! Congrats!!!

  • metzypants

    metzypants said 12 years ago


  • yummyink

    yummyink said 12 years ago

    C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S! The slogans "Art = Capital" or "Creativity = Capital," which Beuys often used in his artworks, could be understood as shorthand notations of his ideas, and suggest that creativity and art are the new currency for the transformation of society that he envisioned. The multiple La rivoluzione siamo Noi (1972), "We are the revolution," recalls Beuys' proclamation that "Art is the only revolutionary force." In this work, the artist seems to stride boldly into the future, urging us to accompany him on his way to the revolution. I thing ETSY is on the right path! Let's do it!

  • BluCille

    BluCille said 12 years ago

    Love robots!

  • asundrynotion

    asundrynotion said 12 years ago

    Big time!

  • deelind

    deelind said 12 years ago

    Congratulations on the nomination- You totally deserve it! What an incredible article, amazingly inspirational video. You've changed the world for so many here. Have a great trip Rob.

  • risabeads

    risabeads said 12 years ago

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks for Etsy:)

  • Lambert

    Lambert said 12 years ago

    Wow, that's fantastic!

  • thelittlereddoor

    thelittlereddoor said 12 years ago

    this is awesome sauce :)

  • StrongBeads

    StrongBeads said 12 years ago

    Great "it is just getting started" but it is soooo happening and positive and so ON!!!!!!! THANXS for creating!!!!!

  • jessiemccann

    jessiemccann said 12 years ago

    That is awesome!

  • nicole6697

    nicole6697 said 12 years ago

    Yeah Rob! So totally my hero - go get them!

  • alfakosdesigns

    alfakosdesigns said 12 years ago

    GO etsy Go!

  • popettes

    popettes said 12 years ago

    Represent us!

  • Studio618

    Studio618 said 12 years ago

    How cool! Thanks for representing us.

  • Angelicgems

    Angelicgems said 12 years ago

    I might be falling in love with etsy again :) Terrific news!

  • BluCille

    BluCille said 12 years ago

    I always wanted to go to Switzerland! Some day.... Check out my shop: free shipping with the purchase of any two or more items, no limit.

  • Sinta

    Sinta said 12 years ago

    Awesome ^_^ Handmade is finally getting recognition it deserves.

  • nanouke

    nanouke said 12 years ago

    Wonderful news! You go get them Rob! And... "VIVA LA CRAFTOLUTION!" lol :)

  • mydeepbluec

    mydeepbluec said 12 years ago

    Very Cool ! You Go Boy !

  • beautifulbridget

    beautifulbridget said 12 years ago

    I want that monster pillow!

  • BibBon

    BibBon said 12 years ago

    I love buying from ETSY and I love how global it is. Seriously! I get Gift Tags from the middle east, linen from Ireland, fabric from South Korea etc. And I love meeting and doing business with my local Etsians too. I just love love love it. Thanks for everything!

  • cherryvalentino

    cherryvalentino said 12 years ago

    what an accomplishment!

  • rosybird

    rosybird said 12 years ago

    Amazing, so very amazing that this entire community has grown and thrived so quickly. Thank you!!!!

  • doodlebugsfunfabrics

    doodlebugsfunfabrics said 12 years ago

    WooHoo, this is great, Congratulations!

  • yummyandcompany

    yummyandcompany said 12 years ago

    great video, great article and great accomlishments...u guys are rad!

  • CutieDynamite

    CutieDynamite said 12 years ago


  • birdsandswings

    birdsandswings said 12 years ago

    fantastic!! a big hug to etsy!

  • birdsandswings

    birdsandswings said 12 years ago

    " Rokali I'm looking forward to everyone thinking I'm a protester that somehow got inside" :))))))

  • foxaz

    foxaz said 12 years ago

    One of those gigantic cowls might help keep you warm!

  • Rokali

    Rokali said 12 years ago

    Thanks for all the kind comments everyone, I'll make sure to send some dispatch news reports to the Storque while I'm there.

  • mydesertstudio

    mydesertstudio said 12 years ago

    Great news for Etsy, worldwide!

  • mandinka

    mandinka said 12 years ago

    I appreciated the idea you expressed that while the economy has become so globalized, with Etsy it has become more intimate as well, with people interacting one on one, maker to buyer.

  • ArtoftheMoment

    ArtoftheMoment said 12 years ago

    Etsy is wonderful!!!!

  • theoleanderblack

    theoleanderblack said 12 years ago

    Rob, you rock

  • clevergirl

    clevergirl said 12 years ago

    I think they have 1/2 price tickets for that 8 limbed bit of fabulous! Oh and congrats Etsy and Rob! Woooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooo!

  • WinchesterLambourne

    WinchesterLambourne said 12 years ago

    Congrats Rob! Have a great time. :)

  • steve77

    steve77 said 12 years ago

    I think you should reject the award and use any time you have in public to denounce the World Economic Forum as a PR firm for the very neoliberalism that has destroyed countless lives all over the world. You shouldn't let Etsy be used as happy face sticker placed on the ugly face of global capitalism.

  • LaCometaLab

    LaCometaLab said 12 years ago

    gREAT!!! Viva the d-i-y ethics!

  • Art2ArtColorado

    Art2ArtColorado said 12 years ago

    Bravo and Congrats! Wishing you the best on your trip!

  • ForMathilda

    ForMathilda said 12 years ago

    i'm actually wearing my overalls right now. Weeeeeeeee, Etsy!

  • wearthou

    wearthou said 12 years ago

    Congrats to your outstanding accomplishment!!!

  • audreys

    audreys said 12 years ago

    Yay Etsy!!! Power to all crafty, creative, & inspiring people!

  • bluecrea

    bluecrea said 12 years ago

    I looooooooove Etsy, thanks for giving us such a "wonderful world", making hope of changing things in world economy. Don't ever loose your faith! What a good thing to see very young people having aaaaahsome ideas! Greatings from Switzerland

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