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Feb 10, 2014

by Karen Brown handmade and vintage goods

Many Etsy sellers are enjoying success as new phases of their lives unfold — through career changes, after their children are grown, and in some cases even after retirement. What do these people have in common? A bone-deep confidence in their personal aesthetics and values, vibrant curiosity that opens new doors, and the rewards of building lasting customer relationships. A desire to keep learning and their willingness to take risks keeps things fresh. As artist Christine Daly emphasizes in this oft-repeated quote,  “It’s never too late to be what you might have been.”

Here are the stories of four sellers.

Joan Babb of Anything Goes Here

Joan Babb has nurtured a lifelong passion for collecting and presenting vintage objects — a passion she continues since opening her Etsy shop in 2009. “The first things I collected were limestone fossils I found in our gravel driveway when I was five years old. How I was different from my friends is that they might put their finds in a box under their bed, but I displayed mine artistically all over my room.” Although she has spent 45 years collecting and selling antiques and vintage finds, this 67-year-old pursued other careers as well. “I might be in my fourth or fifth career by now,” she said. “I quit my corporate job in 1987 to sell antiques full time.” She credits her success to something that she says cannot be learned – “I have a good eye” – and to discovering beauty and pleasure in everyday objects like old keys, faucet handles and vintage croquet balls. “I can see the potential in the humblest things,” she said. “It doesn’t have to be valuable, rare, or expensive.”

Like collecting, her philosophy for success has been a connecting thread throughout her life. “One of the things that made me a better person was to stop taking things personally,” she said. “My life motto is take the long view and I take the long view in relationship to my business. For example, while I was buying and selling all through the years I always kept certain things that I especially liked. Many of those things are smaller in size and they are perfect now for selling online, something I never had any idea I would do. What I enjoy most about selling on Etsy is that at the end of my antiques selling career I am selling those things I have loved for years to people worldwide. I am living out my philosophy of giving new life to old things.”

Christine Daly of Daly Studios


Daly Studios

A snapshot of Christine.

When Christine Daly opened her Etsy shop in early 2012, she ventured into a new area of life and craft – making jewelry. Previously, she had always worked as a two-dimensional visual artist. “Despite the fact that I’m new to the physical craft of making jewelry, I have the benefit of making aesthetic decisions as a result of both my fine arts education and decades of painting and design,” she said. “What I enjoy most is the happy accident when I surprise myself with a combination of elements that makes my heart bounce.” Christine has learned to trust that “bounce,” knowing that it signals when she has discovered something truly special. “I know that I have to please my own eye, as that is the one thing that is uniquely mine and distinguishes my work from everyone else’s,” she said.

Through the years, Christine and her husband have fed, sheltered and educated their children exclusively through the sale of their artwork. “We have learned the value of excellent customer service,” she said. “Repeat customers have sustained us. I am proud of the fact that I threw open a door and acquired a whole new skill set since opening my Etsy shop. I’m learning about product photography, branding, marketing, SEO, packaging, and more. My business is steadily growing and I have managed to muddle along and do it all myself. It’s gratifying.”

Toni Cartisano of Kensington Fused Glass

Since opening her Etsy shop in 2012, artist Toni Cartisano has succeeded by applying her past business experience to a new love – fused glass. “I am a retired retailer,” she said. “I worked for many years in department stores – as a buyer, customer service manager, sales audit manager, and computer operator manager.” Toni always enjoyed making things, but only recently considered doing it professionally. “I have always enjoyed crafts of all sorts,” she said. “I sew, crochet, do cross stitch, and needlepoint. It’s an interest I inherited from a very creative mother. After retirement, I went to a neighborhood center to enroll in a class to learn to speak Italian. While waiting to sign up, I read a brochure on other classes offered and discovered fused glass. I went home and read all I could find on the subject and was fascinated by it.”

Today, Toni sees her creative and professional interests as intimately connected. “Creating something new and beautiful from a few sheets of colored glass is rewarding in its own right, and even more so when thoughtful customers take the time to write and tell me how much they enjoy my creations. I love getting customers’ suggestions and special orders. One of the most satisfying parts of the Etsy experience, for buyer and seller, is this personal relationship between artists and customers.”

“I never did learn to speak Italian,” she adds, “But I earned enough to buy Rosetta software, so I’ll get there!”

Linda Hoffmann of Keeping It Natural


Keeping It Natural

A photo of Linda.

Linda Hoffman is enjoying the rewards of a solid career in cosmetics, a profession she began behind a makeup counter in 1973. She advanced to counter manager, then makeup artist, and later became district trainer for a major cosmetic company. “Each step used the skills I had learned from the previous position and gave me a new love for the career I had chosen,” she said. Over the years she learned in depth about skincare, color composition, makeup artistry, and the business of cosmetics.

Linda eventually started a business of her own formulating natural, healthy cosmetics. She opened her Etsy shop in 2011. “I love every aspect of having a shop – from researching ingredient suppliers, formulating and adding new products, to the business end of it. Yes, even the paperwork,” she said. “Etsy has given me a great opportunity to do what I’ve always loved. Now, after retirement, I love getting up in the morning and planning my ‘day in the shop’. Most of all, I love and value my customers. I want to thank each and every one for the chance to work with them, and for making my dreams come true.”

How do you see your career evolving over time?

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  • blainedesign

    Karen Brown from blainedesign said 7 years ago Featured

    I truly enjoyed working on this story. The most difficult part was doing justice to these women, each of whom had so much wisdom, humor, and such interesting things to say.

  • FalconandFinch

    Lynelle Miliate-Ha from FalconandFinch said 7 years ago Featured

    Love this. I'm especially thrilled to see that these women are taking their businesses online - our culture really sells the stereotype that technology is only for the young. But here are these fabulous women, turning not only these new or established interests into their own businesses, but using an e market place to do so. Extremely inspiring.

  • GabriellasTreasures

    Patricia Barsalona from GabriellasTreasures said 7 years ago Featured

    I am one of those retired Etsy sellers - I am thrilled to be able to fulfill my lifelong passion to sell vintage - after raising children and having grandchildren! This is my "What do I want to do when I grow up?" story. I am now doing it :)


  • agebo

    Ann Cosgrove from acbcDesign said 7 years ago

    Great story - love to see real example that there is always time to pursue a career doing something you love.

  • EarthsTrove

    Not Made In China Finds from NotMadeInChinaFinds said 7 years ago

    WOW nice! congratulations this piece is inspiring! Good luck everyone.

  • CellarWoodworking

    Trevor Pratt from FrogInThePlane said 7 years ago

    Inspiring stories!

  • ksmedic

    Craig Sowards from CustomWoodturnings said 7 years ago

    What you know always works best!

  • tesscloset

    stacey from TessCloset said 7 years ago

    Very inspirational! Thanks for sharing!

  • healingfaceoils

    Marissa from PreciousSkinElixirs said 7 years ago

    Very inspiring to read of artists sustaining their lives and families via their work. Wishing everyone continued success!

  • Fybur

    Fybur from Fybur said 7 years ago

    Opening an Etsy shop OpENS our hearts too! :) We think more passionately and it fuels our creativity that helps us innovate every day! I m enjoying it tooo!!

  • MyFiberFolly

    Betsy Alspach from MyFiberFolly said 7 years ago

    So many good reminders: take the long view, it's never too late to be what you might have been, and more- thanks for the inspiration that comes from the wisdom of the years.

