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Etsy Finds for Dog Lovers

Oct 16, 2014

by Mallory McInnis handmade and vintage goods
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Fall is the best season (please don’t bother arguing — it’s just the truth). One of the many activities that becomes even more enjoyable during the autumn months is walking your dog. You’ve got some hot apple cider, your dog has heaping piles of leaves to sniff through, and you both have a nice breeze blowing through your hair: it’s ideal.

Of course, almost all time spent with a dog is ideal. Dogs, like fall, are the best — no matter the breed. The World Canine Organization recognizes over three hundred breeds of dogs; you may not be able to find products related to every single one of them here on Etsy, but close to it!

Let’s hunt for awesome handmade and vintage goods inspired by man’s best friend (to shop, just click on any item you’re interested in).

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There are finds for fans of two bat-eared breeds: Boston terriers and French bulldogs

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….or for those with looooooooooooong pet pals like dachshunds and basset hounds.

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Dig up dog art for your walls or to decorate your backpack.

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You can bedeck your neck with your favorite breed using a tie or a necklace.

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You love your dog and you should feel free to let the world know it through your wardrobe and decor choices. It’s not excessive, I promise. And, hey: even if it is, it’s excess of the raddest kind. The canine kind.

What kind of dog do you have?


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