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Elizabeth Gilbert Has a New Book (and We’ve Got the First Look at the Cover!)

Jan 12, 2015

by Karen Brown handmade and vintage goods

Editor’s note: Today we’re excited to share an exclusive announcement and cover preview of Elizabeth Gilbert’s next book, Big Magic (September 22, Riverhead Books). 

It’s not every day that we get to go behind the curtain with the person responsible for a global phenomenon on the level of the best-selling-memoir-turned-Julia-Roberts-blockbuster Eat, Pray, Love. In Elizabeth Gilbert’s upcoming book Big Magic, debuting this September from Riverhead Books, this self-taught author shares her strategies for bringing joy and delight into artistic pursuits.

Elizabeth knows firsthand that creative work can be fraught with obstacles and anxiety, even when you’ve achieved some success. In Big Magic, she offers insights into the magical nature of creativity; the path to uncovering the “strange jewels” the universe buries within each of us; the courage to tackle what we most love (and fear); and the attitudes, approaches, and habits that will sustain a creative life. Elizabeth believes creative living is available to everyone — artists and non-artists alike.

And now, here’s the cover!


In anticipation of Big Magic’s release, we chatted with Elizabeth via email about what the book has to offer and why she’s so excited to share it with the world.

Big Magic is such an intriguing title. What does it mean — and what prompted you to build a book around this concept?

I’ve always embraced magical thinking when it comes to creativity. I see inspiration as a mysterious external force that comes to us from unknown realms, in order to collaborate with our imaginations. This is how humans saw the artistic process for thousands of years, and it still works for me! I certainly like this fanciful approach to creativity better than the modern notion of the tormented artist, suffering alone in anguish and martyrdom. My book is an effort to lure people back into the “Big Magic” — into a more celebratory and mystical way of being a maker.

Your two TED talks on creativity have logged a combined total of more than 11 million views — and we’re guessing they weren’t all from professional fine artists. So how does one live more creatively as a scientist or accountant or full-time cubicle-dweller?

Creativity does not belong exclusively to professional artists and geniuses; it is the birthright of every single human being. Creativity is our common heritage. You don’t need to quit your job and move to Paris in order to lay claim to this heritage — all you have to do is clear some space in your life for whimsy, invention, sensory pleasure, and play. Most of all, you have to learn how to follow your curiosity more than your fear.

What if you feel unqualified, or if you never had the opportunity to learn certain skills that seem essential to the personal creativity you crave? Is it too late to start?

Yes. If you’re not a professionally trained artist, it’s definitely too late to start now. KIDDING! I’m totally kidding! Let me say it once more: Creativity belongs to everyone. I myself do not have a degree in writing, for instance; I learned my craft by practicing my craft every day — which is how people have always learned their crafts. You have every right in the world to express your creativity however you want to, whenever you want to, regardless of whether you are officially certified or not. Start tomorrow. Better yet, start today.

On Etsy, we have some very busy people, including people with families who also run small businesses or hold down more than one job. How can someone overcome obstacles like a lack of time and money to experience more of what you call “creative living?”

First of all, I love the Etsy community, because it embodies the spirit of everything I believe about creativity. Etsy is a universe filled with self-guided makers, and it inspires me enormously. That said, it’s not always easy for people to find the time or the resources to work on their craft. But all I can tell you is this — it has never been easy. For most of human history, people made their art out of stolen time, using salvaged materials. That’s how art has always been done. Keep in mind that the vast majority of people never have enough time or enough money for their creativity, but somehow folks manage to keep creating, anyhow. People don’t make art because they’ve got all kinds of spare time for it; they make art because they need to make art. They make art because it brings their souls to life in a way that nothing else can match. That’s what I call Big Magic, and it’s well worth the trouble.

The team at Riverhead — led by the award-winning art director Helen Yentus, who also designed the jacket for Eat, Pray, Love — developed this Big Magic video, showing the step-by-step development of the cover you’ll be seeing everywhere this fall. It’s a behind-the-scenes peek exclusively for Etsy.

Elizabeth Gilbert’s portrait by Jennifer Schatten.

Have you ever had a creative awakening that changed your life? Tell us about it in the comments!  


  • WoodsyWools

    ACR from WoodsyWools said 5 years ago

    I LOVE the cover, very inspiring book, congrats !!