  • karlyrose1

    WhiteKittenCreations from WhiteKittenCreations said 7 years ago

    If you have retired and need an outlet to showcase your creativity in any artistic way, ETSY is the best place to do it. You can make items from your own inspiration and find others that appreciate and purchase your items. It is never too late to give it a try!

  • RaquelGonzalez

    Raquel Gonzalez from RaquelGonzalez said 7 years ago

    Very inspiring!

  • numage

    Numage Kurotsuki from NumageLab said 7 years ago

    Many nice stories and very inspiring people. Thank you etsy!

  • yourmomdesigns

    rebekah desloge from yourmomdesigns said 7 years ago

    here's to growing in grace and beauty and with a lot to share with the creative world.

  • Electriccitygraphix

    David Byam from ElectricCityGraphix said 7 years ago

    Very nice craftsmanship. I really like your variety. Stop by my shop and have a look at my new wedding invitations with many more on the way

  • WhisperingOak

    Quality Handmade Items from WhisperingOak said 7 years ago

    Very inspiring post.

  • MegansMenagerie

    Megan from MegansMenagerie said 7 years ago

    This is wonderful. I opened my shop as a way to express my creativity and share that with others. Its amazing how far I've come and am super excited to see where this journey will take me.

  • SimpleJoysPaperie

    Lana Manis from SimpleJoysPaperie said 7 years ago

    I think this is one of your most inspiring articles yet! While I am very happy to see young entrepreneurs setting up shop and succeeding here at Etsy, it is so encouraging to see retired or older sellers being featured and respected for their wisdom and for their courage to make a go of it a second time around! Bravo!

  • WriteOp

    Mel Zuydgeest from StunwithFun said 7 years ago

    I love these stories, they're almost better than the featured seller ones, almost ;o). As I am struggling to find time to do anything in, for, with my online shop it's good to see that most probably a time will come when I can still get to do all I keep on dreaming about now. Lovely stories!

  • WomanShopsWorld

    Carter Seibels Singh from WomanShopsWorld said 7 years ago

    It's so inspiring, and I think contagious, to be surrounded daily here on etsy by folks who are following their hearts and doing what they love. As a creative type, I never really know what direction I will be heading next, but that's the excitement of it all. You find what feels good and what works, and the money follows.

  • Agasart

    Aga from AgasJourney said 7 years ago

    Beautiful and inspiring stories, beautiful Ladies and beautiful creations. Thank you for sharing

  • deerfox1

    Brigit Juarez from TheDeerFox said 7 years ago

    Great stories! Very inspiring! There are so many wonderful shops and people on Etsy and its great to read about them and learn from them. Keep up the great stories. :)

  • SusanFaye

    Susan Faye from SusanFayePetProjects said 7 years ago

    It's about time! I know Etsy has to maintain its image of being young and fresh and hip, but I'm always so happy to see some "mature" faces on the pages of this blog! I love stories about late bloomers and re-birth and creative self-expression in the "golden years". It does my heart good. Thanks Karen!

  • fieldtrip

    Amy from fieldtrip said 7 years ago

    so many beautiful creations here! i love hearing these inspiring stories of creativity. that's the buzz and hum that keeps me going every day and this article reminds me i'm not the only one :)

  • gboliver

    Gail Oliver from AttentionGetting said 7 years ago

    It's never too late to change careers. I think it takes time to really figure out what you love to do and what you are good at, and that makes for the best job.

  • ThreeBarDGifts

    Monica from ThreeBarDGifts said 7 years ago

    Congratulations to all four Etsy sellers featured here! I enjoyed reading about how your shops began and how they have evolved. Very inspirational!

  • WetDesert

    MJ Toops from WetDesertVintage said 7 years ago

    Wonderful inspiration! My y favorite author growing up was Laura Ingalls Wilder. Whenever, I would talk about not getting to do something yet, my dad would remind me that Laura didn't become famous for her books until she was well into her sixties. This article provides some of that same inspiration for never giving up on your dreams :)

  • blainedesign

    Karen Brown from blainedesign said 7 years ago Featured

    I truly enjoyed working on this story. The most difficult part was doing justice to these women, each of whom had so much wisdom, humor, and such interesting things to say.

  • Ebruk

    Ebruk from Ebruk said 7 years ago

    Inspiring stories ! It is very encouraging to see retired sellers being featured

  • rosebudsvintage

    rosebudsvintage from WillowsWear said 7 years ago

    Thanks for the inspiring stories, yes, people of age can still have many "gifts" to add to this young group of talented artist. I am happy to see people of my age group having the gumption to take the experience they have and go with it. I am starting over slowly and I needed this encouragement. Great article!

  • terimyers5

    Teri Myers from AFieldOfSunflowers said 7 years ago

    Very inspiring! I'm retiring Friday, Feb 14, 2014. I started my Etsy shop in Nov 2013 and I'm having so much fun with it.

  • bedouin

    Nicole from KarmaCodeOne said 7 years ago

    Everyone has something to offer ~ Terrific stories great feature !

  • annbre

    Annalisa from ClayBloomGioielli said 7 years ago

    Very inspiring stories! :)

  • AntoinettesWhims

    Antoinette from AntoinettesWhims said 7 years ago

    Wonderful article.

  • kgpaintings

    Kirsten Gilmore from PaintingsByKEGilmore said 7 years ago

    So good to hear success stories! One common thread seems to be the amount of self-education needed to accomplish all aspects of a business. I trained for years in art school--but never once had a course that covered how to pack and ship original art. Now, I've been able to effectively pack large paintings and send them safely across the country. Skill with an art or craft is only a fraction of what's needed for online business. :)

  • bogARTstudiogallery

    Claudia Bogart from bogARTstudiogallery said 7 years ago

    really inspiring.

  • SneakingRocky

    Erica Garcia from GarciaDesign said 7 years ago

    Love hearing these success stories. Congrats to all those featured =)

  • FalconandFinch

    Lynelle Miliate-Ha from FalconandFinch said 7 years ago Featured

    Love this. I'm especially thrilled to see that these women are taking their businesses online - our culture really sells the stereotype that technology is only for the young. But here are these fabulous women, turning not only these new or established interests into their own businesses, but using an e market place to do so. Extremely inspiring.

  • lovelygifts

    Linda from lovelygifts said 7 years ago

    Great article!

  • lynnhilton1

    Lynn Hilton from ArtsyLynnHilton said 7 years ago

    I just opened my shop in Nov. at my daughter's suggestion. I retired in June of 2013 and couldn’t wait to get back into the art world. I was complaining about not knowing what to do with the finished products as I no longer want to lug things to art fairs or the expense of a co-op gallery. Of course I have my favorite charities, but hope to work a lot now that I have the time. Loving retirement, Glad you are as well! You are so right it’s never too late!!!

  • decembermoondesign

    Doreen from decembermoondesign said 7 years ago

    Beautiful stories. Beautiful women. Thank you for sharing.

  • ACupOfSparkle

    ACupOfSparkle from ACupOfSparkle said 7 years ago

    Great stories, thanks for sharing!!!

  • lynnhilton1

    Lynn Hilton from ArtsyLynnHilton said 7 years ago

    I just opened my shop in Nov. at my daughter's suggestion. I retired in June of 2013 and couldn’t wait to get back into the art world. I was complaining about not knowing what to do with the finished products as I no longer want to lug things to art fairs or the expense of a co-op gallery. Of course I have my favorite charities but hope to work a lot now that I have the time. Loving retirement, Glad you are as well! You are so right it’s never too late!!!

