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Etsy Love Stories: HendersonPipes and SofterFire

Feb 11, 2009

by HendersonPipes handmade and vintage goods

We don’t want the Season of Love to ever end over here at the Etsy blog! There many sweet Etsy love stories, and many folks will relate to this one, as it centers on the tension between gaming and crafting. While many people have been brought together by their mutual geekiness and craftiness — alas, in this love story, craftiness vanquishes!

Starting with an Atari, I have always been a video game player. That’s how most of my free time was spent before meeting Jessica (aka SofterFire and umlauf).

As our wedding approached, I was stressing about money, so I took all of my video games and machines and sold them for some extra cash. On February 15th of 2008, I married my dream girl. She’s smart, beautiful, and incredibly creative. I didn’t mind selling off my gaming machines if it meant a nicer wedding. I adore her, after all (and I also had games on my computer!).

I watched her start up her Etsy shops, having so much fun creating and working in her free time while I sat at the computer playing my games. I got a bit envious of the fun she was having while accomplishing so much. I knew she wasn’t exactly thrilled with all the time I was spending online, taking over fake worlds and crafting starship engines, though she didn’t complain.

That’s how I got started thinking about what I could make, and HendersonPipes was born. What could I create in the real world? Within the week of making my first pipe, I canceled my subscription to the multiplayer online game I was a member of, put the rest of my games away, and haven’t played once since I started.

We have so much fun together working on our Etsy shops! Every day we get to show one another our new creations, talk about our views and hearts, and celebrate each others’ sales. Christmas was awesome, buying each other equipment and supplies for our shops.

Our first year of marriage has been GREAT, and Etsy has played a big part in that.

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  • LiamDesign

    LiamDesign said 8 years ago

    such a CUTE story!!!!makes me mushy inside!

  • ChelseaVanTol

    ChelseaVanTol said 8 years ago

    awwww this is so cute. I wish my husband liked etsy, but alas, he likes sports.

  • AlloverArt

    AlloverArt said 8 years ago

    Awww, thanks for sharing! :)

  • JelliesJewelry

    JelliesJewelry said 8 years ago

    ahhhhh. A great story!

  • MomNMiaQuilts

    MomNMiaQuilts said 8 years ago

    Great story Andy - thanks for sharing. And HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

  • Thepaperboat

    Thepaperboat said 8 years ago

    Geeks rule!

  • CatherineMarissa

    CatherineMarissa said 8 years ago

    This reminds me of how much I love love. Seriously - how fun to be an Etsy couple (with so much talent!)!

  • thegratulatest

    thegratulatest said 8 years ago

    Nice pipes.

  • baconsquarefarm

    baconsquarefarm said 8 years ago

    Amazing Love story, wonderful read, Thanks for sharing it with all of us~!

  • BabbidgePatch

    BabbidgePatch said 8 years ago

    aww so sweet

  • gloilocksandbody

    gloilocksandbody said 8 years ago

    Aww, those two are adorable :D

  • vintageitville

    vintageitville said 8 years ago

    That is so wonderful. It is such a bonus for anyone to be supported so much by the one they love. I hope one day my hubs will see the joy I get from etsy.

  • EpicBones

    EpicBones said 8 years ago


  • OrganicPanic

    OrganicPanic said 8 years ago

    Perfect for valentines.

  • PeppermintDaydreams

    PeppermintDaydreams said 8 years ago


  • 4TheSparrowsNest

    4TheSparrowsNest said 8 years ago

    A man who sold off his beloved video games for his That's love! :o)

  • sushipie

    sushipie said 8 years ago

    omg! I absolutely cannot believe how so friggin cute you two are! Can I take you both home with me?

  • bellabijoujewellery

    bellabijoujewellery said 8 years ago

    awe! You both look soo happy!

  • FlanneryCrane

    FlanneryCrane said 8 years ago

    I love the first B/W Photograph! Too cute, you guys...

  • patchylover

    patchylover said 8 years ago

    Soooo sweet! Congrats to you both and many years of love and happiness (and great success in your business too).

  • dogties

    dogties said 8 years ago

    So cute... And great items too!

  • LaireMarie

    LaireMarie said 8 years ago

    awww...what a sweet story. ;)

  • yllosubmarine

    yllosubmarine said 8 years ago

    I would never want my boyfriend to give up his childhood love and one of his greatest joys (comics), but love does funny things to people. :) Great story! Love the pipes.

  • thestapeliacompany

    thestapeliacompany said 8 years ago

    So cute! It's great you two kids can share crafting... it's sorta rare. My love is in insurance...hahaha.

  • Earmark

    Earmark said 8 years ago

    oh etsy love - i agree it is fantastic working with the one you love!!! I couldn't imagine it any other way!

  • CutieDynamite

    CutieDynamite said 8 years ago

    SO cute!!

  • redyellowandblueink

    redyellowandblueink said 8 years ago

    Aaaw shucks-that's just sweet...And hooray for victory of the art of craft!

  • JustJaynes

    JustJaynes said 8 years ago

    What a wonderful article Andy!

