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Etsy Success: Connecting With Twitter

Mar 10, 2010

by daniellexo handmade and vintage goods

Visual artist Kristina Havens, a.k.a. Krystyna81, wrote to me with a great story of success as a result of her presence on Twitter, a free social networking and microblogging service. On Twitter you can share news, links to blog posts, photos and communicate with a group of your “followers.” Read on to hear Kristina’s story and her tips on using this cool (and quick) networking tool. 

Selling art online can take time to find the right combination of factors — planting little seeds in different areas, getting the right amount of exposure and cultivating the perfect relationships. Twitter is one place where sometimes, the right combination takes place, and beautiful things can come from it.

I started posting via Twitter a few months after starting to sell on Etsy, and did my best to do the main things everyone recommended — gain followers, search for fellow Etsy sellers, follow other artists, try to get Ashton to tweet back to me, etc. I tried to be funny (hey…I laugh at myself ALL the time!) but to also remember why I was there — to promote my art and put my work out there for people to see. So I posted links to my blog and my Etsy shop while mixing in comments about being a SAHM and the quest to boil the perfect egg (a goal that was quickly reached with all the helpful hints from fellow tweeple!)

One day I received a message from Laura Mercurio Ebohon (on Twitter she’s known as LauraLME) in Italy who had seen my painting, “Guarded,” and wanted to talk with me about using it on her first published book of poetry. We began writing back and forth, wrote up a contract and reworked the painting to fit the cover of the book.

A few months later, I received a package from Laura, and inside was her beautiful book. And there was my painting, on the cover. I was holding in my hands tangible evidence of our friendship and collaboration that had crossed an ocean. I knew I was excited about the project and knew it meant a lot to me that she liked my work, but it was nothing compared to the way I felt after I held the book in my hand and read her poetry.

Her work is emotive, deeply personal, yet also so very universal. It was incredibly humbling to see that she felt my art resonated those same qualities, and together made them both all the more beautiful. She had trusted me with that great honor of being the first impression when people look at her book.

I asked Laura if she had been searching for a cover, and she replied:

My first poetry book was almost done, I had my title already, Se guardo dentro (If I look inside), but I had not found the image that could summarize the intimate feeling/mood of the verses about to be published. When I saw Kristina’s painting,  “Guarded,” it had everything I could have possibly dreamed of for my cover — it was like the answer that by magic you receive before asking the question! As I always say, my book would have not been complete without Kristina’s “Guarded” on the cover!

So, how did the right person see the right painting at the right time? Can you put the right picture in front of the right person at the right time? Yes, you can. If you focus your efforts and always put your best work in the right light, you will see results.


I create art in a variety of media and even a variety of subject matters, but my strongest pieces are my figurative works. So I focus my blog posts and the links I post on Twitter on my latest figure drawings and paintings, figurative art techniques, and figurative artists who inspire me. The biggest success stories I have from selling online all center around my figurative art.


Seek out others who share your interests. Grow your sphere of influence by paying attention to who other tweeple are following. Are you a visual artist? You should follow galleries, interior designers, and other artists. Do you make luscious soaps? Follow boutique owners, spas and resorts. Design incredible jewelry? Follow fashion blogs, wedding coordinators, and style divas.

(Don’t forget to seek out tweeple in your home state and city as well!)

Build Relationships

Answer questions, compliment a blog post or new piece, try and take an interest in what they are talking about. Of course you cannot do this with everyone, but what’s great about Twitter is you can do this quickly with several people each time you log in. And who knows if your interest in them will lead to an interest in you, and your work?

Build on Your Success

Don’t be shy! Brag about yourself a little! Did you sell a big piece? Let us know! Did you finally master a new technique? Tell me how! Get into a major juried show? Awesome! I once had a fellow artist tweet to me, “You are always so positive about your art. I can’t do that with my own work!” To which I replied, ”Well if I don’t like it, who will?”


Laura Mercurio Ebohon’s book of poetry is written in both English and Italian and is available here. You can find Kristina Havens’ gorgeous work in her Etsy shop, be sure to connect with her on Twitter, too!  

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    A wonderful article! And full of inspiration! At first I found Twitter very intimidating & overwhelming but I've eased myself into tweeting every day and enjoying the new connections that I've made.

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    What a beautiful book cover, it is very emotive... and deep... I loove her paintings they are very beautiful. thank you for sharing your experience with twitter! BTW.... follow me and Ill follow you back!

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    my heart became warm and tears started to well up in my eyes at the words: "I knew I was excited about the project and knew it meant a lot to me that she liked my work, but it was nothing compared to the way I felt after I held the book in my hand and read her poetry. " There is something very tangible and real about seeing your work (no matter whether it's a painting, poetry, a piece of jewellery, a t-shirt or a pottery coffee mug) in the hands of a customer who truly loves it as much as you loved making it. Twitter is amazing at joining people together and developing that mutual love of artists' work. Pre-etsy days I worked in advertising for many years and now everything is changed in terms of marketing and advertising. Promoting yourself is more about joining in the conversation and being confident about the work that you create. What a great article, thank you for writing it!

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    This is so amazing. Love how it all came together when and how it's suppose too. Serendipity at work for those who believe, yes? I'm learning the ways of twitter and so your article helps alot peace n abundance, CheyAnne @

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    HOORAY! I dragged my feet to join twitter but once I did in January- my sales and general exsposure increased like never before and now I bump my head on the wall and wonder how did I not do this from the very beginning!!!? I have defnietly gained at least a few direct sales from twitter interactions and communications! And I almost have 400 followers, I am still learning how to network better and to really use twitter. Now I have another twitter account for my grayday shops where I sell my artwork! So I found this article about selling artwork very inspiring!