  • realfaery

    realfaery from realfaery said 7 years ago

    Lovely post! Congrats!

  • houseofmark

    Salpie and Karena from HouseOfMark said 7 years ago

    Thank you for the inspiration ladies. Love reading your stories!

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    Mary from willowstreetworkshop said 7 years ago

    Lovely personal stories!

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    Chris from HarmonyBalls said 7 years ago

    inspiring article.

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    Definitely an inspiration to keep trying :) Thank you for these uplifting stories!

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    Jafeth Moiane from handicraftafrica said 7 years ago

    Very beautiful story. Congrats!

  • juliaburgess3

    Julia Ballinger from TheArtfulBouquet said 7 years ago

    So inspiring! Love the quote, "It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” Many thanks for that!

  • chellecarmody1

    michelle from chellechet said 7 years ago

    Thank you for all the inspiration.

  • GabriellasTreasures

    Patricia Barsalona from GabriellasTreasures said 7 years ago Featured

    I am one of those retired Etsy sellers - I am thrilled to be able to fulfill my lifelong passion to sell vintage - after raising children and having grandchildren! This is my "What do I want to do when I grow up?" story. I am now doing it :)

  • PennyBirchWilliams

    Penny Birch-Williams from PennyBirchWilliams said 7 years ago

    It is wonderful to read a blog post that features some more mature Etsy sellers and their stories. Etsy is a very diverse community and no one should have to feel they don't belong, so thank you for an encouraging and inclusive post. Fresh ideas don't only come from the youngest generation, after all! Bravo to all the great sellers featured here and everyone of us living the dream as best we can.

  • RenataandJonathan

    Renata and Jonathan from RenataandJonathan said 7 years ago

    So inspiring!

  • honeybeededjewelry
  • MoreEthicalDesign

    Antonella Abbrancati from MoreEthicalDesign said 7 years ago

    For someone like me who is just beginning of this adventure is exciting and motivating read the work experiences of other sellers. I hope to learn and improve myself every day to quickly tell a beautiful story, my story :)

  • ascendedbirth

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  • SendASmooch

    Send-A-Smooch from SendASmooch said 7 years ago

    Some great stories:)

  • MyChouchou

    MyChouchou from MyChouChou said 7 years ago

    very inspiring! and this quote mentioned above is one of the best ever: “It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” I need to nail it to the wall : )

  • harperbag

    Nicola Harper from CalmBeforeDawn said 7 years ago

    Thank you for this great article! It is truly wonderful to read these stories, and see people be able to fulfill their creative passion :)

  • menagerieatrois

    Angie at Kaert Vintage from kaert said 7 years ago

    I love the emphasis on reinvigorating one's self... as we move forward, why not embrace joy and confidence in the unknown.

  • DarburyCottage

    Rosemary Wascher from DarburyCottage said 7 years ago

    Such a wonderful piece. I love the idea of the fire never going out. Each stage of our life is a new adventure..... Count me in.

  • goldieskids

    Jennie Morgan from ShadesUpandCo said 7 years ago

    Thanks for sharing! So very inspiring! Gives everyone hope that they too will succeed! :)

  • LennyMud

    Lenny Mud from LennyMud said 7 years ago

    Absolutely love this story! It's inspiring to hear about people fearlessly pursuing their dreams--reinvention of oneself is one of the most noble acts of creativity. I also love reading about Etsy sellers of different ages: everyone brings a unique perspective to this forum, including their own wisdom and experience.

  • katherinedooren

    katherine Lenz from 214EVER said 7 years ago


  • rachelmulleryarns

    Rachel Muller from TheKnittingHour said 7 years ago

    thanks for this perspective

  • seasidecloth

    seasidecloth from seasidecloth said 7 years ago

    Love this feature- their life stories, their passions, their tenacity. etsy is a melting pot of multi-generational artists, designers and makers, and it's lovely to see a representation of each segment. You go girls !

  • hmmills

    Helen Mills from 1820BagCo said 7 years ago

    Inspirational stories, hoping to begin my second chapter just as these four woman. Loved this article...

  • FiftyFourTenStudio

    Mary Lee from FiftyFourTenStudio said 7 years ago

    Great story! I would not be doing what I am today....designing, writing and selling knitting patterns on Etsy....without all of the skills I've assembled over the last 20+ years as a real estate appraiser and community volunteer for a number of large projects. I love using all that practical knowledge and combining it with the fun of knitting and creating!

  • clarekapin

    Clare and Richard Kapin from VarietyArtworks said 7 years ago

    Wow, awesome!

  • 2Crafty4You

    Renate from 2Crafty4You said 7 years ago

    Very inspiring , thanks for sharing!

  • junquegypsy

    junquegypsy from junquegypsy said 7 years ago

    I had accumulated so many costumes and props in my 30 years of teaching, that I opened my JunqueGypsy Etsy shop with the hopes of downsizing my collection in my retirement. Over the past few years, it has been very satisfying to send off many of my items for continued use in high school, college, television and movie productions around the country. Several items have been purchased for museum and corporate collections. And some have simply replaced long lost nostalgic items from the buyers' memories. Researching, writing, and helping people connect and expand their interests have long been components of my teaching career. Now, I continue to utilize those skills in a different way. (And no papers to check!)

  • DRCrafts

    Kelly from DRCrafts said 7 years ago

    How true - we come full circle back to the things we love to do. I've been crocheting for over 40 years, but only started selling it recently. I've owned a crafts store, had a macramé business years ago that did really well, and ran a publishing company, but I prefer to relax and crochet, which is what I do now. Thanks for the profiles.

  • patspottery

    Pat Parker from PatsPottery said 7 years ago

    For 50 years I did what it took to make a living, but now I am retired and can make my strong, functional, earthy, stoneware pottery for you and all the people I love.

  • debvasbinder

    Deb Vasbinder from BabyCuteBaby said 7 years ago

    What wonderful stories and wonderful ladies! Congrats to you All! Thanks for sharing enjoyed the read and inspiring!

  • MuffyandTrudy

    LeAnne Steiner from MuffyandTrudy said 7 years ago

    Thank you for the inspiration, ladies! It's never too late to find your passion, rediscover it, or make it shine.

  • tamilopez

    Tami Lopez from TamiLopezDesigns said 7 years ago

    Once you catch the bug, you can't walk away. You have to pursue what captures your heart. I loved this feature and it's a great reminder that we live in such an exciting time for hand-crafters and artisans. Follow your heart--follow your dream!!!

  • twobc

    Caron Somers from SimplyWestCoast said 7 years ago

    Wonderful shops and an inspiring article.

  • beachbabyblues

    Susan Wagner from beachbabyblues said 7 years ago

    I was reading this earlier and really connected with what Joan had to say~ I became so curious ~ that I jumped over to her Shop "Anything Goes Here" ~ And bought myself some must have treasures ~ from her great collection !! I finally came back to read the rest of the article, it was is SO inspirational ! I too have a large collection of goodies that I have been able to turn into income. Being raised on Flea Markets ~ I have always enjoyed the HUNT for treasure and putting vignettes together ,But now even my favorite things get listed in my Shop ~ Its always great ~ how they sell the fastest of all ~ It was so FUN to read about Kindred Spirits here on Etsy ~ I always enjoy these personal stories ! Etsy is such a wonderful and diverse community ~ a true JOY to be part of !!

