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Etsy and West Elm Pop Up in Toronto

Apr 22, 2014

by Emma Reddington handmade and vintage goods

Emma Reddington is the designer and editor behind The Marion House Book. She is also the home editor of Chatelaine, Canada’s most widely read magazine. Etsy and West Elm have partnered to highlight Etsy makers at pop-ups near and far, and this month Emma is curating her favorites at West Elm Toronto. For details on the Toronto pop-up, check out the Front & Main blog and RSVP here

I’m a big believer that your home should reflect what you love, and there is no better way of doing so than filling it with items that have been made by loving hands. Imperfections, slight irregularities and patina all make an object more interesting to me.

My own home is filled with fabulous finds I’ve picked up on Etsy, so I was really excited when West Elm approached me about doing a pop-up event at West Elm Toronto with some of my favorite local Etsy makers. Honestly, does it get much better? Below, discover a few of my favorite Etsy artists, many of which you can find at the Etsy pop-up on April 26 in Toronto.

Want to come to the pop-up? Click over to the Front & Main blog for details and RSVP here. Can’t wait to see everyone!



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