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Editors’ Picks: Skulls

Oct 31, 2013

by Stephanie Madewell handmade and vintage goods

Few symbols are more powerful than the human skull. On signs and labels, it’s an immediate and unequivocal statement of danger. As a theme in art and design, that sense of warning is transformed. Skulls become an edgy aesthetic statement, a rueful reminder of mortality, or even objects of whimsical fun.

Here are a few bone-rattlingly good takes on this iconic motif.

A cheerily macabre teapot adds unexpected flavor to a cup of tea.

A teeny skull necklace is perfect for those times you feel just a tiny bit goth.

A hint of mortality makes cookies taste even sweeter.

Inky shadows and luminous highlights create a mood of hazy mystery.

This rough-hewn skull evokes the grim decorations on old tombstones.

A patch with two stitched skulls waits to adorn a backpack, jacket or favorite pair of jeans.

Make bone-chilling music with this unique single-stringed instrument.

The impression on this handmade pendant comes from a vintage French seal heralding the inevitability of mortality.

Layered and letterpressed, skulls become a striking pattern.

Malevolent eyes of glittering diamond peer out from this incredible memento mori.

A tiny crocheted skull waits to adorn your little finger or the top of a favorite pen.



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