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    ACR from IntoTheBluePaintShop said 5 years ago

    Wonderful :-) Congratulations !!

  • MackinacIslandInk

    bm from MackinacIslandInk said 5 years ago

    Great feature, looks like a good read.

  • StillVintage

    StillVintage from StillVintage said 5 years ago

    I read Eat, Pray, Love and really enjoyed the book. And I was drawn by the color because it was so simple. Creative Magic looks full of energy and almost like a big bang explosion of ideas. Great cover.

  • WhisperingOak

    Quality Handmade Items from WhisperingOak said 5 years ago

    How fun to create the cover!

  • mattyhandmadecrafts

    Matejka Max from NattyMatty said 5 years ago

    Sunny, Bright and Vivid Cover!

  • WildRoseAndSparrow

    Liana from WildRoseAndSparrow said 5 years ago

    A book written by someone who promotes creativity! Empowering and inspirational! And I agree, it is never too late, too far or too hard to do something that you love and makes you happy!

  • aostudio9

    Adrienne from DabAndDabble said 5 years ago

    What fun!

  • sparklefarm

    Erin Graves from SPARKLEFARM said 5 years ago

    Can't wait to dive in when it comes out! I've admired Elizabeth Gilbert for years. She emanates authenticity and this will no doubt be inspiring for all. Yay!

  • sandyscott213

    Sandra Scott said 5 years ago

    Elizabeth-I'm local to two buttons (was just there yesterday getting my 5 year old son a boundary buddha) and would really appreciate connecting with you in some way. My email addy is

  • inspiredartprints

    Tara from inspiredartprints said 5 years ago

    Can't wait to read it.

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  • ninaschmidt

    Nina M. Schmidt from heartanddesignstudio said 5 years ago

    "People don’t make art because they’ve got all kinds of spare time for it; they make art because they need to make art. They make art because it brings their souls to life in a way that nothing else can match" AMEN!

  • natafish67

    RoyalCrownHandmade from RoyalCrownHandmade said 5 years ago

    Thank you for sharing Elizabeth! It is never too late to start to do something that you love!!! Love your video!:)

  • SouvenirAndSalvage

    Mary Jo and Rachael from SouvenirAndSalvage said 5 years ago

    In high school I (Rachael) had one art teacher that taught me more about the creative process than anyone else. He encouraged everyone to quit focusing on the end goal of an art piece, which hinders from true exploration. "Happy accidents" are what he titled the moments when you stumbled upon the best idea that was never intended, but was meant to be all along. True creative enlightenment is allowing oneself to express freely without fear of error, knowing that "happy accidents" are awaiting us along every path.

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  • ShinyGoLucky

    ShinyGoLucky from ShinyGoLucky said 5 years ago

    So excited to read this! September seems like such a long time to wait - but I look forward to it!

  • chayahemant

    Chaya Mallavaram from ChayaArtStudio said 5 years ago

    " In Big Magic, she offers insights into the magical nature of creativity; the path to uncovering the “strange jewels” the universe buries within each of us" --- WOW, can't wait to get my hands on the book! Love the color

  • chayahemant

    Chaya Mallavaram from ChayaArtStudio said 5 years ago

    Meant to say "Love the COVER" in my previous comment :-)

  • VelvetRevived

    VelvetRevived from VelvetRevived said 5 years ago

    Wow! I love reading things like this and will be watching her TED talk to get more ideas for creating without fear! Can't wait for her book!

  • julietmatthews

    Juliet Matthews from FabulousLittleGifts said 5 years ago

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  • bellissimiornamenti

    Andrea Walser from BellissimiOrnamenti said 5 years ago

    Can't wait to read the book! I had a creative "awakening" when I discovered jewelry making. It truly has changed my life in ways I can't even describe. If I was to stop selling my jewelry today, I would still continue to make (and giveaway) as it's now part of me. Each piece I make is a little bit of myself. I can't wait to watch the TED talks later :)

  • Nikifashion

    Natalia from Nikifashion said 5 years ago

    Very interesting!

