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Etsy Success: Making Your Mystery

Sep 24, 2010

by TheSteelFork handmade and vintage goods

Hi. I’m Kate Gatski, also known as the thesteelfork. My husband Ben and I make folk art sculptures, farm tables and home decor pieces with reclaimed farm machinery. You’ll find me on a hilltop in rural Pennsylvania. I am a second-generation crafter with a fascination for the business side of handmade. It recently occurred to me that our success may lie in our circumstance — we are natural makers of mystery.  

These days, the handmade world is awash with business advice. I sense a certain struggle for definition; who are we and how do we market that? The idea of selling “our story” often pops up. While I am all for a story, I can’t help but wonder if that’s really the answer. After all, can’t anyone tell a good story? Big, small, made here, made there?

In the spirit of the season, let’s consider the power of our own mystery. Let’s throw some garlic around our necks and go dig up our own suspense. Let’s turn our everyday chatter into something gripping — something that will have them diving for their wallets and leaping for their clickers. May I suggest we begin at the scene of the crime (I mean craft)?


“Some days it is all about funny little monsters, others I am covered in clay. Sometimes, I feel very Marie Antoinette and others I feel like I am in a strange land where unusual creatures lurk,” says AFancifulTwist.

12 Wonderland Inspired Candy Jar Labels by AFancifulTwist




Your place is heavy with intrigue. Let’s use it. In this creative locale of yours, what do you hear? Is there a window? Are you sitting, standing or moving around? What interrupts you? What surrounds you? What tools do you use? What does your safety gear look like?

Isn’t it true that all works of artistic genius leave room for their audiences? Well-crafted novels, catchy songs and singular works of art are the means by which our imagination can run wild.

In the words of Seth Godin…

“Great stories are subtle. Surprisingly, the fewer details a marketer spells out, the more powerful the story becomes. Talented marketers understand that allowing people to draw their own conclusions is far more effective than announcing the punch line.”

Sounds like a mystery to me.

Let’s think about, “Who done it?” Who got you started on your crazy artistic adventure? Do you work in the black of night or the broad daylight? Who is your accomplice? What drives you to madness?


“I’ve made peace with the fox. I’ve even forgiven him for hunting my favorite orange feline,” says tundradear.

Kitsune by tundradear


Use the details of your life to create a mystery. Consider wrapping it around your posts, tweets, descriptions, images and whatever else you use to promote yourself. Use your senses to describe your place; what do you hear, smell and touch? It takes a keen person, like yourself, to notice these things.

Is that you? Are you the one with the shop full of canary yellow and persimmon prints? It just so happens that your mom had a thing for Harleys and the dark side. Or perhaps it has something to do with your children who delight in fairy tales each night? Or was it the walk through meadow wildflowers in the gloaming?


“I am crazy about wool: its softness, warmth, the way it can be used to create different forms and ideas,” says Juliani.


Knitted fingerless gloves by Juliani



This is why you’re going to be so successful. You provide just enough information for your customers. You understand that it is the whisper, not the shouting, that brings people closer. You are in touch with your authentic self, and you aren’t afraid of it. You understand visual balance. Your images are simple and stunning.

You’ve got the tools to make some mystery right there beside your cauldron and sharpened knives. I suggest that we revel in this season and how it so naturally fits who we are as creators. Any good marketer can tell one heck of a story. What you have is even better, and more powerful. It is the mystery of the creative you.

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    skybluemaine said 7 years ago

    Okay, this is the way I think. I need a housekeeper but can't afford it. So, each time I take on a certain task I give myself an identity to do the work. Sometimes I am Anna, sometimes Francoise, sometimes Greta, sometimes Doris, and so on. A student of languages I choose different identities and language to get myself through boring or challenging tasks. Since reading this Blog it has occurred to me to assume different identities to get through the grind of re-conditioning my items, describing, listing and shipping. Thanks for the insight. Very helpful. Annie (not really!)

  • tagyouritbykari

    tagyouritbykari said 7 years ago

    Wow! I really will consider adding the mystery to my shop. Such a great article, I am glad I took the time to read it and that you took the time to share with the rest of us.

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    ColleenAttaraStudio said 7 years ago

    Love this post! Your words are things I already know deep down inside and but love (and need) to hear. I just moved my studio from my home into a cottage on a 234 acre farm in Bucks County, PA. My repurposed art had some mystery, but the cottage and surrounding area are full of it. I will play more with that. Best of luck in everything.... Colleen

  • larkspurfunnyfarm

    larkspurfunnyfarm said 7 years ago

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    FatHenWildWool said 7 years ago

    This is a great article. Instead of coming at handmade from the "Baby Big Businesses" angle you come at it from it's root reason for existing, that we've got to express our unique selves, and that it can't be seperated from our lives. The trick is to be honest enough when we get to talking about our work/life and to find the vocabulary to get there. Thanks x

  • FatHenWildWool

    FatHenWildWool said 7 years ago

    Great, we're all doing it because we need to do handmade to express our own unique selves and lives. The trick is getting the vocab together to tell it like it is...

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    HappyBugDesigns said 7 years ago

    You have inspired me! My bio was plain, and a bit sad, talking about being laid off again and how I hoped Etsy would be just what I needed to survive. A friend told me that it was too much doom & gloom for a HappyBug, but I didn't know what to do. This has inspired me to revamp my bio, and let the real me shine through. Thanks so much!

  • PrettySelfContained

    PrettySelfContained said 7 years ago

    That was wonderful! Thank you, what you have said really confirms for me what I already sub-consciously was grasping at and now feel I have a better hold on. I heard it last night: "Just do what comes naturally." and don't be afraid to let the world see whatever that produces and allow them room to make up their own mind about it. You know what you think, let them think what they think. Thanks again

  • alexiaruzoa

    alexiaruzoa said 7 years ago

    Thanks, Kate. This is the exact advise that I needed. I feel inspired and ready to stay true to my dreams. =)

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    BlueKimonoStudio said 7 years ago

    This is really cool. Thank you. Having just been through a summer of branding exercises, working on technical issues like improving my photos, and lastly building up a pretty much useless Twitter following because everyone says to, your post is a breath of fresh air. Let's do things that feel natural to us. That come from the deep authenticity we each have. That should rise to the top.

  • WiseSewcialTies

    WiseSewcialTies said 7 years ago

    One of my favorite mysterious shops made a comment,SadieKeyBoutique! She has lovely photos. Good advice. A mystery is devouring and much more interesting then knowing it all. Life would be dull if it were known what would occur with no curve balls or sinkers. Happy Sales to you.

  • BachsCrafts

    BachsCrafts said 7 years ago

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    Great and very inspiring article, I think you've really got something there...the Etsy shops I like to browse around most are the ones that are intriguing in more ways than just the product itself. I always wanted to be a 'femme fatale', I think I shall start exuding an air of mystery, and my Etsy shop is a good place to begin! :)

  • HappyMoonDesigns

    HappyMoonDesigns said 7 years ago

    This article gave me many things to think about.I am having a hard time with putting myself "out there",I worry alot about what other people will think,so,I guess I need to do some heavy thinking on how to tell my story,as hard as that may be...

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    I come from a background where creativity was not appreciated. (You know; "get a real job"!) So it took a long time to allow myself to let it out. I painted commercial signs for quite a while,but felt the need to do more tactile work. I've never thought of the mystery angle as such, but maybe what I do think is the same thing in different words: I see all these beautiful elements and putting them together is a puzzle. The pieces (gems,etc) tell you where they go, you just have to listen. I find I hear them better in the wee hours of the night!

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