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Etsy Love Stories: Tinymeat & Mamadelic

Feb 14, 2008


by mamadelic handmade and vintage goods

Mona aka mamadelic  and Michael of tinymeat met on Etsy and below, she dishes on how this crafting power couple fell in love love love! So romantic! You can check out all our Etsy Love Stories too.

Michael and I met on, where we both are sellers. It was June of 2006 and I was browsing the Etsy forums. I saw this crazy little pickle avatar with some really snarky comment posted next to it. I did a bit of snooping around online, trying to figure out just who this new person was. I found that he had blogged about one of my mamadelic bags a day or two before. I took this as a sign. I had to know more about him! I checked out his shop tinymeat. I was intrigued, I LOVED what he was making. So over the next week or so, I watched the forums to see if he was around and always made a point to comment on his posts. We’d banter back and forth. I felt a connection, but had still never really talked to him, so had no idea if he was feeling it too.

Eventually I mustered up the courage to ask him to meet me in the chat room under the guise of asking business related questions. We talked for hours … and not about business. We sent each other links to our pictures in Flickr. Oh boy. I though he was HOT! He thought I was too, good thing! I couldn’t stop thinking about him for days after that chat. I even ordered something from his shop, just so I could have something to hold that he had touched. (I bought this wallet in case you are wondering 😉

After a few days, we started chatting on instant messenger and then on the phone. Eventually we got to the point where we were both so overwhelmed by the feelings between us that we HAD to meet. I had already planned a trip to NYC (this was in September) and Michael decided to fly down to the city to meet me in person.

I arrived in NYC a few days before Michael. On the day he arrived, he went to his hotel to check in, then came over to the Jacob Javitz Center where I was working at a trade show. He called me to say he was there and I rode up the escalator to the entry. I saw him across a very long room, leaning against a coffee stand. He was so far away from me but I could tell immediately that he was the ONE. I started the long walk over to him. It was very uncomfortable for me. I was crazy nervous and felt like I was on display. I just knew I would trip and fall or something. But I didn’t. I made it over to him and he bent down and hugged me. He was so much taller than I had imagined. I mean, he told me how tall he was, but until you are face to face it’s hard to understand the difference between 5’3 and 6’8.

He was just as he was in the pictures he’d sent me, big and tall and handsome with striking blue-grey eyes. We spent about 10 minutes in awkward discomfort. We tried to make small talk, but it was weird. The fact that I had completely lost my voice the day before and could barely manage a squeak did not help. I finally asked him if we could go out for a walk.

We left the Javitz and started walking into midtown. We spotted a coffee shop and I asked him if he wanted to get a drink. I had tea to help my throat. We sat at a table by a window and started talking. Things seemed to flow much better for us now. It was so surreal to be sitting across from the man I had been talking to online all these months. And in Manhattan of all places, how romantic! Michael made a few phone calls to some friends that we had plans to meet later that night. At some point, the reality of it all sort of overtook me and I reached out and grabbed his hand. I think I squeezed it tight, and maybe kissed it. He told me later that he fell in love with me right then. I told him later that I had already been in love with him for a long time.

That night we went out to dinner with our friends Emily Martin aka theblackapple and KateBlack. We ate at this crazy Japanese place in the East Village. We feasted on takoyaki and bull penis, mmmm. After our meal, we spun our own cotton candy. Emily headed home to watch Project Runway and Kate took us to a bar for drinks. We had a great time with them both. Once we left the bar at 1am, I realized that I did not have a key for my hotel room and could not possibly wake my boss so late at night to get it. I asked Michael if I could stay with him. He said yes of course!

I think I told Michael that I loved him that night. I’d never felt so intensely for anyone. I wanted to crawl inside of him and live there forever, as the same person. I still feel that way. The next morning we went to my hotel and moved all of my things out and over to his. We spent the next 2 days together exploring the city and loving each other. Honestly I think that the way we met and grew our relationship was the best. We got to know each other on an emotional and intellectual level before bringing anything physical into the equation.

The day we left New York, we road in a cab together to the airport. We were quiet and I think a bit sad. I cried as he got on his plane. I had no idea what the future would hold for us or how we’d manage to be together. We spent the next few months flying back and forth to Miami and New York. Finally we saved up enough money and Michael moved down to Miami to be with me. As soon he moved in we began our plan to move to Portland Oregon together. We’ve now been living in Portland for 7 months and could not be happier. We’ve been able to really expand our business since moving here. I feel like with the 2 of us working full time, we can bring it to the next level. We are getting ready to open a retail store in the front of our office and have hired a full time employee. Life together has not been without its challenges, but all in all, it’s been great! Thanks to Etsy for bringing Michael and I together!

Eat me Eat me Eat me etc - wallet
Eat me Eat me Eat me etc - wallet
A Good Egg - cardcase
A Good Egg - cardcase
Surf n Turf Passport case
Surf n Turf Passport case
Pretty Wallet - Chris Bishop for Tinymeat
Pretty Wallet - Chris Bishop for Tinymeat
Sea Monster Attack passport case - Matthew Porter for Tinymeat
Sea Monster Attack passport case - Matthew Porter for Tinymeat
Thrifty Cuts Wallet
Thrifty Cuts Wallet


  • jascamille

    jascamille said 9 years ago

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  • smeeta

    smeeta said 9 years ago

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    qwynwyn said 9 years ago

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    nydampress said 9 years ago

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    jessicajane said 9 years ago

    seriously....this story made me teary!!! you guys are perfect!

