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Editors’ Picks: Rabbits

Apr 4, 2014

by Stephanie Madewell handmade and vintage goods

My neighborhood has an exotic animal clinic with two resident rabbits, and one of my favorite things to do every morning is to take a walk over there to pay them a visit. They are always busy doing rabbity things: twitching their noses, nibbling hay, hopping sedately from place to place. I particularly love when they happen to be asleep, stretched long and flat so I can see their impossibly fluffy cotton ball feet.

Even a cursory search of the Etsy marketplace shows that I am not alone in my rabbit admiration — from needle-felted lops to scratchboard hares, there are a warren’s worth of covetable and creative rabbit-themed items. Scroll on for a few of our favorites (note: you can click the photo to go right to the item listing).

Tiny hand-felted bunnies dance in the air, suspended from a delicate mobile.

Line drawings of wild rabbits create a lively pattern.

Floppy ears add whimsy to a sturdy spring jacket.

Dots are a cheery backdrop for an inquisitive bunny.

A one-of-a-kind custom pet portrait is a winsome work of needle-felted art.

The only thing better than a springtime manicure? A springtime manicure topped with helloharriet’s illustrated nail decals.

A silver pendant traces the starry pattern of the Lepus constellation.

Jessica Watts will turn a favorite photo of your pet into a keep-forever digital painting.

Rabbits with modernist design sensibilities will enjoy hopping through this playhouse.

Gorgeous spotted bunny cookies are decorated with glittering sugar-crystal bows.

Why, hello there, Sir Hopsalot.

An original photograph of an alert rabbit adorns a natural canvas tote.

A brown bunny cup is sized just right for small hands.

Charming depictions of woodland animals are carefully hand-painted on a set of porcelain measuring spoons.

Hares are a recurring theme in artist Kay Leverton’s scratchboard work. In the listing for this print, she says, “If I don’t scratch a hare a month I feel bereft.”

Add a row of rabbits to craft projects.

A vintage Ego Stengods ceramic rabbit would look right at home on a bookshelf or coffee table.

Wrap up presents from the Easter bunny in sheets of bunny-patterned paper.

by Rue23Paris on Etsy

Hooked rug rabbits are made from hand-dyed wools.

A spun cotton rabbit figurine has an appealingly folkloric feel.

Give your bun bunny ears.

A soft art toy with a sweet face is ready for a hug.

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