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Feb 27, 2013

by Emily Henderson handmade and vintage goods

Emily Henderson is the season 5 winner of HGTV’s Design Star and host of Secrets from a Stylist. She writes a daily style blog full of styling tips, shopping resources and general personal stories at Style by Emily Henderson. She is a strong believer that your house reflects your personality, and unless you are perfect — don’t try to force your house to be.  

For our Etsy and West Elm 2013 kick-off event, we’ve asked Emily to curate a selection of Etsy sellers. Here, she shares a few Etsy favorites and what she finds so appealing about these two brands.

As a certified shopaholic, I get bored if I see the same object too often. Sure, there are some classic mid-century pieces where I’ll always be obsessed with the original, but I need a lot of new stimuli to stay engaged online and in stores, which is why I love Etsy and West Elm.

With Etsy, I can get a ton of handmade and vintage, one-of-a-kind items that I’m not going to see everywhere (which always impresses my clients). With West Elm, their seasonal collaborations with independent artists make you feel like you need to hoard everything because it won’t be around next season — it’s more like a fashion brand, less like a big box store. Here are a few pieces I’d love to include in future styling projects.

[1. Origami Lampshade by nellianna 2. Original Painting by kikiandpolly 3. Porcelain Bull (part of set) from 1001vintage 4. Porcelain Plant Hanger (part of set) by farrahsit 5. Yellow Vase by romiceramics 6. Wood Rocking Chair by jolyonyates]

What I need most, more than anything, are interesting quirky personality-filled accessories: items that will make my clients feel like they are getting something that nobody else has. Right now, I’m mostly drawn towards cleaner lines, but with warmth – items that feel modern and streamlined, but aren’t totally slick or minimalist.

[1. Desk Accessory Collection by farrahsit 2. Lucy Print by nancyillustration 3. Brass Prism Plant Holder by HRUSKAA 4. Doll Head Mug (Part of set) by ENDEsign 5. Mini Bee Paper Sculpture by elsita 6. Canopy Lounge by CANOPYstudio]

My obsession with gold continues, and the black and white trend is certainly overtaking my styling brain lately. All I want are fresh and happy pieces that are full of personality but without a lot of busy-ness. I’m splurging on crazy sculptures and art and saving on accessories that are easier to mix with other items.

Join Emily and a diverse group of talented Etsy sellers on Saturday, March 2, 2013 at West Elm’s Beverly Boulevard store in Los Angeles! From 1 to 6 p.m.,  featured LA-area Etsy sellers will be set up within the West Elm store to share and sell their homegoods, jewelry, stationery and more. In addition, we’ll be serving refreshments and bite-size desserts from Heirloom LA!

For more of Emily’s fabulous finds, follow her on Twitter, InstagramPinterest and Facebook.


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