  • rubygirl

    rubygirl said 9 years ago

    Such a great story! And we're so happy that Mikey and Mona decided to start the next chapter in Portland.

  • ArtMind

    ArtMind said 9 years ago

    And they lived happily ever after... Great story! :)

  • twolefthands

    twolefthands said 9 years ago

    this should be made into a movie, how romantic and sweet!

  • locallibrary

    locallibrary said 9 years ago

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  • heidiburton

    heidiburton said 9 years ago

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  • jewelera

    jewelera said 9 years ago

    I seriously could not hold my tears, I loved yor story, and really appreciate you guys for sharing it with us. Mama wrote it sooo deep from her heart, and I could feel it in me the whole time I was reading it! I really hope you both will be as happy as you are now for the rest of your lives... (((hugs)))

  • lpdesigns

    lpdesigns said 9 years ago

    Oh, that is so sweet!

  • DownToTheWireDesigns

    DownToTheWireDesigns said 9 years ago

    Ha! I can't believe you pulled the, "Oops! I forgot my hotel room key..." trick! That's gutsy for the first date! Though probably no more gutsy than eating bull penis... I am happy that things are working out for the two of you. The next time I am in Portland, I will let you know (and you can do the same when you venture north). It would be fun to meet and have a beer.

  • UglyKitty

    UglyKitty said 9 years ago

    So THATS how it happened ;)!

  • Slowshirts

    Slowshirts said 9 years ago

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    spacemonkey said 9 years ago

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  • spacemonkey

    spacemonkey said 9 years ago

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    smushie said 9 years ago

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  • ileana

    ileana said 9 years ago

    Unbelievable story! That is really romantic. I hadn't thought about Etsy as a way for people to find love, but I guess now it's another thing it can put on its resume! I'm happy for both of you :)

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  • TrashedClothing

    TrashedClothing said 9 years ago

    Oh my gosh. You guys are so cute. I want to hug you both! My bro is 6'8" and his girl is 5'3". It makes me feel warm and fuzzy!

  • vozclothingandart

    vozclothingandart said 9 years ago

    best story ever- and the shoes got me! :)

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    prisma said 9 years ago

    This has got to be my favorite Etsy Love Story so far~! So so cute & romantic!! :D

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    sheridesthelion said 9 years ago

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  • licalee

    licalee said 9 years ago

    I remember when you guys were trying so hard to get together. I thought it was really generous of so many in the etsy community to get together and help finance the whole thing. It was really great to see people pulling for Mona to get out of her marriage, making listings tagged "for mona" and giving donations. I swear there were hundreds of them at the time! Here's Tinymeat's thread to help Mona out of her relationship! It's how they saved up the money to be together!

  • licalee

    licalee said 9 years ago

    well that didn't work so you can copy and paste this and take out the space after "http" to see how the love started! http ://

  • licalee

    licalee said 9 years ago

    OOPS! it does work. I'm tired :) Congrats on finally getting together you guys!

  • beadifulthings

    beadifulthings said 9 years ago

    That is such a sweet story. :-) It made me remember when my own honey and I fell in love.

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    MayaBella said 9 years ago

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    MissPurl said 9 years ago


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    KittenCottage said 9 years ago

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    miriam said 9 years ago

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  • bogARTstudiogallery

    bogARTstudiogallery said 9 years ago

    i LOVE love stories that are real!!! It's raining out, the blues are my best friend now, then finding your story, so sweet, so miraculous, so inspiring... congrats!

  • bogARTstudiogallery

    bogARTstudiogallery said 9 years ago

    Forgot to say, perhaps love happens to mee to on etsy :^)

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    Art2ArtColorado said 9 years ago

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    LushPunk said 8 years ago

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  • sweetbe

    sweetbe said 8 years ago

    just loved this. and every day when i see my tinymeat passport case -- sketches of photo booth pics done in black sharpie on white -- i love it too. (it's out on display -- as the work of art it is.)

  • OrionStars

    OrionStars said 8 years ago

    awww yay!! I remember those chat days!!! Even in CHAT you were glowing with excitement mama!!!! I'm so happy for you :)

  • CutNGlue

    CutNGlue said 8 years ago

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    Julzevi said 8 years ago

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  • Junkartist

    Junkartist said 8 years ago

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    OrionStars said 8 years ago

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  • santosleather

    santosleather said 8 years ago

    Such a touching and amazing love story ! That is fantastic that you found each other. Finding your soul mate is so hard now a days ! I am one of the lucky ones, I found mine 20 years ago this year (when we were 15 years old). Together, in love and strong, we have 2 wonderful children (5 and 4 years old)! We work together at the leather shop, he is the best ! Its great to hear such romantic stories !

  • booksandjewelry

    Books and Jewelry from Booksandjewelry said 3 years ago

    best story ever

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