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    Jacinta from blessingandlight said 5 years ago

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    Dawn Leone from DawniePrints said 5 years ago

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    Asma from AsmaOriginal said 5 years ago

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  • WomanShopsWorld

    Carter Seibels Singh from WomanShopsWorld said 5 years ago

    Ooooh yay!! Eat, Pray, Love is one of my all-time favorite books, because it resonated with my core so completely. I am a long-time fan of Elizabath Gilbert, and cannot wait to get my eyes on this book! I am sure it will not disappoint. And what a fun video of the making of this fabulous cover! Thank you Etsy for sharing this exciting bit of news! As for an awakening creative moment: that day when I stumbled into my own style of product photography (for my shop), was such a liberating, exhilarating, exciting time. All of a sudden, the world felt like it was glowing. As a supplies shop, my work isn't always "creative" unless I make it that way. And developing a product presentation style that was creative and distinguishable was an avenue for my daily work to be entirely creative. And that has made all the difference in the amount of fulfillment I get from curating my shop!

  • FreshRetroGallery

    Elizabeth Knaus from FreshRetroGallery said 5 years ago

    I was asked to design the wall space above/behind the altar at our church using wood, specifically the type of pre-made boards for hard wood floors. I did several layouts in photoshop, utilizing a photo I took of the sanctuary and was ready to present to the council which was scheduled to meet on a specific date. Finally, on my lunch break, the day of the meeting, a brilliant idea came to mind. I sent an email telling them to hold off presenting what I'd done because I would create a new picture between the time I got home from my day job and the time of the meeting. Was this divine inspiration? Yes, I believe it was.

  • Daniblu

    Daniblu from Daniblu said 5 years ago

    Can't wait! Olé!

  • PennyBirchWilliams

    Penny Birch-Williams from PennyBirchWilliams said 5 years ago

    I'm so looking forward to reading Elizabeth's new book! And yes, I think we create because we MUST, driven by our inborn need to make, invent, and challenge ourselves. I was an artist, maker, and writer from early childhood, but I did have a creative awakening that changed my life. I was home full time with two small children in a small house living on a small budget, and I seemed to have no time or energy for much besides childcare and chores. At some point I felt so drained and lost, though I adored my kids and being a mom, and realized I had lost touch with an important and essential part of my self, my soul, what I was born to be and to do. I couldn't continue to ignore my own needs and still be a whole person for the people I love. I started making time for painting at the kitchen table most days, even just 30 minutes, and felt I had reclaimed wholeness, and a new start as an artist, which eventually led me here, years later. Make the time, follow the urge, and see where it takes you!

  • AnArtfulGypsy

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  • Mestee

    April from LittleLeafBotanics said 5 years ago

    I am currently in the process of awakening! After a very long, in depth soul search I am starting over and focusing on creating solely the things that bring me joy. It's a bumpy ride for sure but worth it as I feel my mental 'wings' expanding. Lovely interview!

  • burbanmom

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    I LOVE Elizabeth Gilbert! Can't wait to read it!

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    ASKO ORIGINALS from HappyChipWidow said 5 years ago

    Sounds wonderful! I'm looking forward to reading it. I'm open to inspiration wherever it appears. Nothing is an accident. Seeing this post serves a very important purpose for many. Myself included. Thank you for sharing your insights and gifts

  • UniquelyNan

    Nan Harrison from UniquelyNanVintage said 5 years ago

    Elizabeth, I devoured your first book and I know I will this one as well...can't wait!

  • TatteredDelicates

    TatteredDelicates from TatteredDelicates said 5 years ago

    Thank you Karen for bringing Elizabeth's work to my attention. And thank you Elizabeth for your understanding and inspiring words. You hit it right on the nose.

  • saraermisch

    Sara Ermisch from LeosLovelyTreasures said 5 years ago

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  • SassySisterVintage

    Kim Strozewski from SassySisterVintage said 5 years ago

    Sounds like an inspiring and interesting book to help us in our creative journeys! My most recent creative awakening came when I accidentally fell in love with photography because I had to photograph for my own shop. I found I loved styling for photo shoots when my models came to model the clothing much more than just putting them on a mannequin. I have claimed this year as the year to refine my photos and begin taking on clients. My first paying client is next week!

