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Editors’ Picks: Our Wishlists

Dec 12, 2013

by Stephanie Madewell handmade and vintage goods

The Etsy Blog team spends a lot of time perusing the marketplace to find shops and items to feature on the blog — everything from covetable rings, moon-themed goods and frolic-worthy music festival finds. While we are shopping for stories, we also find time to do a little wishful shopping for ourselves, because, really, who could resist?

Like every other Etsy shopper, each editor has their own short list of special items that they revisit again and again. Looking at our 2013 lists, it’s clear that we each have our own point of view and that we all really, really like cheese.

Alison’s Picks


[ 1. Night Sky Mug by kerstikaru 2. Herbarium Wood Box by ARMINHO 3. Cheese Plate Sculpture by Motherland Trading Co. 4. Gold Ring by Kalicat 5. “Yes” Banner by Secret Holiday Co. 6. Custom Pet Portrait by Faye Moorhouse  7. Walnut Serving Spoon by Mooth 8. Custom Rubber Stamp by The Small Object 9. Bath Salts by swimclub]

“My interests are offbeat and varied, so Etsy is my personal Xanadu. This year, I’m pining for an archival herbarium for pressing ferns, a hefty starlit mug for milky tea, and a simple golden band for my pinky finger. I dream of adorning my mantel with a custom pet portrait in Faye Moorehouse’s wonky, imperfect style, as well as an assortment of miniature cheese sculptures and an emphatic YES banner. And because useful things can also be beautiful, a hand-carved walnut spoon, personalized business cards and balsam-scented bath salts complete my list.” – Alison

Stephanie’s Picks


[ 1. Vintage Typewriter from Ne Old 2. “Que Sera, Sera” Card by In Haus Press 3. Vintage Landscape Painting from 2bitsstudio 4. Vintage Watch from Green Flamingo Vintage 5. Aquamarine Earrings by Christine Mighion 6. Roman Numeral Cuff Bracelet by Soft Gold Studio 7. Perfume Set by Goest Perfumes 8. Cheese Wedge Sculpture from 2bitsstudio 9. Blanket by Chalk Wovens]

“Days spent typing into the online ether have made me nostalgic for paper and permanence, so a typewriter and a vintage watch top my list. Frosty earrings, an original painting of a snowy scene and a cozy blanket with a pattern like abstracted icicles are all tokens of my favorite season, while metaphysical perfumes, a giant hunk of alabaster Swiss and a cuff with Roman numerals just simply speak to me.” – Stephanie

Aleksa’s Picks


[1. Handwoven Tapestry by 2. “Rest in Pizza” Shirt by Killer Condo Apparel 3. “Fear Is for Jerks” Banner by Jimmy Marble 4. Twin Profiles by Rachel Levit 5. Watchful Eye Ring by datter 6. Lip Butter Gift Set by Black Widow Balm 7. Pom Pom Headband by Green Laundry 8. Makeup Bag by Leah Goren]

“I’m always on the lookout for bright, playful items, and this year’s wish list is no exception. I’ve been admiring Jimmy Marble’s anti-fear banner for what seems like ages now, and the color is just right to share a wall with JuJu Just’s gorgeous handwoven tapestry. The pom pom headband and pizza shirt make me smile, and at the end of the day, isn’t that what gifts are all about?” — Aleksa

What was your favorite Etsy item in 2013?


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