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Editors’ Picks: Whimsical Chocolates

Feb 6, 2014

by Stephanie Madewell handmade and vintage goods

Bars may be blissful and truffles terrific, but there are more creative ways to get your chocolate fix. Explore the charming, quirky and downright delicious world of inventive chocolates with this sweet collection of Etsy finds.

Make tea time treat time with chocolate-dipped cookies.

The iconic G9 Harrington jacket gets even more tasteful when it’s rendered in chocolate.

Deploy white chocolate army men to strategically battle your sugar cravings.

Carob chocolate goes faux bois.

Toadstools have never been so tasty.

Who wants a milk mustache when you can have the chocolate kind?

A marvelous, macabre and anatomically-correct chocolate skull.

Get swept away in a swirl of shimmery chocolate snowflakes.

One clever bouquet combines two traditional valentines.

Looking to build your own chocolate castle? Time to start stocking up on chocolate rocks.

The perfect present for a pony-obsessed pal.

Chocolates that are literally as cute as a button.

What do you get when you combine chocolate, Oreos and an obsession with all things Jurassic? Dino chocolate.

A high-stepping sweet.

The only thing better than a chocolate cupcake? A cupcake made of chocolate filled with even more chocolate.

For the gamer in search of a sugar high: a 20-sided die.

Who could turn up their nose at golden chocolate lollipops?

Chocolate-filled seashells are almost too beautiful to eat … almost.

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