  • Naturebeads

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  • RadicallyRetro

    Connie Troupe from RadicallyRetro said 5 years ago

    You take the jump into not working for anyone anymore, and you make it work. Do what you love and the money comes… All self employed people know this truth! You work your butt off, it does not come easy and when you find the fun in working your butt off, that energy becomes your life and your life's work. It's very simple, really…

  • littleliagraphic

    little Lia from LittleLiaGraphic said 5 years ago

    Love the cover! Can't wait to read this one :D Being designer have always been my passion, at first I felt very lucky working for garment factory as pattern designer, until I realize my company didn't really give the designer creative environment to grow, there when I decided to open my own etsy shop, at least to give myself room to express my creativity Now I'm quite happy with what I do and having income out of it is such a blessing!

  • isewcute

    June from isewcute said 5 years ago

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    Karen from KatieClairesCottage said 5 years ago

    Thanks for this great interview, very excited to read Elizabeth's new book. Just reading the interview makes me feel energized and inpsired to continue to be true to my creative dreams. I'm so grateful to have a place for my little world in the "etsy universe" among my fellow artists and makers!

  • bhaktiscript1

    Soap Witch from SorcerySoapCompany said 5 years ago

    I love the title of this book, loved the last one and the TED talk. Love the idea of magical creativity! I'm sorta into that process. ;)

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    Lisa McKenney from LoveSquaredDesigns said 5 years ago

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  • 2LittleGypsies

    Dianne from BloomingVioletStudio said 5 years ago

    Elizabeth Gilbert is so inspiring to me. I've read her books (over and over) and listened to her Ted Talks. What she brings to the world really resonates within me. I've always enjoyed making jewelry, although it was not my primary occupation, which was raising children and working in research. I made jewelry as a hobby for myself, just because I loved creating. Three years ago, I opened my Etsy shop because I wanted to share my talents with the world. Elizabeth writes because it brings her joy. And it took me 3 years to realize that what I do is what I love, and it brings me joy. Joy is a magnet, and I want my jewelry to bring joy to those who wear it. Thank you, Elizabeth for bringing joy and inspiration to the world. And thank you, Etsy!

  • edieandglo

    kelly hickey from edieandglo said 5 years ago

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  • ArtFashionCreation

    Toile La La from ArtFashionCreation said 5 years ago

    "Most of all, you have to learn to follow your curiosity more than your fear" - I love that statement, Elizabeth! How important it is for anyone - whether they consider their self an artist, or just want to explore their inner creativity - to just get started... to at least dip a toe into the potential big ocean of self discovery which being creative reveals. And, it's so important too - to realize that a level of artistry really does occur in such a kaleidoscopic myriad of fields, when one is so absorbed in the activity that the thinking and the doing become one - and there's really no thought of time. Gardening, cooking, playing an instrument, painting, participating in a sport - all of these, and so many many other activites - are creative outlets which can be taken to an artistic level. BIG MAGIC is such a wonderful title - and really, a two-word truth!

  • JaniceArtShip

    Janice MacLeod from JaniceArtShip said 5 years ago

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  • bluebirdluxe

    Eileen from bluebirdluxe said 5 years ago

    Wonderful interview, Karen! I'm beyond excited for this book! Love.Elizabeth.Gilbert! It was fun seeing the behind the scenes making of the cover and that the Big Magic didn't happen in one shot! Watching the creative process was magical! I had big hopes for my shop and realized what I thought I wanted it to be - wasn't at all. I wasn't happy and I just couldn't get my heart going. So I closed it. I thought it would depress me - quitting and failing my little shop. But actually, I'm surprised that I found it a relief and a weight (and a fear) lifted off me. I'm truly excited to start again and embrace the process on a different path! I wonder how many people on Etsy have started over with their shop?! I can't wait to read Elizabeth's book! Is it September yet?! :)

  • PaperPicker

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    Elizabeth's video was so enlightening that I had to share it on Facebook. What a great way to look at creativity.

  • Cactusmoon

    KDianne Stephens from Cactusmoon said 5 years ago

    A creative awakening? Yes! It was the night of the Sandy Hook tragedy. My cousin was there interviewing for GMA. She message me on Facebook saying “...Honor our new angels...” Moved by reading her message, I picked up a piece of paper and out of my hands I folded a beautiful Origami angel. I called it “Inspired”. Although always creative in many mediums, I did not generally design Origami models, and certainly they did not just immediately come out of my hands. I leaned to diagram and over the next year designed and diagrammed over 50 Origami models. Now many of my diagrammed models are available on Origami USA and some on Etsy. Yes, In the blink of an eye, BIG MAGIC, a new creative awakening, can occur to anyone!