  • KalliopeGifts

    KalliopeGifts said 8 years ago

    ♥ Awww, what a great love story! Crafting with your significant other is the best! ♥

  • mamafamilias

    mamafamilias said 8 years ago

    what a great story nd so happy to have found Hendersons Pipes. I don't think my husband will trade in his compter time for art, but he might like smoking a pipe while online:)

  • topsyturvydesign

    topsyturvydesign said 8 years ago

    R.I.P. World of Warcraft & Eve online :)

  • topsyturvydesign

    topsyturvydesign said 8 years ago

    Oh - My husband (a devout gamer) adds... At least Warcraft has the work "craft" in it :)

  • FancifulForm

    FancifulForm said 8 years ago

    My boyfriend and I play World Of Warcraft together (when I am not on etsy or in school or at work). It's great for bonding. Hehe.

  • pumpkinhaus

    pumpkinhaus said 8 years ago

    awwww.... that is cute. and sweet. My daughter was just telling me this morning that here little bro (1yo) was going to be like other boys and obsess over video games. I said No Way, my dear! He will have an etsy shop some day.... just like you!

  • BeadsInTheBelfry

    BeadsInTheBelfry said 8 years ago

    oh that is just a wonderful story!

  • TigerTeeth

    TigerTeeth said 8 years ago

    best storque article ever. you guys are so sweet!

  • nfall2rt

    nfall2rt said 8 years ago

    very heartwarming story! Get the kids off the computer and into making things:)

  • LaveMeSoapCo

    LaveMeSoapCo said 8 years ago


  • ronniegunn

    ronniegunn said 8 years ago

    Thanks for this, pipe guy. Etsy handmade love. :)

  • fernfiddlehead

    fernfiddlehead said 8 years ago

    "Christmas was awesome, buying each other equipment and supplies for our shops." Sounds perfect. Sweet.

  • phydeaux

    phydeaux said 8 years ago

    Now THAT'S love ... for your honey and for Etsy! :D

  • laurabrownart

    laurabrownart said 8 years ago

    love it! what a great little story.

  • silverblayze

    silverblayze said 8 years ago

    Adorable love story, and I'm excited to see you're both living in Michigan to boot!

  • breadandroses

    breadandroses said 8 years ago

    Beautiful couple! 'Tis the season of love...sweet.

  • BlueCanvasStudios

    BlueCanvasStudios said 8 years ago

    I love it! Now off to check out your shops!

  • erinschock

    erinschock said 8 years ago

    So sweet! Im glad there was triumph over the power of the video game!

  • Corpseknit

    Corpseknit said 8 years ago

    ahhhh. . . so sweet :) & I love the couple photos- especially the top one!

  • julieandco

    julieandco said 8 years ago

    What a wonderful love story! Great Michigan talent, too!!

  • 2BellesBeads

    2BellesBeads said 8 years ago

    Oh gosh, how cute is that?? Very sweet. :)

  • mylittlegnomies

    mylittlegnomies said 8 years ago

    I hope this will serve as inspiration to my husband. ;)

  • swellvintage

    swellvintage said 8 years ago

    So adorable! I need a creative man! x

  • bbbennyandthejet

    bbbennyandthejet said 8 years ago

    Can you do a full tutorial on how to rip a husband away from video games and start him crafting something? honestly.

  • HendersonPipes

    HendersonPipes said 8 years ago

    Awww, you all are so nice. Thanks for all of the sweet comments and messages. This has been a great something extra for Valentine's/1st Anniversary. We'll be talking about this for many, many years.

  • shopgoodgrace

    shopgoodgrace said 8 years ago

    This is such a sweet, sweet article! Thank you for sharing it with us. :)

  • jodieflowers

    jodieflowers said 8 years ago

    ♥ Awww!

  • MiaRae

    MiaRae said 8 years ago

    That's my baby's, I love you too!

  • LOOKAjewelry

    LOOKAjewelry said 8 years ago

    Really sweet story.. I love hearing love/success stories from the male prospective. Congrats to both of you, way to go!!

  • redcrowgoods

    redcrowgoods said 8 years ago

    Trading gaming for crafting that is something to celebrate... Congratulations! Keep up the nice work.

  • necessityisthemother

    necessityisthemother said 8 years ago

    What this?! Our all-time fabvorite pipe-making sensation! I love the part about selling the games and equipment for extra wedding cash... I was fortunate enough to have found Hendersonpipes before Christmas, and now my husband is addicted to checking H's new postings, dreaming of the day when he can add to his collection of one. Huge Huge Fan.

  • scarecrow3331

    scarecrow3331 said 8 years ago

    great story. and great pipes!!!

  • mazedasastoat

    mazedasastoat said 8 years ago

    Such a sweet story! (Is there REALLY a place called kalamazoo? LOL)

  • bellasparty

    bellasparty said 8 years ago

    How sweet! Thanks for sharing with us.

  • Signs

    Signs said 8 years ago

    I aspire one day to have my own etsy love

  • Ailce500

    Ailce500 said 8 years ago

    That's a beautiful love story. It's hard for me to imagine any of the MMORPG gamers that I know giving up on games in favor of spending more time creating art with their spouses or significant others. Gaming can so often be a strong must be a tremendous love that the two of you share. Congrats to that!

  • DewberryVintage

    DewberryVintage said 8 years ago

    I'm so jealous...your selfless love is admirable to say the least.

  • RenJewels

    RenJewels said 8 years ago


  • santosleather

    santosleather said 8 years ago

    Cool !

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