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Etsy Find: Love Letters

Jan 25, 2008

by Julie Schneider handmade and vintage goods

When was the last time you sat down, picked up a pen, and scrawled out a love letter in your best (or worst) handwriting? As a lover of love letters and all handwritten correspondance, I was instantly attracted to this screenprinted Messenger Card Set created by MoxieMadness. I love writing letters, sometimes even to friends who live in my same city.

Really, what’s better than receiving a surprise in your mailbox? With Valentine’s Day lurking around the corner,  snatch up a set for yourself and fill your sweetheart’s mailbox with affection.


  • ColleenBaran

    ColleenBaran said 9 years ago

    I love Love Letters! I have a project right now where I am asking for international submissions of love letters and stories of love.

  • stilettoheights

    stilettoheights said 9 years ago

    there is a beautiful treasury right now that is love letters themed is stunning!

  • jillhannah

    jillhannah said 9 years ago

    Yes! Even if I sold boogers I'd be a huge fan of the tangible love letter! You can't keep a shoebox full of old text-messages, and writing is such a lovely art unto itself! Amen, Julie!

  • ElegantSnobbery

    ElegantSnobbery said 9 years ago

    Aw, I love love. And letters. What a great combination.

  • MoxieMadness

    MoxieMadness said 9 years ago

    Long live the love letter! Thanks for featuring our messenger cards!

  • sycamorestreetpress

    sycamorestreetpress said 9 years ago

    i have always loved sending and receivein letters and have had penpals since i was 9. maybe it is fitting that i now work in a stationery shop and run a letterpress printing business making stationery out of my home! moxie - i love your cards!

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