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Gifts for Fearless Fashionistas With @karenbritchick

Nov 13, 2020

by Sharon Steel handmade and vintage goods

In The Etsy Edit Gift Guides, we’ve tapped some of our favorite tastemakers to share their top present picks for a magical holiday season.

When it comes to styling the ultimate #OOTD, for maximalist fashion blogger Karen Blanchard, more is always more. Born and raised in London and based in NYC, the ultra-chic YouTube star expertly combines colors, patterns, textures, and prints in every inspiring look she posts on @karenbritchick, her cheeky and charming Insta feed. Luckily for her loved ones, the same is true when gift-giving season rolls around and Karen takes inspiration from a place she knows well: her own colorful closet. 

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Karen’s tried-and-true rule of thumb? Make a list of the dreamiest, most one-of-a-kind presents that she would want to receive—then buy them for the people she cares about most. “My family and friends tend to like what I like, so this tactic always works,” explains Karen. “My favorite kind of gift to give is something that makes the receiver feel special.” From oversized initial necklaces to on-trend tie-dye loungewear, read on to explore Karen’s go-to present ideas for fellow fearless fashionistas. 

A personalized gold necklace

Karen models an oversized initial pendant necklace from Jewelry Blues
SHOP: Oversized initial pendant necklace from Jewelry Blues, from $22

“Initial necklaces are personal, timeless, and go with anything and everything,” says Karen of this gift-worthy gold-filled pendant, which adds a sizable dose of seasonal sparkle to any outfit thanks to its eye-catching extra-large lettering.

Cozy tie-dye loungewear

Karen models a tie-dye sweatsuit from Masha Apparel
SHOP: Tie-dye sweatsuit from Masha Apparel, $140

Help your favorite homebody snuggle up in style with a hand-dyed tie-dye sweatsuit in vibrant shades of turquoise and indigo. “This is the perfect comfy two-piece that still feels pretty,” Karen says of the mood-boosting matching set. “It’s versatile enough for someone to wear while working from home, or even out to run errands.”

A pair of face-framing earrings

Karen models mixed media statement earrings from Nook of the North
SHOP: Mixed media statement earrings from Nook of the North, $79

Surprise the accessories lover in your life with a lightweight pair of statement earrings crafted from a gorgeous blend of textured brass and abstract patchwork embroidery. “Outside of lipstick, earrings are the easiest way to dress up any look in a flash,” Karen says. 

A sophisticated silk scarf

Karen models a printed pomegranate silk scarf from klaradar
SHOP: Printed pomegranate silk scarf from klaradar, from $120

For a versatile addition to any avid accessorizer’s closet, look no further than this cheerful silk scarf, painted by hand in a playful pomegranate print. “I chose this because it would work as a neck or head scarf, or tied onto someone’s bag for a pop of color,” Karen says of the multi-functional masterpiece.

A luxe velvet purse

A blue velvet crossbody purse from Iridescence NYC
SHOP: Blue velvet crossbody purse from Iridescence NYC, $195

“Jewel-tone bags are the quickest way to turn a daytime look into something more glam,” Karen says—and this blueberry-hued velvet crossbody will surely become a fast favorite in the evening handbag rotation of your most fashionable friend. 

A classic cold-weather accessory

A rich brown alpaca wool hat from Kingston Alpaca Knits
SHOP: Alpaca wool winter hat from Kingston Alpaca Knits, $30

Hand-knit from super-soft alpaca wool in a chunky fisherman’s rib pattern, this cozy beanie is certain to keep outdoorsy pals nice and toasty—and still turning heads—when the temperature drops. “It’s super practical, and the warm brown is a fun, fresh take on a neutral,” Karen says.

White text on a red background that reads "The Etsy Edit | Holiday bonus round:"

Describe your personal style in five words or less. 

Tomboy, vintage, and eclectic.

What rules, if any, do you follow when it comes to fashion? 

None! That, in and of itself, is a rule.

What’s your favorite part of getting dressed in the morning? 

Putting on chunky boots.

Naughty list or nice list? 

Naughty—I over-indulge with shopping all throughout the year!

Photographs courtesy of @karenbritchick. 

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  • jtxrpdwo

    Maria from EcoLinenShopArt said 219 days ago

    Fancy earrings) must be ordered by a friend)

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    Sasha from HappyOwlKids said 217 days ago

    Great gift ideas, thanks)

  • branda

    branda Moreno from branda said 217 days ago

    Great Dottie Kingston!!!! Congratulations!! Wonderful!!! Congrats to all!!

  • kq7rlztu

    Evgenia Guguly from GugulyArt said 217 days ago

    it's great when there is a taste to combine different styles and decorations. Good store

  • q2r3n0umagcuw66h

    Patrik said 217 days ago

    Que fatastico esse método de comprar.

  • q2r3n0umagcuw66h

    Patrik said 217 days ago

    Fatastica forma de comprar!!

  • mjoyrtawi043hapd

    adam said 216 days ago

    Fancy earrings!!!!! must be ordered by a me!!!!!!!!

  • melaniefavreau

    Melanie Favreau from melaniefavreau said 216 days ago

    What a great gift guide! Everyone should go and check Karen's YouTube channel. She's wonderful :)

  • b09uyqrvnx8sllyh

    Eden TheDelightful from TheBizarreWendigo said 216 days ago

    Noice gift ideas ☆

  • rsjvdwej

    Edward and Karen Piggott said 215 days ago

    I believe in accessories, like TorontoShay. Stick with your basic colors then go with-WILD with the accessories. When animal print first came out it did not include the blacks, whites and grays and I look terrible in browns etc, I am sheet-white. What I did was I found a pair of shoes w/ a toe of the print, and a black bag w/ an insert of animal print! I even found a bangle-black w/enamel animal print. This is what you can do for family or friends—not the shoes! but give them accessories that show you know what their style is or like! You can also make your own “baskets”!! You can even buy a basket or box online! Use the shredded paper or colorful tissue paper! Pick it up by the mid-point and shake it like a pointed arrow, prepare your box or basket w/ a bed of shredded paper-like, or a book if it suits, then colorful tissue paper placed between the items: a scarf in an interesting colored glass vase w/the 2-3 points pulled up like flowers. Your imagination can make the gift be even better by your presentation! Look around for small things to add to your basket, if it is a gift certificate, do the basket in pastels, get a small carved soap, a purse-size good hand lotion or salve, add some natural oil, a spritz bottle, a pastel scruffy, and anything you find that you find like a hand towel and washcloth embroidered or........

  • Bumbleweedz

    Dara Barth from Bumbleweedz said 214 days ago

    oh wow! your Pomegranates silk scarf is to die for....the colors are fantastic. I am all about COLORS.

  • Shopsista

    Shopsista said 213 days ago

    I am a fan of Karen Brit Chick's blog and Youtube channel. Adore her style! Love everything on this list, especially the scarf and loungewear (since that's all I live in these days). Wonderful article!

  • k0nux1n52smctg2b

    Olga Gadach from EmbroideryByGadach said 168 days ago

    Beautiful earrings and beautiful hair.

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    Lotus Z ayvah from KRYSTALGROOMS said 35 days ago

    so great

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