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Delivering a World of Good

Feb 27, 2019

by Jackie Buddie handmade and vintage goods

These days, when all it takes are a few clicks and—like magic—the handcrafted bamboo lamp of your dreams arrives on your doorstep, it can be easy to forget that quick, convenient delivery has a real effect our planet. As sellers ship their handmade and vintage treasures off to happy new homes around the world, Etsy has both the power and the responsibility to help mitigate the environmental impact, which is why earlier today, we announced that Etsy is becoming the first major online shopping destination to offset 100% of carbon emissions generated by shipping. Now, every time you receive a package from Etsy, we balance out the carbon emissions by investing in emissions reduction projects that keep our Earth beautiful, clean, and green—which means you can feel extra-good about every special delivery.

Learn how carbon-offset shipping delivers a world of good

No matter what you buy—whether it’s a perfectly personalized piece of jewelry or a one-of-a-kind wall hanging, a luxe leather handbag or a just-because gift—the offset will be automatically applied, with no action needed on your part. But if you’re keen to shop even more green, opportunities abound thanks to our passionate community of sellers, many of whom have made earth-friendly practices part of their business plans from the very start. Read on to discover a few of their inspiring stories, and come back to the blog each month as we celebrate more eco-minded shops in our new Sustainability Spotlight series.

Vegan leather bags from Canopy Verde

Portrait of Canopy Verde handbag designer Linda Wong.

Disconcerted by the amount of waste generated at her former fashion-industry gig, Brooklyn-based designer Linda Wong resolved to be more intentional when creating Canopy Verde, her tightly curated line of colorful carryalls, sticking to minimal, time-tested styles crafted from PVC-free vegan leather and GOTS-certified organic cotton. “I don’t make anything flashy, trendy, or disposable,” says Linda, “and I try to generate as little waste as possible in the design and prototype process by reusing materials that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill.”

Organic skincare from Among the Flowers

Portrait of Among the Flowers shop owner Megan Taber.

As with so many new moms, it was the birth of her first child that compelled Among the Flowers founder Megan Taber to purge potentially harmful chemicals from her home and launch her own organic, small-batch skincare line. “I wanted to purify our lives and create a truly safe place for my children,” Megan recalls. Realizing that most “natural” products still contained at least one preservative or chemical fragrance, she vowed to create a 100% organic range of hand-poured soaps, body butters, oils, and mists exclusively using home-grown flowers and herbs harvested from her California homestead.

Upcycled lamps from Crea-Re Design

Portrait of Crea-Re Design paper maché artist Maria Fiter.

Each eye-catching, organically shaped orb lamp and pendant light from Barcelona-based artist Maria Fiter has an unlikely origin story: They all began as newspapers. “It’s great when you can reuse things that already exist and give them a second life,” says the paper maché artist behind Crea-Re Design. Maria also repurposes wood cutoffs to form the bases for her lamps, which she finishes with a natural beeswax. To complete the metamorphosis? Just add an energy-efficient LED light bulb.

Sustainable storage from Warm Grey Company

Portrait of Warm Grey Company designer Mairita Jonikane.

For lifelong environmentalist Mairita Jonikane, discovering the durability of renewable Kraft-Tex paper—which can be washed, reused, and eventually recycled—sparked an idea for a versatile, eco-friendly alternative to disposable plastic bags and bins. “I wanted to create something that comes from nature and returns to nature,” explains the Latvia-based owner of Warm Grey Company, who hand-stitches cellulose-fiber paper into storage pots and reusable bags, then paints, prints, and dip-dyes them for a luxe, contemporary finish. The result? Multi-functional vessels that make home organization easy-breezy—and sustainability stylish.

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  • wcjgwqly

    Luybi Arctium from ArctiumStudio said 2 years ago

    That a great think that every year more and more people care about nature and they care about its condition. Thank you a lot!

  • JackPotTees

    Marco D from WearAllFamily said 2 years ago

    Love the movement of eco-friendly products.

  • uf4gksac

    Arina from NoyaRin said 2 years ago

    That's great idea! THANK YOU, ETSY FOR SUPPORTING! <3

  • StillVintage

    StillVintage from StillVintage said 2 years ago

    Vintage items receive a second chance to share the beauty in our home decor. I love mixing vintage items with new items in my own home decor because lovely, vintage items deserve a second chance.

