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Etsy Teams Go Green

Apr 17, 2010

by Morgan Evans handmade and vintage goods

Etsy Teams are groups of organized Etsy members who network, share skills, and promote their shops and Etsy together. A Team can form around a shared location, crafting medium, or really anything that brings people together. In honor of Earth Day (the annual reminder that we should be environmentally conscious year-round) I’ve asked some Etsy Teams what efforts they are taking to be as eco-friendly as possible in 2010. 

The Trashion Team, led by remaker, is a group of artists and artisans who create art, jewelry, fashion and objects from materials that are leftover, discarded or found. Bellavioletta calls the Team “a collection of like souls that see beauty in trash. We create art from bits of post consumer life. Cereal boxes, old record albums, used t-shirts, discarded books, candy wrappers, etc. become our art supplies.” Their eco-activism transforms fundamental ideas of art and beauty by exploring all the ways in which stuff typically dismissed as refuse can be reclaimed. “Our Team,” says member SewTrendy, “takes materials that might otherwise be discarded and creates fashion items.”

Photo from Etsy Trashion

Like Team Trashion, the Etsy Recycler’s Guild uses recycled, upcycled, and repurposed materials whenever possible. According to TheFloatingMarket (a member of both Teams) “the majority of items in our shops are made from reused material. Something old becomes something new, and there are fewer items in the landfills.” 

RetroChaletStudio is the leader of the Recycler’s Guild. “Our global Team consists of artisans, vintage sellers, and greenies who upcycle, recycle, and repurpose everything (even trash) to make the world a greener place. In addition we have some very creative sellers who offer eco-friendly alternatives to common products. Our tag is ‘WasteNot‘ and it is so fitting as we are trying to upcycle the world one item at a time.”


Photo of RetroChaletStudio and cherspassion by Cherri Miele


cherspassion‘s tin can dolls, photo by Cheri Miele

Another group founded to promote environmental sustainability is Team EcoEtsy. Their mission is “to protect our planet by using methods to reduce the carbon print in managing our businesses and having eco-friendly lifestyles,” explains Team leader ecokaren. “In celebrating Earth Day’s 40th birthday, we are spreading our mission with our neighbors in the community by sharing seed packets in a project called Green Share throughout the month of April. We are also sponsoring a charity auction called Handmade for Earth Day auction starting April 19, open worldwide. The proceeds from the auction will be donated to environmental organizations that work tirelessly to improve the health of the planet and we are proud to support them.” You can read more from Team EcoEtsy in this blog post.

Seed packet packaging photo by BrassPaperclip

Nelsonmelle says, “I found EcoEtsy because I wanted to work with other Etsy shop owners who were making green choices for the products they sell. I find we are able to offer support and spread the word of ecologically minded crafting better as a Team than individually.”

Seed packet envelopes photo by BrassPaperclip

“We have a fully green Team,” says vintagerenewal, of Team EcoEtsy. “Our Team blog is full of tutorials ranging from handmade soap to 7-layer bean dip and earth friendly gift items from fashion to furniture.” Many members of EcoEtsy post tutorials on their personal blogs as well.

Check out this Plastic-Free Green Product Packaging Tutorial from picnicbasketcrafts and this DIY House Shelf from littlemoandfriends. Members of EcoEtsy are required “to be selling, using and promoting all things environmentally friendly — this includes packaging and gift wrap, which a lot of times are overlooked,” notes SeaFindDesigns.

Photo by picnicbasketcrafts

And then there’s Etsy Eco-Tips. “The main purpose of the Eco-Tips Team is to inject a little green inspiration into our product listings and with our collective intentions, to be influential of the shift of consciousness and to go green!” proclaims Etsy Eco-Tips leader allnaturalme.

Photo by Nic Poitras of SoaperieMaindeNature

According to Team member RandomSacksOfKindnes, the “Etsy Eco-Tips Team shares little tidbits on how to be Earth-savvy with each of our shop items in the hope that people will become more aware of what they can do to help out.” “Nearly everything made in these shops is designed to keep disposable bits out of landfills,” shares UnraveledRevelry. “Utilizing reusable and upcycled materials leaves you feeling good about the things you make and know they do good for the world as well.”

The Pagans of Etsy Team revolves around the mission to be supportive of all life on the planet. This year the Team is hosting an Earth Day contest. “The challenge is to reuse, reclaim and recycle materials to create your entry,” says Team leader dragonsmoon. “The items can be made with new materials,” as long as they promote an Earth-friendly spirit. Check out the blog to see entries and vote on your favorite starting May 10.

Photo by Wendy of birchleafdesigns

“It takes a lot of creativity to imagine the super cute plush creatures that can be made from old clothes and linens,” explains FluffyFlowers of the Etsy Plush Street Team. “Several of our talented Plush Team members have done just that. They’ve taken everything from vintage pillowcases to upcycled jeans to outgrown baby blankets and turned them into some of the most adorable plush creatures ever!” Check out the Earth Day Plush in the Team shop.

The Natural Kids Street Team is a group of sellers dedicated to creating natural products for children. As SewnNatural describes it, the Team “is committed to not only protecting our earth, but also celebrating it and helping kids connect with it. Natural gear is wonderful for helping teach children about where their ‘stuff’ came from — what it’s made of, and who made it.” Read more from the Natural Kids Team in this blog post.

Even the Etsy Twitter Team has something green to tweet about. They are hosting an event called “Go Green with the Etsy Twitter Team” from April 15-22. “Our Team blog will have ways to recycle, reduce and reuse items, along with sales from individuals from our Team,” says Etsy Twitter Team leader Jenco13. “We will also be giving away a Go Green item every day during the event.”

Joining an Etsy Team is a great way to find a community of like-minded individuals and to tap into an ongoing source of inspiration. Find an existing team by browsing the Team Profiles site (new ones are added all the time) or start your own Etsy Team. Go green and get involved!


Photo by Donni of Fairyfolk


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    So honored to be in a company of so many great, green artisans who care for the environment. These teams work and live daily with the health of the planet in mind and I'm so honored to be associated with them. And being a co-leader of Team EcoEtsy has been the greatest experience since joining Etsy. Thank You for including Team EcoEtsy for this wonderful article! Come and check out our auction on April 19th! ( There are some awesome items for you to bid. Happy Earth Day!!

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    AWESOME!!!! Recycling has become a passion!!!! Please check out my shop!!!! I make recycled kids jeans and tutus and there will be more to come!!!!

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    My neighbor advised me of a plant swap and my sister and I attended, we put veggie and flower seeds, stickers left over from halloween, easter etc, in lunch bags and wrote care instructions for plants and happy mothers day on recyled paper, Everyone enjoyed swaps of plants, containers, books, and should know about Etsy by now

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    This is a great reminder, but there are things we can all do all year--for instance, I buy all my recycled bubble envelopes for mailing from MrsJahnsJewelry, right here on etsy. And if I need other packaging I try to reuse what's come in. I also use a lot of vintage and recycled stuff in my own work, which you can see in my other shop, The Creative Block, at, and sell a lot of recycled and recyclable items here at Findings. If we each do even a little, the cumulative effect is amazing!

  • Royalpaca

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    Great article ! I've joined 2 teams recently and have found them great for numerous things, like motivation, inspiration, information and well a little marketing too :) I'm also very involved in living a greener life, that's what my blog is all about , there are a few tips there on growing and raising your own food! I raise my own wooly soft alpacas for my soft creations ;) For curious minds a like :) have a look ...

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