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  • Krystyna81

    Krystyna81 said 10 years ago

    Hi Laura...yes, I work from live models once or twice a week. It really is my favorite thing to do...and incredibly important to me, because I drop everything else - computer, family, laundry - and connect with my fellow artists and CREATE for several hours. I have a lot of figure drawing info on my blog -

  • niftyknits

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    I love twitter, and have had a fair bit of business there. I was SO pleased to see that you encourage interaction, and not just those dreadful twitter-streams of "I've made this" followed by "I've listed this" and "Why isn't anyone buying this?" LOL

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    Thank You Kristina! I am grateful to you and Etsy for the mention of my poetry... Your article is beautifully written and it is source of incredible inspiration! What happened to us, our connection and collaboration is the proof that this invisible wire of communication works and leads to great things... I always believed in sharing and supporting, I am passionate about Art in all its forms of expressions... I was really lucky to find you! Your images keep on inspiring me and always will :) My first book would have never been complete without "Guarded" on the cover ...

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    Krystyna, What a touching and inspiring story! Thank you so much for sharing it with us. The idea that building relationships is really what we are all here to do is so essential to our business success. Your art work is stunning!

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    Congratulations on being able to utilize twitter for such an amazing project! It's amazing how the internet allows us to connect to some many people in the art/craft community and I've always found that those in our community are best supporters of our passion. This is great proof the technology does have its way of connecting us on a global scale instead of making relationships less personal. Thanks for sharing and I wish you the best of luck!

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    THINGMAJIG said 10 years ago

    I feel encouraged. I'm new to etsy and will soon be new to twitter. I had decided not to mess with it, my mind has been changed!

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    I wish I could thank each and every one of you for your kind words - it means so much to me! I am so glad you enjoyed the article, and am very humbled by all of the positive comments about my Art. Many, many thanks.

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    Great Story - The book cover looks fantastic. You must be so proud :-) After being very sceptical about twitter at the beginning, I now really love it. Working from home it provides me with some social interaction during the day, it also is so great for sharing and learning. And last but not least I just got my first wholesale order through twitter, as the boutique owner found me on there!

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    Congrats that is a great success story. I like to send out tweets too. In doing so I have been aproached by a local TV station to do an interview about my art work and someone else wants to include me in thier blog. you never know who you will reach. I have followers from all over the globe. Just to blow my own horn a little bit as your atricle suggests, :) :) I WON 2nd place last weekend at the Jerry Brown art festival. :)

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  • vintageurbanrenewal

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    LOVING the success stories...keep them coming! Aliki...the Etsy Community has been an incredible source of inspiration and information - I am blown away by the generocity (sp?) of the sellers here who share success tips every day. I have always felt that there is enough success to go around, and really, in our community, the more successful sellers, the better!

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    I just haven't been able to climb on board when it comes to Twitter or even Facebook. I spend a considerable amount of time on my blog, and I'm realizing that the blog alone may not be enough when it comes to social media. I am taking Kristina's advice to heart.

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    Great story! Didn't think I'd ever "like" Twitter- I just thought it was too impersonal. But, I gave it a try a couple months ago and I love it. I've gotten to know some fellow shop owners. I tweet ETSY TIPS and find I am actually helping others. Plus I have custom jewelry sales directly from followers. Everyone should try it- and be patient- you'll get the hang of it! :) ByHappyGoLicky on Twitter

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    Here's how I got involved with Twitter. Crafting Success sells tools to help you get started with your Twitter presence (and Etsy shop presence in general). A small investment for invaluable information! Buy it and your sales will grow. I'm proof.

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    This is exactly what sellers need to know about Twitter! It's an amazing networking tool, and I've had several sales (and repeat customers!) come from Twitter friends. The key is to not only tweet about your shop and listings, I am quick to unfollow anyone who floods my screen with link after link to their shop. Be a real person, that's what selling on Etsy is all about anyway!

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  • corsecrafts

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  • pasin

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    Krystyna81 said 10 years ago

    Hi Brickhouse, Once you sign in to Twitter, search for a topic that interests you - such as Etsy, or vintage, or antiques, etc. and see who else is talking about it. Start "following" them, and then start conversations or re-tweet posts you find interesting. You will start building your own followers, too. Enjoy meeting new people, don't dwell on "who's following who" can get to that later :) you can check out my list of who I follow at

  • Krystyna81

    Krystyna81 said 10 years ago

    and THANK YOU to everyone who has posted such kind comments! I really appreciate it :)

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    Just read the article and it's inspiring. And we're both in the Atlanta area! I'll check your list and see if there are fellow area artists that I know. I have this etsy site and another for my paintings. Maybe I should combine them.

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    artwithallie said 10 years ago

    SO VERY EXCITING for you Krystyna!! Your artwork on the cover looks awesome and meant to be. I'm afraid I'm with brickhousevintage... twitterpated...completely clueless! Will definitely be looking into it though.

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    It took me a while to get used to Twitter, but now that I've figured out the "lingo"... I'm hooked on it. It's an efficient way to broadcast new design info, express your personality as an artist and obtain information/news as its happening in the moment. I'm building up the twit contacts... Follow me! :)

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    You painted a bloom. It flowered. How exciting to see work created from heart become art and bloom fervently!Dananns

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    Great tips! We're still trying to find our comfort on Twitter. We feel we're getting better, but would love to chat with you! (@GemdropsotFalls)

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