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    iammie from iammie said 7 years ago


  • poplovedesigns

    Andrea Hughes from PopLoveHers said 7 years ago

    It's lovely to hear the stories of other Etsians who've stuck with their craft and their passions throughout the years. Sometimes it can be frustrating to struggle through our sometimes-mundane day-jobs, particularly when things may not be moving along too quickly with our dreams. But these sellers are a wonderful example of how the tortoise will always win out over the hare. Thanks Etsy!

  • craftylittlecritters

    Edie and Amber Mother Daughter Team from CraftyLittleCritters said 7 years ago

    What a great article! I want to jump up and get moving. Thank you!

  • Ickynicks

    Marilyn from Ickynicks said 7 years ago

    This is a wonderful article that should inspire anyone of any age. You are never too old to do what you love. Life is what you make it, and you can make it fantastic as these 4 fabulous women have proved.

  • kmacdonald5

    Karin M. from EchoesOfEla said 7 years ago

    I always love reading how other etsy sellers arrived where they are today. It gives me a little kick and motivation to keep my nose to the grindstone!

  • joyceweaver

    Joyce Weaver from joyceweaver said 7 years ago

    A great article! I love being a part of Etsy and thanks so much for including us old hippies, expatriates, retirees, and addicted crafters!

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    kelly hickey from edieandglo said 7 years ago

    Kindred spirits and I LOVE it! "You are never too old to be what you might have been" has been a constant for me throughout this life of amazement and discovery. Thanks etsy and Congrats to the featured artists!

  • babsfsu

    Barbara Gable from CrazyLovely said 7 years ago

    I love those stories. They're each inspiring!

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    mary from QueenofCuffs said 7 years ago

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  • pawsrcharming

    Paws R Charming from PawsRCharming said 7 years ago

    Love it. I will be 50 next year and have made the motto “It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” my mantra for the past couple of years.I have a regular job but I am trying to leave it this year and pursue a totally artistic lifestyle. Etsy makes it fun and easy to make the transition. I have ideas for crafty products for years now and this year is when I am finally seeing them come to life.Little by little I am getting it done and I am so happy I joined Etsy.I see all the success around Etsy and I know once I put my ideas to action and really market my Etsy store I will have the life I always dreamed. Thanks for the wonderful stories above.

  • fancy4u

    fancy4u from BrushAndFeather said 7 years ago

    love this blog, always full of real stories about real people. So interesting to me.

  • nlbgrammy

    nlbgrammy from Qt2t said 7 years ago

    Great inspiration!!! I have had the love of crochet for most of my life and now that I have retired I am able to sell my love here on Etsy woo-hoo:-D

  • LalaPu

    Laura Pumputiene from LalaPu said 7 years ago

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  • ksmedic

    Craig Sowards from CustomWoodturnings said 7 years ago

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  • opendoorstudio

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    Love Joan.. I remember encouraging her to join etsy when I would see her at the Elkhorn Flea market. I always loved her things and am so glad she and others have found their passion and followed their dreams! well done all.

  • Websies

    Jennifer Weber from PrettyPictureShow said 7 years ago

    What great stories. Kudos to these ladies!! Thanks for sharing.

  • needlepointfan50

    Brigitte Cornell from NeedlecraftGallery said 7 years ago

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  • anythinggoeshere

    anythinggoeshere from anythinggoeshere said 7 years ago

    i thank etsy for giving me the opportunity to tell my story and for having the perfect venue for me to continue selling vintage and antiques even after my more active years are over. it is the perfect place for me at this time in my life. the article turned out great and i so much enjoyed reading about the other sellers who were included. i am inspired.

  • GoldenDaysAntiques

    Nancy from GoldenDaysAntiques said 7 years ago

    Great stories and wonderful shops!

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    Norma from CultOfChiffon said 7 years ago

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    I loved reading these interviews, especially being alble to glean the wisdom of those who have had long and rich lives. :) Great feature!

  • mpatm0521

    Mary Pat Milewski said 7 years ago

    I am inspired, and retired from 28 years of teaching, ready to bring out and market my other self! Getting started is the hardest part, thanks for the push. I hope to have a store one day soon.

  • LittoralLineStudio

    Lisa Maffiore from LittoralLineStudio said 7 years ago

    Uplifting story and inspiring women! Too many times we are held back by preconceived definitions of "working" and "success". It's never too late or too early, to change course.

  • mazedasastoat

    mazedasastoat from mazedasastoat said 7 years ago

    I've been self employed in some capacity my entire adult life, & haven't had even a part-time job working for anyone else for about 16 years. You need to stay dynamic, never take anything for granted, never stop learning & never believe that "this is it" for the rest of your life. Then, you'll be able to keep up with the change that is a natural part of you evolving as a human being.

  • accentonvintage

    accentonvintage from accentonvintage said 7 years ago

    Great stories! Congrats!

  • dominna

    Katrina Dzerkale from Dominna said 7 years ago

    This is really inspiring :)

  • LivingVintage

    LivingVintage from LivingVintage said 7 years ago

    Great stories! My Etsy career is a result of not wanting to pay rental on a brick and mortar shop.

  • beadedheaven

    Amy from Emmiemaeboutique said 7 years ago

    Love this!! Soo inspirational!! Great to see their hard work and determination paying off!!

  • FieldsOfVintage

    Fields Of Vintage from FieldsOfVintage said 7 years ago

    Very heart felt story. Congrats

  • elizabethforster

    elle and belle Forster from elleandbellejewelry said 7 years ago

    Inspiring, thanks...all the best!

  • annwhitfield

    Ann Whitfield from MetalEclectic said 7 years ago

    Thank you so much for your story! It resonates with me as I have recently retired from a career in healthcare and transitioned to making jewellery - I see this a caring for people through art and beauty as a change from caring for just the physical side. Etsy provides me with a fabulous opportunity for doing this!

  • tladesigns

    Trina Allen from tladesigns said 7 years ago

    Very inspiring and wonderful story! My dream to be full time with my jewelry business WILL be a reality soon :)

  • mabelmartinez

    Mabel Martinez from mabelmartinez said 7 years ago

    Thank you for the inspiring words...

  • Kryssi

    Krissy Anderson from 7Memories said 7 years ago

    What wonderful stories and comments! It is lovely to have just become a new shop owner on Etsy. My daughter has two stores and I have one that I am building...slowly. I have 33 years background in advertising/marketing and public relations with an emphasis on writing and art direction. I started my company when my first child was born in 1980 and never looked back. Now retired, I have an enormous inventory of vintage fun, having inherited parts of seven family estates, coupled with my own antique collections. (Whew...will I ever get all this listed?) I now find myself happily sitting in the middle of the wonderful world of Etsy, with a purpose to share a new experience and adventure with other Etsy sellers and our beautiful customers.

  • OceanPatch

    Susan from OceanPatch said 7 years ago

    I loved that these inspiring women were described as having 'bone deep confidence'. This is the kind of confidence that only years of experience can bring! What wonderful stories!

  • chillicsd

    Carol from FromTheHomeLand said 7 years ago

    Christine, your store is beautiful. It has the same theme through out and makes it very sophisticated. Very nice and unique jewelry. You have found your passion and it shows. WTG

  • openslatecollectible

    openslatecollectible from openslate said 7 years ago

    Great story. So inspring! Thank you for bringing these wonerful ladies to us.

