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Editors’ Picks: Our Favorite Gemstones

Jun 10, 2013

by Alison Feldmann handmade and vintage goods

Growing up, my favorite jewelry was typically edible: chunky Ring Pops — both admirable on a finger and convenient for an on-the-go sugar fix — and chalky candy necklaces that just begged to be chewed. These days, my taste has become a little more highbrow, and my fellow editors share my love for jewelry and gemstones (though I still enjoy a good Ring Pop). In fact, we each have a favorite that guides our fanciful Etsy searches, be it opal, chalcedony or turquoise. Inspired by our beloved gems and their various colorways, we’ve each curated a collection of jewelry and other fascinating products that satiate our need for gleam. What’s your favorite gem?


[Clockwise from top right: Iridescent house by 2of2; Nail polish by GlitterfiedNails; Handmade pendant by enikodesign; Specimen from GoldfishjewelsRing by stonefeverjewelry; Necklace by NIXIN; Ring from baffy21]


[Clockwise from top right: Earrings by alanadouvros;Lot of vintage minerals from secondseed; Lockets by TheDeeps; Bookends by ClassicRetroSpecimen from MineralsFromHungary; Mobile by COSMICDRIFT; Ring by artemer]


[Clockwise from top right: Bowls by juliapaulpottery ; Stones from SouthSouthWest; Ring by JeanneHandmade ; Earrings by ILIOS; Mountain painting by madareli; Chair from stonesoupology; Cuff bracelet by asilvergirl]

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