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Editors’ Picks: September Scenes

Sep 19, 2013

by Stephanie Madewell handmade and vintage goods

When the bodegas in my neighborhood start offering piles of Galas, Fujis, Macouns and Empires, I think of the John Updike poem that begins “the breezes taste of apple peel.” For the briefest of moments, the city air does smell of apples, and it is wonderful.

September is a month of changes, and change always makes me a little reflective. In that frame of mind, I’ve collected some paintings, prints and photographs by Etsy artists that fit in with my September mood.

This linocut print by Grace Gladdish depicts a winding Tasmanian road, but the sere browns, bright blue and murky greens recall September days back home in Ohio.

Clear September days are perfect for reading poems. This print of an original oil painting by Briana Taylor puts me in mind of a favorite by Wallace Stevens.

Laura Frewin’s hand-pulled collograph print evokes thoughts of harvest.

Apples, an oil lamp and a tea kettle painted with subtly exaggerated lines create a nicely seasonal grouping.

The trees (like the one in this print by Larry Welo) stand ready for color and change.

As September wears on, the days get cooler and the mornings mistier. Elke Thomas’s etching captures that feeling of chilly haze.

Dropping temperatures are a great excuse to bake. My cooking messes aren’t quite as artfully arranged as the ones in Benjamin Hope’s exquisitely rendered still life.

Waking up to the sun feels wonderful after a crisp fall night. I love the light in this photo by erosturannos.

A handwoven wool canvas base adds appealing autumnal texture to Alice Bjornson’s painting.

This beautiful painting by Murray Bruce makes me think of fall walks by the Hudson River.

Paula Mattson’s watercolor feels inspired by the treasures you might find on a woodsy September stroll — crimson leaves, smooth pebbles, and a weathered bit of bone.

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