  • illuminativeharvest

    Jennifer Presler from IlluminativeHarvest said 7 years ago

    Great and inspiring stories

  • chillicsd

    Carol from FromTheHomeLand said 7 years ago

    Linda, I've never seen anything like your items, that's what it takes. Finding the unusual and creating a more natural way. I love it

  • kcarracher

    Kathleen Carracher from WesternReserve said 7 years ago

    This really hits home for me. I, too, have been gradually turning my energy to my etsy shop. I agree, it's fun to wake up and think...What will I work on today? That actually takes getting used to! It makes life exciting to keep evolving. I'm very happy I finally took the plunge and jumped into the etsy world.

  • lauraprillabstract

    Laura Prill from lauraprillabstract said 7 years ago

    Thank you for featuring these wise and talented risk takers!!

  • susanaredding9

    Susan Anne Redding from susanaredding9 said 7 years ago

    It's so inspirational to see people who are so happy, who have found something new, and get up every morning loving to do it....

  • katherinedooren

    katherine Lenz from 214EVER said 7 years ago


  • SoshisContours

    eileen tipple from SoshisContours said 7 years ago

    love the words of encouragement great products

  • deniseknebel

    Denise from Canicarryu said 7 years ago

    I can pull inspiration from just about anywhere, but these stories are at the top of my list! Determination is pouring out of each tale. Thank you for sharing these lives and shops with us! I am making notes!

  • pmeisenheimer

    Pam from WildGardenDesigns said 7 years ago

    Love the stories of these women and how they have just kept evolving!

  • ExclusiefByVera

    Vera Tempelmans Plat from ItsVera said 7 years ago

    As a retired teacher, having an Etsy shop is just fun. I treat it like a business but at the end of the day I just have fun in my studio designing, making, photographing, listing, selling and mailing MY items to customers all over the world. Loving the messages the I get from people who love my items. It's a win-win situation. Loving Etsy.

  • HeatherMcCawArt

    Heather McCaw Kerley from PithAndRootStudio said 7 years ago

    Thank you for this story. There is so much that can happen in a person's life. So many creative people didn't find success until later in life - Grandma Moses, Edward Hopper, and Paul Cezanne, to name a few. I plan to still be painting when I'm 90!

  • Hapagirls

    Elan from HapaGirls said 7 years ago

    Awesome stories!!!! Very inspiring....!!! Thank you Etsy for sharing..!

  • petrosown

    Petro Passage from Petrosownjewelery said 7 years ago

    I live in South Africa and very much want to open an online shop selling Petro's Own Jewelery.I started putting everything in place .But being retired do not have a credit card only bank account.Can anybody help????

  • crystalclarke

    Crystal Clarke from CrystalClarkeJewelry said 7 years ago

    Fantastic Stories! A thoroughly enjoyable read! I love reading about other sellers achievements, very inspiring!

  • dyanelanez

    Dyane Lanez from ToutPetitUK said 7 years ago

    Inspiring stories like these gives me the drive to keep going. thanks!

  • kranok

    June McDowell from jwhitevintage said 7 years ago

    GREAT stories

  • megsendeavors

    Mary Goodwin from MegsEndeavors said 7 years ago

    Love the stories and the support that everyone has for other shop members on ETSY. I myself am retiring in March (early do to vertigo issues..I drive a commercial vehicle) so at the advice of friends I finally set up my ETSY shop last July. I hate to say it but I have bought very little on line.. I'm more the I want to see it and touch it before I buy it kind of person. So Ecommerce from the selling end has been a big learning experience, especially those SEO's. I have joined some great teams that have been extremely helpful with how things work! So I'm in this for the long haul. I am so amazed at the amount of tremendous talent out there. Good Luck to All for future sales.

  • beadloverskorner

    Gari Anne from beadloverskorner said 7 years ago

    I love all these stories and way everything you do in life really does lead to the next chapter. Everything happens for a reason! Good luck to all of you!

  • FreehandCards

    Pat McIntosh from FreehandCards said 7 years ago

    Articles like this keep Etsy growing, and creative people inspired, thank you! One of the best reminders is the long haul philosophy, "Be where you are, and as you create, growth happens."So glad to hear that we can be who we really are in such a rich realm.

  • CactusHuggers

    Murray Bolesta from MurrayBolesta said 7 years ago

    "Retirement" in a traditional sense is, I think, obsolete and somewhat wasteful of human resources. Thus, Etsy is a perfect solution and outlet for all that creative potential, whether or not individual sellers make a lot of money or a little. Etsy's success matches workplace and societal and health care trends.

  • PoppleStonePapers

    Betty Kelley from PoppleStonePress said 7 years ago

    Loved these stories as I, too, am reinvented. I worked in a small university in an administrative capacity, basically "chained" to a desk. As a university employee, I took advantage of free courses and took every book arts course available, fell in love with the art form, and in 2010 took the plunge and resigned from my job to establish my home studio, Papers by Popple Stone Press. My artistic side is now being fed as I create paste papers and craft origami-folded luminaria--and LOVE what I am doing!

  • 47thHeaven

    "Mama" Shari from 47thHeaven said 7 years ago

    What inspirational stories!! As retirement age was coming on quickly, I thought, What am I going to do with my time? Just sit around and get old. :) People giving me advice said you got to keep busy! So after thinking about this for quite some time, I decided to start sewing again. And I did. And I found Etsy, opened a shop and am having a wonderful time sewing and selling. It by far is the most fulfilling job I have ever had! And after all these years I am able to do what I Love!

  • FoxyGloves23

    Marie Cashin from MEmbroideries said 7 years ago


  • cravenA

    Chris Cravens from VintageCravens said 7 years ago

    These stories are so inspiring to me and I want to thank the folks featured here for sharing a glimpse into their evolving careers :-)

  • glasspiecesstudio

    Jan Tozzo from glasspiecesstudio said 7 years ago

    nice to know there are others out there like me who are transitioning into new careers later in life. it took me a long time to be able to do something 'just for me' and am looking forward to doing it full time as my 'retirement' career. it's never too late to learn and do new things.

  • MoonAndHare

    Barbara from MoonAndHare said 7 years ago

    Great article -- very inspiring!

  • danicaharcourt

    Sweet Petit from SweetPetitBaby said 7 years ago

    Love this article. I can relate so much to these inspiring women!

  • monicagoncalves1

    Monica Goncalves from MonsCreations said 7 years ago

    I always get so inspired when I read blogs like these. It's so easy being frustrated when trying to make sales, but if you're persistent, motivated, and determined you'll get there. I can't wait till my etsy shop becomes my full time business :)

  • dianneverystetzer

    Dianne Very Stetzer from DianneVeryStetzerArt said 7 years ago

    These stories are very inspiring. I am thrilled to be just opening my shop/gallery and your stories are impactful and motivating.

  • msw2011

    Sharon Weaver from msw2011 said 7 years ago

    Great stories. Very inspiring

  • animalcharm

    Tina from AnimalCharm said 7 years ago

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful stories. They're so very inspiring. It's a great reminder that it's never too late to live the life you've always dreamed.

  • serenayufashion

    Serena Yu from PalaceJewelry said 7 years ago

    Wish all etsy sellers will success and dreams come true! I know they all have the motivated heart to be success, it's not easy, everyone keep going! it's true that its really enjoying when your customers love what you created! i wish i will success here too! :)

  • PiacereMioPaperie

    Nancy from PiacereMioPaperie said 7 years ago

    Very inspiring article. Thank you!