  • MomsCrochet

    Tova from TovasTreasures said 2 years ago

    Great initiative Etsy !!!! Other Eco friendly ways to save the environment is to Recycle/Upcycle/Reuse. Upcycling magazine paper and calendars and turning them into some cute home décor items, is one of the ways I try to contribute to save the environment, re-using material that is already available. I also make paper beads (for jewelry making ) from those magazine pages, gift wrap scraps or any colorful paper scrap for that matte. Another way I try to help, is by shipping my items to my customers in boxes or envelopes that have been used before and are clean and in good condition. Friends and family know about my recycling shipping materials, and provide me with those they receive in the mail. I also make my own envelopes from thicker magazine paper, discarded books and wall paper samples/remnants. Not to mention the satisfaction I have from seeing something new made out of something old... Saves money and saves the environment !!!! We have only one planet !!!

  • PJFarnsworthHandbags

    Pamela Farnsworth from PamelaFarnsworthBags said 2 years ago

    A great step on Etsy's part. We believe in minimizing fabric waste and reusing shipping materials whenever possible.

  • pui6x5ft

    Darya Prozerpina from felttoysfinds said 2 years ago

    I am very glad that such large companies are starting to engage in this, it is simply amazing! Every year more and more people care about nature. Thank!

  • jjmonc1x

    Marina from Marinitka said 2 years ago

    This is the right direction!

  • swyaysif

    Olga Otstavnova from LuciolaStudio said 2 years ago

    This is a wonderful idea! Thank!

  • rrdq8lkh

    Eugenia from JennyCANDLES said 2 years ago

    It is very important for our planet. Everybody should make anything that safe nature for our children. Thank you for your work.

  • annamorzhina

    Anna Morzhina from HeirloomToy said 2 years ago

    Great idea! Very big and very correct. If we do not take care of the world, no one will take care of it. Environmental problems come first in many countries. And it is right.

  • 8j3zrgiy

    Artem Argirov from AdriaticDriftWood said 2 years ago

    This is such a relevant and important topic. And these products are simply amazing.

  • 7gqru14v

    S. Rohina from GemsCraftz said 2 years ago

    great idea!

  • 4r0cugue

    Yulia from FloralAtelier said 2 years ago

    Thank you very much for such useful initiative!

  • ysib9ldx

    Kelly from CedarMillStudio said 2 years ago

    What a wonderful idea! Thank you so much!

  • PokutniaAnna

    Anna from FairyToysWorld said 2 years ago

    it is time to make our world better. Great ideas!

  • pq8rlm6n

    Evgeniya Milyavy from MilyavyCreations said 2 years ago

    very useful information. I really enjoyed it. Thanks

  • PtichkaToys

    Tatyana from KolibriToys said 2 years ago

    Great idea! It is impotant for all of us!

  • velomuse

    Eryn from ApothecaryMuse said 2 years ago

    This sounds like a great feature to highlight with my adventure skincare products!

  • wanderlustandsparkle

    wanderlustandsparkle said 2 years ago

    Love this, I love buying from Etsy though I do a lot of research on the site before choosing a seller to buy from. I love supporting creatives, small businesses, locally owned businesses and having these same people do good is amazing. I will continue to support Etsy and the people who produce the items that are sold on Etsy. Much Love & Mahalo!

  • halfbakedhistory

    Baked History from HBBHArtisanJewelry said 2 years ago

    Love, love the Orb Lamps so creative!

  • coolawoola

    Lena from coolawoola said 2 years ago

    It's a great news to hear! As an upcycling brand I really love it <3

  • 3fx3maw8

    Cats in color from CatsInColor said 2 years ago

    It's great that more and more people think about nature. We with the girlfriend and with our families also support this movement!

  • 7so6uujs

    Mariya from LadyMouseShop said 2 years ago

    My shop is responsible for the protection of nature. I use as much recyclable materials as possible to make my items and packaging. Thanks to everyone who develops this idea.

  • MysticalRaindrops

    Jeannie from MysticalRaindrops said 1 year ago

    Good move for the environment.

  • Seraphemme

    Sarah Michell from Seraphemme said 1 year ago

    This is amazing! Thank you for your commitment to environmental health. I will purchase more products through your site because of your carbon offset program and your green energy and zero waste programs. Good work Etsy!

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