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Editors’ Picks: Moon Magic

Nov 8, 2013

by Stephanie Madewell handmade and vintage goods

There aren’t many things more mesmerizing than the moon. Gleaming brightly in the inky night sky or shining translucent and pale on a clear blue morning, in the form of a wide flat disc or the slimmest silver sliver, the moon adds something mysterious and wonderful to the everyday. For thousands of years, makers and dreamers of all sorts have been drawn to it, using it as an inspiration for poems and philosophies and works of art.

With the moon as my inspiration, I’ve searched out a few new and vintage finds on Etsy.

A golden moon lends its light to this letterpressed invitation suite.

Colorful crescent-shaped beads of Montana agate wait to be transformed into something wonderful.

The cratered surface of the moon inspired the striking finish on these golden earrings.

Experience strange and appealing lunar vistas with a vintage View-Master.

The phases of the moon decorate the exterior of a poesy ring inscribed “take your time loving me.”

Memorize the locations of the moon’s valleys and craters with a vintage Replogle globe.

A garment for the moon gazer. Each moon on this dress is created one at a time using hand-carved stamps.

Luminous hand-hammered pieces of aluminum capture the moon’s silvery sheen.

Back in the day, the crescent moon was a popular motif for studio photographs. It lends a dreamy whimsy to this shot.

Add a lunar touch to anything and everything with a hand-carved moon stamp.

Brushed golden crescent moons are delicate and pretty.

This incredibly decorated cookie pays homage to the legendary 1902 film Voyage dans la Lune by Georges Méliès.

The unique moon-like finish on this handmade pot is created by smoke-firing.

A crescent moon and shooting stars give this vintage locket celestial appeal.

Knick-knack shelves shaped like crescent moons with a tiny set of stairs were popular in the middle of the 20th century. A search on Etsy turns up quite a few.

A soft and slouchy raglan tee is marked with the full moon.

Keep your trinkets in a porcelain pots decorated with the many faces of the man in the moon.

Red-tipped fingers add a sinister magic to striking crescent moon earrings.

Hang the moon for yourself with an oversized, eye-catching print.

Science and history get charming in this collectible keepsake commemorating the moon landing.

What’s your favorite moon-themed Etsy find?

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3 Featured Comments

  • gardenjewels

    Julie DeGroot from JewelsInTheGarden said 6 years ago Featured

    The moon has always intrigued me. I find it so mystifying and captivating. As I sit in my moon garden for a bit of celestial gazing I look to the skies for my inspirations. Love these finds, thank you for sharing.

  • MissesFishes

    Nikol Wikman from NikolWikmanArt said 6 years ago Featured

    Wonderful collection! I have always felt drawn to the moon and paint it often. Ever changing texture, light and shadows all mixed together just beautiful <3

  • TanteAnnies

    Tante Annie from TanteAnnies said 6 years ago Featured

    The moon has many mysteries and invites us to gaze on its face and wonder about the heavens. Lovely collection. I am inspired to look for more moon finds on etsy!


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