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    So inspiring stories! Thnnx for sharring!

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    Lovely inspiration! Many thanks!!! :)

  • gksattic

    Susie from NostalgiaRocks said 7 years ago

    What wonderful stories! Thanks for sharing ladies, You are each such an inspiration. I wish you all great health, happiness and life long success. I'm still fairy new to Etsy but I already LOVE it here everyone just seems so friendly, what a wonderful online community. I just opened my shop last summer, July 9th, 2013 which would have been my momma's 92nd had she not passed away in 1980 just 2 months after my high school graduation and 10 days after her 59th birthday - I chose her birthdate to open my shop as a tribute to her and in hopes that the date would keep me inspired. After TWO Corporate outsourcings I decided I'd had enough of my Accounting career anyway and since my kids are all adults (some with kids of their own) It's time for me to be a little silly everyday and enjoy my work life as much as possible so here am I on Etsy offering all kinds of Vintage Treasures that I find anywhere and everywhere. I sometimes take my two older sisters with me on buying trips (we call them 'treasure hunting sister time') and the best part of our day is always when we find something that reminds us of Momma. I hope that when people visit my shop they see something that brings back great memories for them too.

  • saxdsign

    Lisajoy Sachs from saxdsign said 7 years ago

    Ladies! Your stories are very inspiring to me, and mostly because we all have something in common. Enjoy your lives, and sell away! You only live once!

  • LCooperDesigns

    LC Cooper from LeMaisonBelle said 7 years ago

    Congrats on the feature Joan @ AnythingGoesHere!!! :) Congrats to everyone else, too - your stories were so interesting to read!

  • lesliehutchinson1

    Leslie from Arttwin said 7 years ago

    These stories are inspiring since I am also a retiree starting a new business. I'll be 60 in a few days and this is the most exciting adventure yet!

  • find4you

    find4you from find4you said 7 years ago

    Thanks for sharing these other Etsy sellers' life stories. They truly resonate with me! Retirement has been the freedom my teenage self wanted and my career self never quite had the time for. Last night a friend asked my husband about our upcoming trip plans. We have a ticket to Peru and four weeks later a ticket home from Ecuador. In between there are so many choices. Our "plan" is to wake up each morning and choose one.

  • TheCupcakeMarket

    Julie Lynn from imjulielynn said 7 years ago

    Very inspiring!

  • fhaertel

    Faith Haertel said 7 years ago

    I had Diane Spranger knit a beautiful pair of mittens for my sister. They are made perfectly and she did an excellent job. When I need something special again, I will not hesitate to contact her. The work is to perfection. Thanks, Diane.

  • fleursbloom

    Theresa Andre from AllThingsBlooming said 7 years ago

    Inspiring! Thanks for sharing your stories.

  • Kathrynmacdesigns

    Kathryn from KathrynsLeatherArt said 7 years ago

    I recently went from a full-time corporate manager to a part time customer service rep so I may have the time to pursue my creative passions. Thank you for sharing your stories as they inspire me to realize it's never too late to change your life and grow.

  • bobdcrf1

    sassano aurora said 7 years ago

    I am also a grandmother ,and a retiered art teacher. I am trying to put my creative talents into a shop online.The shop would be called Collage an Event,that is why I am on this sight. Thank you for inspiring me .

  • Dogdohr

    Joanne Dohr from Dogdohr said 7 years ago

    Very inspirational, though I only have a few designs in my shop, I have a long time to keep being creative and adding to my shop.

  • gracedmoments

    Sue Taylor-Davidson from gracedmoments said 7 years ago

    Thanks so much for your stories ladies! How encouraging!

  • Divineangelshop

    Connie from DivineAngelShop said 7 years ago

    So inspirational! Thanks for telling your stories Ladies. I love that Etsy has showcased retirees. There is so much energy, drive, desire and most of all creativity that can come alive when you retire. It's a new beginning. It's wonderful.

  • terri542

    Terri from BeguiledAgain said 7 years ago

    I thoroughly identified with this story. I just started my shop in November and its name came from the fact that I am once more creating and curating and following my heart after a lifetime of being able to do that. The thrill never gets old. Kudos to all you fellow Etsy folks who are out there doing the same.

  • classyjewel

    Tania from WildFlowerCorner said 7 years ago

    I like stories of sellers who are inspirational and that you cover all people from various backgrounds, career paths, ages, and different stories. Not the same story over and over.

  • Lukagwa

    Lucille Atiamuga from Lukagwa said 7 years ago

    very inspiring

  • birribe

    Britta from Birribe said 7 years ago

    I enjoyed the reading. So inspiring

  • vtorys said 7 years ago

    very insoiring! thank you ♥

  • jryendesigns

    Julie Ryen from jryendesigns said 7 years ago

    I too am on a "second career" leaving my corporate job a few years back and opening my Etsy store to sell my "one of a kind" jewelry designs along with vintage jewelry finds. The change this has made to my quality of life is astounding and I couldn't be happier - thank you Etsy!

  • knitjewels

    Susan Renee from SusanReneeDesigns said 7 years ago

    Add me to the list of those makers/creators who now have time, after a first career, to invest more fully physically AND mentally in to their calling. It is a joy I did not think I would find at my "advanced" age of 51! Thank you to all supporters of hand-made and vintage!

  • UniquelyNan

    Nan Harrison from UniquelyNanVintage said 7 years ago

    I'm so glad I stumbled across this Next Chapters blog. I have been a stay at home mom for 25 a stay at home Nana. My kids and grand babies are still living with me and I love it. I just recently turned the " Big 50", and I have to say I have been looking at this age as "Half Way" or less...if you know what I mean? I am just now beginning to look at myself and realize I have to think about ME! I don't want to get to the end of my life and not have made my dreams and desires come to be...I feel like I am now in a hurry or rushed to get them going because...well you know? less than half way! I love Etsy, and I love Vintage...I love the thrill of the hunt when it comes to thrift stores and junking. I have just recently started listing my vintage finds in my shop again after being absent for a while. So, here's to dreams coming to fruition and living the best and the rest of my life!

  • loilaing said 7 years ago

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading these stories. So inspirational and motivating. It really never is too late!

  • LuciesFantasyGlass said 7 years ago

    Beautiful !! Very motivating! Thank you!


    TRENDYTATTLETAIL said 7 years ago

    These women are a true inspiration. Now if I can just get my kids grown so I would have more time to create... Thanks for sharing.