  • CoconutJoyJewelry

    Peggy from CoconutJoyJewelry said 5 years ago

    What a powerful, magical book cover! I'll be buying the book when it comes out. Thanks for the wonderful article! I've had many moments of creative inspiration. I've found that the feeling of exploring a creative idea is very similar to how I felt when I used to perform in bands and also when learning something completely're prepared for whatever may happen, you stay alert, and you just have to throw yourself in there! Be fearless and be open to the possibility that you'll make a fool of yourself, although that rarely happens in reality. I don't think I've had a creative moment that changed my life in a moment but rather a series of creative awakenings that changed my moments. :-)

  • nestedturtle

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    Tammy Franck from rockriverstitches said 5 years ago

    A book about creativity! What could be more exciting for all of us, as etsy Artists! I've had several of those episodes when a creative idea comes to you when you weren't even thinking or looking for it. It is, like the poet she mentioned who has to hurry up and capture it on paper before it escapes our mind. When it happens to me, everything else is put on hold for a moment. Very excited for the book! Thank you Elizabeth!!

  • WaveSong

    ev from WaveSong said 5 years ago

    What really kickstarted me again was doing Julia Cameron's 12 week The Artist Way book. Disciplined me into new ways of being.

  • LacyDiscoveries

    Cynthia Perez from LacyDiscoveries said 5 years ago

    Thank you so much for publishing this blog post. Can't wait to read it and share it with friends.

  • ArtThatMoves

    Christine Pensa from ArtThatMoves said 5 years ago

    This is a fantastic talk that I often share with students in my adult art classes. I love what Gilbert has to say about the poet Ruth Stone and how a poem would barrel across the fields and she would run home to catch it. Thanks for reminding me about this talk today!

  • SweetBohemianLife

    Kathryn Greenwald from SweetBohemianLife said 5 years ago

    I Love magical thinking and Elizabeth's way of painting a picture with words. I'm so looking forward to reading her new book "Big Magic." A must read! Thank you Elizabeth, for your inspiration and the gift of putting into words what others feel.

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  • MiddleCoast

    Katie Anne from MiddleCoast said 5 years ago

    Considering I've been creative since my first possible moment, I'd say the most life changing creative moment in my life is when or rather every time I have explained to people who view themselves as "non-artists" that everyone is an artist, everyone is creative. Something as simple as problem solving requires creativity, and everyone has to problem solve at one point or the other!

  • NanAndPopsAttic

    Linda Yocum from NanAndPopsAttic said 5 years ago

    Elizabeth... Thank you for sharing ! I love your video!:) Very inspirational! I will look forward to your new book!

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    Sounds great for Etsy people! Congratulations!

  • rockthatgem

    Rock That Gem from RockThatGem said 5 years ago

    What a fantastic cover! So colorful and inspiring. Thanks also to Etsy for this interview -- this is the first time I have heard about Elizabeth's new book, and it sounds like the perfect fit for us here on Etsy. Her answer that for all time people have been busy and trying to steal moments of time to be creative is really comforting. It always feels like the "now" in history is the busiest and hardest but maybe it has always been this way, for many generations. Can't wait to read the book!

  • emmapro

    Emma from BreathofJoy said 5 years ago

    Can't wait to read this one!

  • MesFantasies

    MyFantasies from MyFantasies said 5 years ago

    Thank you so much for links to movies with her talks. She is amazing! <3

  • blueclipse

    Moneeza Khan from LotusBluBookArt said 5 years ago

    Looking forward to reading BIG MAGIC! Great title!

  • TheDulceVida

    Myra Pizarro from LittleLemonadeStudio said 5 years ago

    Wow can;t wait to read this book.

  • omabina70

    Sabine Miner from StudioSabine said 5 years ago

    color - colour - is my passion - looking forward to Magic=

  • openslatebooks

    Nancy from OpenslateBooks said 5 years ago

    Amazing TED talk. Can't wait to read the book.

