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Etsy Success Stories: LingGlass handmade and vintage goods

You’ve seen those big sellers on Etsy who seem to be making sales left and right. You have to wonder how they’ve made it to where they are: can they actually be FOR REAL? What’s their recipe for success? And just how do they do it?

I’ve made it my mission to shine the Storque spotlight and bring these sellers to you. I’ll be asking them all those questions you’re just dying to know about their success on Etsy. They have been generous enough to share their secrest with us and we want to spread their personal success stories to everyone so they can learn from their business practice.

This week’s Etsy success story spotlights Chu Ling, the mastermind and jewelry powerhouse that is  Chu Ling lives in Singapore and has been making jewelry for over ten years. She has honed a really unique style of the marriage between glass and soldered metal.  She has been selling on Etsy just two years, and has already made over 3000 sales!  Now, that is what I call inspiring! She has now been able to make her Etsy shop her full time job.

Ok, on to to the questions we’ve all wondered but never got the chance to ask…

How did you first hear about Etsy, and what made you decide to open a shop on the site?
I first got to know Etsy through a friend. I had a cart in a mall then and when the lease was up, I decided not to continue because I was pregnant with my little girl. I was looking for opportunities to work from home, and one of my friends introduced me to Etsy. Etsy was still quite new at the moment, so I thought why not give it a try? And there, I’m stuck! 

What do you think your key to success for selling on Etsy has been?
I try to create pieces that are unique and would stand out from others. I try to have good craftsmanship and keep improving myself in my skills. Since this is an online business, photography is very important to me, too. I always try to take pictures from different angles that would portrait my jewelries the best. I think having good customer service [is essential]. I try my best to keep in constant contact throughout the sales process, give a "Thank you" email, let customers know that I’ve shipped their order and try to solve problems, if any, to my best abilities. I also try to list frequently to catch different crowds, since Etsy is global. Having reasonable prices is part of my belief, too. I try to keep my pricing at an affordable range: I know what it’s like to want something and be put off by the price. So, I hope my products will be affordable to many. I also try to keep packaging to the minimum. My belief has always been to pack it safe to reach the customers and still keep cost in mind. But of course, if they are giving it as a gift, I have gift boxes for sale in my shop.

How do you promote your shop?
I don’t really do advertising, but I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU to my customers. I think advertisement comes from them. They wear my jewelry, and when friends ask, they will give them my shop’s address. Some of my customers "advertised" my products on their blogs and I think that helps to bring in sales too.

How do you handle such a large volume of sales in your shop? What systems have you created to manage the orders?
I don’t really have a system per se, but I section my emails to help handle that. I also have a friend who comes in once or twice a week to help me with the packing of orders. That helps to relieve me a little.

Are your orders mostly from repeat buyers or new buyers…and what do you do to gain repeat buyers?
I would say half and half. I try to keep my buyers happy by providing good service. Also, I try to come up with different and new designs, and use different colors for the same designs.

How do you stay motivated? Does it come naturally?
Yes, it comes naturally. Doing craft has been my passion since I was young. My sales keeps me motivated, too. I think I’m quite blessed to have such good sales, so, that gives me motivated to go on with my work. But of course, since this is my full-time job, if I don’t work hard, that would mean no income for me, too. Etsy gives me the freedom to work from home and take care of my daughter.

Check out Chu Ling’s studio…now I see where her inspiration with bright colors comes into play: 

What is your favorite current Etsy Feature?
I really like Time Machine 2. I can view the sold items and know what sells best, in terms of the design and color. That helps when I’m out of ideas.

What features do you use most on Etsy?
Time machine 2 is the one I used the most, and I also visit the forums quite frequently to keep myself updated of the happenings.

What goals do you have for your Etsy shop one year from now?
I hope to learn new skills and new materials, so that I can incorporate them into my works. This is one important key in "keeping" repeat customers. Repeat customers won’t come back if I always make the same designs.

Anything else we missed?
A BIG THANK YOU to all those who are working hard to make Etsy such a nice place to do business.

Thanks so much LingGlass for sharing your Etsy success story for the rest of us to read and get inspired by!  Check out the galllery below to see LingGlass’s current top picks on Etsy…