  • harrissisters said 7 years ago

    So am doing something I love doing. I am working on few other projects, I hope to have done soon. So excited

  • Revsma

    Revsma said 7 years ago

    I've always been a crafty person with sewing as my main interest. When I was younger it was always work, work, work and sew now and then. I wasted so many years not improving my skill that I could kick me. My advice to anyone thinking of your 'ahead' years is to get an interest NOW. Do it once a week, even if you can't finish it. If your craft/skill changes you'll have learned something and will have met others to keep close to you. If you're not thinking of your years to come, start thinking. Years ago, before the beading started, an illness hit me and never left, so I do the best I can with the energy my body allows. Your kids might not always be around-my only one moved with his wife and family to MONGOLIA, I see them once a year. That is/was so hard to deal with...I really needed a new interest after that! All things in life can happen, it's good to plan ahead as much as possible. My start: my great niece showed me a pair of earrings she had made and her little stash of beads. I saw that it wasn't really difficult and was hooked. At the same time we became neighbors of 2 sets of twin girls, we also have three grand-daughters. When gift shopping, I saw how cheaply kids' jewelry is made and what it costs, I decided to change my corner of the world. I put my pendants and beads on silicone cords so they're softer if the child falls asleep, that kind of thing. For some reason glow in the dark jewelry is a favorite (lightning bugs of the past, perhaps?), as are small girls' earrings. I just lost two family members who were cremated which has made me think of my end now and then. By beading, I feel that when I do pass on, everyone who knows me that has a piece of my jewelry will remember me. My niece said when she wears the earrings I made for her she always smiles as she puts them on. I like that thought...And thanks to all others for sharing, I feel like I belong here. It's warm, like a wool sweater hug without the itch! :-)

  • madfishclothing

    Sharon Holmes from Madfishstuff said 7 years ago

    Great read and so inspiring. I some times think it's a young persons platform on Etsy. After reading these stories, how wrong I am and I won't be hanging up my scissors just yet. Thanks ladies

  • 4ulunasea

    4ulunasea said 7 years ago

    I am a retired Flight Attendant. I have worked in the Airline Industry for as long as I can remember. First, with Continental and then with Northwest Airlines. I have had access to the beauty, customs, and lifestyles of many different places. My love of color, textures, designs and anything artistic began as a child. I have been making jewelry for about eleven years and as a new chapter enforld in my life I can devote all my time to creating. I feel so blessed to have family and friends enjoy and appreciatie my jewelry.

  • snugasabug1

    snugasabug1 said 7 years ago

    I am so happy to find these inspirational "retired" Etsy sellers. After 31 years of teaching, with sewing as my "side job", I am looking forward to retiring at the end of this year. I joined Etsy in 2012 and am looking forward to focusing all of my attention on my creative endeavors in the very near future. I love creating something special for each of my little customers...and their doting parents through my shop, Tweet Dreams Boutique. I can't wait to get started expanding in this new phase in my life!

  • littlebabydivatutus said 7 years ago

    I'm a retired Etsy seller. I loved owning my own childcare for 20 years. It was great doing craft projects with the kids. While I was working I would make the girls at my childcare tutus for Christmas gifts. The moms would tell me that I should sell them. I worked 12-14 hours a day so I put that outta my mind. When I retired I opened my shop Little Diva Baby Tutu's. I love the fact that I can work when I feel up to it. My health limits me in many ways. I don't go out much. I wake up almost every morning and begin my work day. Doing what I love, creating something beautiful for a special day in a little girls life. Without my creative outlet and my Etsy store I don't know how I would spend my days. I have big plans for my little shop, but I'm taking one day at a time.

  • Vivitis

    Vi.Vi.Anna from vivi2anna said 7 years ago

    what a beautiful job!

  • sasmita said 7 years ago

    Gives us hope as a new etsy shop. When creating is is in your blood it is hard to not do it. So many inspiring shops with so many beautiful products. Good luck to all.

  • earthmotherstudio

    Janet Y DeVore from earthmotherstudio said 7 years ago

    I would love to have Etsy work for me! I have read your success stories and they are inspirationally written. The unique creations that I hand make are very magical and fortuitous. All my Orbs of Light, Dream Catchers, Medicine Shields and Smudge Fans are one-of a kind items, made from the heart of my earthmothermedicine alchemical practice. They contain my innermost intentions, the authorship of the Four Directions: North, West South and East; and the Four Elements, such as: Wind, Water, Sun and the Earth Blessings, Janet Y DeVore, earthmotherstudios, at etsy..

  • etsybanana

    Anna from ParlourMarket said 7 years ago

    Yes! Thanks for the inspirational stories.

  • SeasonsTotes

    SeasonsTotes said 7 years ago

    you gals rock! We have our first grand baby due in July and I feel like my shop is just getting going after 2 years.... we won't stop anytime soon, 'eh ladies?? Thanks for the inspiring insights and stories. xo Darby

  • stuartroadvintage

    Jeanne from stuartroadvintage said 7 years ago

    Just goes to's never too late! I'm pushing 50 and making my Etsy vintage shops a bigger part of my life everyday! i wish Etsy had been around when I was in my twenties and first started collecting. Thanks for the interesting article, Karen!

  • sharklady69 said 7 years ago

    Excellent inspirational stories! I love vintage & I'm finally doing something about it! I had a major shift recently happen in my career & now I am taking that as a sign that selling vintage clothing & jewelry & beautiful accessories is what I am supposed to be doing with my life. Good luck everyone & may you always do what you love to do...

  • CraftsWithHeart

    Diane Dressler from CraftsWithHeart said 7 years ago

    Although "retired" years ago to be home raising my sons (and sewing and crafting all those years), my greatest life transition occurred in 2013 when I became a grandmother! I am now in the process of opening a second Etsy shop because I'm in love with the world of handmade baby items!! It's never too late to "Etsy"!!

  • TimeAndAgainFashions

    TimeAndAgainFashions said 7 years ago

    So glad I "stumbled" upon this post. You go, girls!!!!!

  • strawberriesandcream

    Theresia Cookson from strawberriesandcream said 7 years ago

    Thank you so much for the inspiring post!

  • luckybludesigns said 7 years ago

    Great inspiring stories, my wife and I just opened our second Etsy furniture store where we work them both full time, but when you do what you love you feel as though you are already retired. Thanks for sharing.

  • storyline

    storyline said 7 years ago

    These sellers wonderful! I enjoyed this story. Well written. and also inspiring to some of us (include me here!) that want to bring their shop up to the next level. Thank you Karen!

  • lstranger said 7 years ago

    Love the stories shared and the examples of etsy successes ! I'm now putting my free time energy into my Vintage Pickin shop as I plan to retire from my full time job. Thank you for the inspiration ! Lindy

  • DressWithEase said 7 years ago

    Nice to hear, i'm on same boat. Closed my business and venturing into my childhood dream as well, Though out my business life, these flashes of images of my desire keeps popping in. But because of fear, I never pursue it and finally Life stepped in. kept hindering me from succeeding on that business. I finally decided to close it down after 19 years. Now, I am back at home, doing this online for ADAPTIVE CLOTHING, as part of my giving back, while doing exactly what I want primarily. Here comes faith.. Thank you guys for sharing your story as well, C H E E R S.. to all of us who has the courage to fulfill our calling!!

  • RosieEchelmeier

    Rosie Echelmeier from SpiritoftheGoddess said 7 years ago

    I too have made my lively hood from being a designer and craftswoman for 42 years,.Bought a house from the money I made doing garlands at the Renaissance Faires in Calif....raised my son,sent him to Waldorf school, into wholesaleling dried wreaths to big catalogue companies for a few years ,..a line of wedding accessories,..high style floral arrangements. Now at 74 I still take my jewelry, garlands and fascinators to a few events ,..but doing Etsy is my future. I love the work we do in our shop ,and shipping from there makes life easier , I age it makes sence. The customer connection is still there,..if you use the convos to communicate clearly and compassionately..,almost as good as selling in person!! Great to be a part of this community!! Warm regards to all! Rosie "Spirit of the Goddess"

  • orenespilar said 7 years ago

    Estoy muy contenta de haber vendido mis primeros productos en etsy, despues de estar casi un año en esta comunidad. Es un sueño cumplido... dedicarme a hacer lo que más me gusta y tener mi propia tienda. Gracias

  • Stationera

    Lara Renae from Stationera said 7 years ago

    This is truly inspiring and a great lesson for all. It's never too late to start doing more of what you love and make that 'What I want to do when I grow up' story happen!