  • Mouseblossom

    Yvonne de Jonge from Mouseblossom said 5 years ago

    Ohhh, can't wait to read this book. I remember her TED talk, so great. And she is right: creativity belongs to everyone <3 Thanks so much for sharing!

  • BambuEarth

    Amber from BambuEarth said 5 years ago


  • 2ndHandMade

    Serena Lee from 2ndHandMade said 5 years ago

    What an inspiring interview! I especially love what Elizabeth says about finding time and the resources for creativity - that for most of history, humans have created art out of stolen moments and from salvaged materials. We need to get back to that and not make creativity/art as something attainable by only a few. Creativity is not found at your local Michaels store; it's found from being open to the world that surrounds us.

  • lovecreationuk

    lovecreationUK from lovecreationUK said 5 years ago


  • shelleytran101

    shelleytran101 from designwithessence said 5 years ago

    Dreams inform us or do we inform dreams. One day I was using a nib pen as a tool to carve a small piece of soapstone. I liked the lines I was carving but they were totally abstract to me. I put the carving aside and went to bed. That night I had a dream, I was sitting in a large circle of woman in a room. The room was carpeted wall to wall . The carving I had made fell out onto the carpet. The woman gasped and picked it up saying "This was made by a native of the old world." Then they showed the two faces on each side. When I woke I ran to see if the faces were really there. They were. I was stunned they were so easy to see. Not to mention absolutely beautiful. I will soon put my artwork up in an Etsy store. At present I am just selling some of my belongings. Thanks for the inspiration. It gives me the boost I need to "put it out there".

  • umeone

    Linda Sapp Long from umeone said 5 years ago

    Yes!!! I give my creativity to God and the rest is rolling in the Ocean Waves waiting for me to find it. OK, so maybe it helps to be open to creativity and the belief that anything and everything is possible. Perhaps that vulnerability opens the door for a little craziness to creep into our sub conscious and the madness comes from trying to hide that from other people. I say embrace your creativity, your beliefs and don’t worry that others may see you as crazy because, they can’t see or feel the process.

  • jassyonyae

    Jasmine Onya'e Kelley from onyaenaturals said 5 years ago

    I wish it was out now, Love her and her style, so inspiring

  • zenophobe

    Tina Giuntini from BeaEvie said 5 years ago

    Love, love, love....

  • BucksCountyImages

    Gina Waltersdorff from GinaWaltersdorffArt said 5 years ago

    How WONDERFUL to find you and your new exciting book information on Etsy. I remembered you mentioning how much you enjoyed Etsy. You are true blue to arrive here on Etsy. I have had my shop since January 2011. I even made Liz Gilbert tee-towels. I will have to renew my listing and also add the Doors of Frenchtown and the others ones of Bucks County Historic Towns. I thought of doing that earlier today for more sales and there you were tonight. I have hoped for more sales and need my creative life working to coup daily since my wonderful husband was diagnosed with heartbreaking Parkinson's. My shop on Etsy is a life saver so I can be creative and working at home. Is there anything in your new book about the creative artistic spouse who is the care giver for her handicap spouse? Love, Prayers and Art have been my help and strength daily. Love you, Liz

  • erinpelicano

    Erin Pelicano Cauble from erinpelicano said 5 years ago

    Looking forward to reading this. The cover alone is inspiring!

  • carolina0iglesias

    Carolina Iglesias said 5 years ago

    Hi, Elizabeth. I'm a huge fan of your delicious way of speaking and writing from Argentina. I also happen to be a very good professional translator. I'd just love to be considered for the job of translating Big Magic into Spanish. Lots of hugs and love to you!

  • flinflontohongkong

    Kristy from flinflontohongkong said 5 years ago

    For me, creative awakenings happen when I go into my heart space. By surrendering my mind to my heart allows an opening for true beauty, art and creativity to occur. <3

  • yvonnelouis1

    Yvonne Louis said 5 years ago

    Beautiful colourful splashes to express the vibrant energy of creativity! I loved this article. Especially, covering how to overcome obstacles like a lack of time and money to experience creative living. When a person is in harmony and dancing with their higher vibrant self naturally it is in alignment with the intelligence of the bigger heart that guides us. The treasure is found when one unlocks their magic and values the strength of grace and the energy of passion!

  • wwoolenfashion

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    It really is great news! Looking forward to reading this book!

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    Beautiful! so great

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