  • lauragayledesigns

    lauragayledesigns said 7 years ago

    Great stories. I started my Etsy shop after retiring, as well. Although I was always in design...this has been much more fun. I have been selling through brick and mortar stores and am just getting my site going...but what a blast! Good luck ladies! It's never too late to start anew!

  • Irish6306

    Irish6306 said 6 years ago

    Glad to see there are so many of us! I have finally started to make my art my full-time career, I'm tired of looking for dead end jobs that I can't even find!! I also thought it would be a lot easier to get my name out there too, once we finally got internet were we live (November)! There is a lot to learn... Thank you to all that share!!

  • sharon069

    sharon G from 4YOURSELF said 6 years ago

    Thank you for your lesson.Etsy bring more confidence,more love,we are going on the way.

  • lattefaye27 said 6 years ago

    It was difficult losing a job into 50's. I love seeing women feel good about themselves and as we get older more of us need to know we can always be better no matter how young or old we are. And accepting ourselves as we age is very important. What we use to make us feel good and inspired is even more important. Getting my message out has not been easy . I need all the help I can get so any constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated:). Cheryl

  • Naturebeads

    Lilly Weeks from NatureBeads said 6 years ago

    Doing what we love is inspiring and contagious. We get up excited to see what happened during the night, the pleasure of full filing orders and talking to people feels more like a gift than a job. Etsy is that door to the world, where we can reach up people in countries we have never heard of, to get inspired by others creativity and finding new friends. Every day is different, exciting and full of new adventures... That's is what is great about Etsy!

  • tamaraheyer1 said 6 years ago

    Thank you all for sharing your inspiring stories. It will give me the boost to have the courage to take a leap of faith and do what truly makes me happy! Continued success to all!!

  • lwiesch said 6 years ago

    Wonderful stories! Very inspirational, thanks for the inspiration of keeping my passion alive. :)

  • uniquesilva said 6 years ago

    I also get gaming blisters a lot the thing I would suggest you do is get some of this finger armor that just came out. I recently used and helped with my gaming blisters tremendously.

  • akison said 6 years ago

    Wonderful stories!

  • educationandmore

    Kare from TheFairLine said 6 years ago

    So wonderful to hear stories like this! I am an 'older' lady who really enjoy my work as director of a nonprofit that help women and children. My passions are tied up in my work just like the ladies in this blog post! I may be a volunteer but I get to live out my passions every day in my designing and crafting and helping. I have always loved fabric -- one of my first passions -- since my grandmother taught me to sew nearly 60 years ago -- but love so many crafts it would be hard to pinpoint one I love most. Thanks so much for allowing us to showcase our passions and creativity at Etsy and in our shops!! Kare

  • Serenities

    Marcia Calcaterra from Serenities said 6 years ago

    Our children were both in high school. Soon they would be going away to college. I had been attending antiques' classes once a week, in which an antiques' dealer who had been born into the business, offered his abundant knowledge of the past and its treasures.. I found myself signing up time after time for his classes with an insatiable appetite to learn all I could. I devoured books on antiques and visited every local store, show, and flea market. My husband traveled quite often, so I would go along. While he did his work I did mine~~~searched for the best antiques I could find in each location. I set up in shows and shops and sold online. Then there was Etsy!! I had found my true love!! Thanks Etsy!!!

  • TimeFliesBy

    Angela Eaton from TimeFliesBy said 6 years ago

    I love this story! I too am in my "second career". My kids are grown and I am really enjoying this time in my life. My love of vintage, antiques, yard sales, and flea markets have turned in to an exciting career. Etsy is an AMAZING opportunity. I feel so connected to my customers, fellow sellers, and teammates.

  • evanricafort

    evanricafort said 6 years ago


  • RhondaEasley

    Rhonda from RhondaCustomSewing said 6 years ago

    WOW...what great stories! I am also a retired Etsy shop owner. My husband of 35 years and I started selling on another internet auction site several years ago and have really enjoyed it. I lost him 1 1/2 years ago to pancreatic cancer and was at a time in my life that I really didn't want to start punching a time clock. At the time he got sick my 85 year old dad with Alzheimers was living with us for 2 years and we had started baby sitting our new grandbaby at the same time. Now my dad is in an assisted living home and doing great and my granddaughter is in preschool. I have always loved sewing, even learning to make pageant dresses for awhile. Now I love sewing for my granddaughter and making doll clothes. I thought about Etsy and opened my shop just a couple of months ago. I love the personal part of it. The customers seem so kind and friendly. I'm a people person and I love to talk so I really love the convo's with everyone. I also love to get out and go junkin and find the perfect thing to make a dollar on. LOL My son told me to take the leap and give Etsy a glad he gave me the encouragement to go for it. So far I'm loving it!

  • danitzaworrell2304

    danitzaworrell2304 said 6 years ago

    I purchased three lovely dreses last March 11. When can I receive the shipment. Danitza

  • danitzaworrell2304

    danitzaworrell2304 said 6 years ago

    pls i need urgent information towards delivery day. Thanks

  • thetwistedfork123

    lynn miller Diane Decker from TheTwistedFork said 6 years ago

    I'm inspired! We are new to Etsy but love the response we've gotten so far. Diane and I have been creating things since we were kids so it only seemed natural that we'd combine our talents and open a shop. Please give us a look! Thanks, Lynn & Diane

  • crystalynmcghee

    Crystalyn McGhee from CrystalynsDreamery said 6 years ago

    It is so sweet and admirable what these 3 women have been doing with their lives! I hope to achieve such measures of humility and success~! I wish them all the best~!

  • dillasbeads

    Maria Marz from dillasbeads said 6 years ago

    I'm really inspired! Thanks for the stories! They are welcomed, and they are taken to heart in this case... I am not looking to make bank out of etsy, but I do hope to make it a big part of my life in this next chapter for me.

  • ArtandVintageDolls

    Sandy and Kate from ArtandVintageDolls said 6 years ago

    Thank you for the lovely story Karen Brown! The message I take away is that it's not about money, though that helps. Do what you love and happiness is sure to follow. I am a mother and a grandmother. I was inspired to open a shop by my daughter in law, a hardworking, billiant young woman and I'm so happy I did! Sandy Perri

  • tomneola1

    Neola from CustomAlbumsandMore said 6 years ago

    Very good inspiring stories. I am new to etsy and am enjoying designing and producing excellent photo albums. My shop is custom albums and more. I would like to share experiences and tips on how to sell my beautiful one-of-a-kind albums. I specialize in wedding, family ,children anniversary and special events. Thank you.

  • ssw7777

    Susan Wood from Suzyssparklyjewels said 6 years ago

    Very good stories...I plan to open my shop soon!!! Thanks

  • katiepiedesigns

    Patti Dowling from KatiePieDesigns said 6 years ago

    Love these stories! Etsy makes me feel young and hip! At 56, last daughter going off to college, I love all of the aspects of a small business that etsy offers me, photography, color, texture, customer service, creativity AND an income to pay for that last daughter to attend the college of her dreams!

  • southwesternstyle1

    SWS Vintage from SWSVintage said 6 years ago

    Wonderful stories! Very inspiring!

  • FirstepImages

    Firstep Images from Firstepimages said 6 years ago

    Love reading your stories! Thank you for the inspiration ladies.

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